GCN Listen Live

1 Jun

GCN Listen Live

via GCN Listen Live.

Republic Broadcast Network RBN is probably a little better. Both have some very intelligent radio show hosts such as Joel Wallich, Dr Deagle, Alex jones is very intelligent but covers-up alot, Captian Joyce Riley … really good show I have been listening to since the beginning, Barbara Adams, Michael Piper, Rick Adams excellent, John Moore excellent, Officer Jack McLamb, Deanna Spignola, Paul Drockton and many others.

Other intelligent Agents of Knowledge: David Icke unbelievably brillant, Jordan Maxwell, Daniel Ott, Lenny Bloom, Acharya (Murdock is her name … super intelligent woman I read two of her super researched books), Jeff Rense, Stan Monteith, Eustase Mullins, Charles Weisman, he wrote a book about the origin of species, brillant fellow;

And the King of Knowledge in this dimension Nikola Tesla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new one Thomas Bearden scalar interferometry. I read his book about 10 years ago.

Many of these are controlled by the spooks, but lots of interesting information to digest.

the depth of the unknown is much deeper than the known … Cactus Plains 

gelbvieh@midrivers I have a few free Sagebrush’s Ecological Intelligence Reports (Sagehen, Brainwashed, Ba cill us and others … earn one on milescity.com; say something intelligent!


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