2 Dec

M uch to my surprise; when you do a search on Cactus Plains … low and behold … 1st page and there it is Cactus Plains: Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystems.  After many years of my information being rejected and removed from the Internet and walla … there it is … In the end of times it is said that the “truth” will be known … so as it is this is the last year of the age of Pieces or the Iron Age.  I am surprised this information was not remove previously, so where do we go from here …

The most important issue is the rain drop. No one seems to be talking about the rain drop and especially its contents. A country full of environmentalists and scientists plus chemtrails from hell in the skies everywhere and not a God Dammed word relating to what is in the rain. That spells doomed! All the environmentalists unless they agree with us are indeed frauds!!! Clones of destruction from the corrupted ed u cation system! 

Most everyone in this town is sick and infected as sickness is caused by infection and not the body malfunctioning. Readers of my reports know about intracellular bacillus and brucella which change the DNA of the cells they take over.

We tracked weather control down and determined that SATAN; Prince of the Power of the Skies was controlling the weather of the World.

Before adding more information I shall probably add issue #3 of my reports to SEIR  from the year 2000. This report while now somewhat naive was distributed all over eastern Montana and informed ranchers and scientist to collect the rain.

Cactus Plains …  more when we get more hits and some interaction or else we will be wasting our time telling those who don’t care and would just as soon waste away.



One Response to “12012011”

  1. roselight July 17, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    u’r right to many sick out there to fast for no good reason.

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