Wacko of the Day … webmaster infers Cactus Plains a Wacko!

27 Sep

Previously I sent the milescity.com a email and got no responds, so I thought well I’ll send him another. The enity responded by posting my email to webmaster on a thread called ‘Wacko of the Day’ .  Hook line and sinker, anytime some one post something not in conformance with the norm, these programed and brainwashed stinkers crawl out of their sewer and bash the information with their programed intelligence. Below is the 1st email, it did not respond to and following is the one posted on milescity.com. He infers a wacko, which infers lacking mentally with no accompaning intelligence. But he did put the information out the rather than covering it up.

To: webmaster@milescity.com
Subject: global warming
Global warming is fact. An Evil Satanic brotherhood who control global $money … the Zionist Bankers … they are destroying the total ecosystems of the planet … the proof is right in front of your face and in your mouth … they have been seeding the clouds with bacillus … DNA from anth rax … called psuedomonas fluorescens or mycoplasma …. patented to the us army … they have controlled the weather for over 30 years. The stuff they are spraying is black mold and the spores get into your mouth and that is how they have poisoned everyone.
These prokaryotes are intracellular and infect live tissue. It is dry rot which used to rot dead tissue, but now it is much stronger and it infects live tisssue. You skin, organs what ever, it has killed most of the birds and wildlife in eastern Montana. It is the biblical plague! Started killing the prairie rats in 1985!!!!!!!! 
HAARP plus satelllite weather modification sytem are used to heat the planet … in fact we have a second sun … eastern Montana has been turned into a desert.
Science was taken over by the Nazis when they moved into the US after world war 11. The bankers created that war and all the others.
When you booted Cactus Plains off milescity.com you stopped the only flow of truth … the miles city star is CIA; the chemtrails are UN NATO …
the united states has been taken over and you like the county commissioner are keeping the truth from the residents of eastern Montana resulting in everyone being sick and infected … both are aiding the United Nations to kill the people of the United States Corporation.
I am a rancher and dammed well pissed off that government of the people is allowing the enemy to kill the people and ecosystems of Montana.
Animals plants trees are all sickened from all the anth rax based rain of 2011. The nucleus of most every rain or snowflake is bacillus.
I still don’t know what you booted Cactus off for … in 1963 the king of assria killed the king of the israel, who were those kings??? If that is the case then so be it … we are living in a created reality … not unlike a MOOVEE!
I do thank you for leaving the information I gave you on your site … that is all you have going for you … Global Warming and spraying the plague was planned for the end of the Age of Pisces.  It all goes back to SATAN the God ruling earth … the god of war and red hot deserts! You can find him in the Vatican where all the gold is?
Most of the sheep on mc.com are totally brainwashed … none of you can prove me wrong about anything???
Of course I know I am sometimes wrong … like it is stupid for me to think I can wake the zombies of Montana up?
Cactus Plains
To: webmaster@milescity.com
You should kick Amorette off, the being is a psychopath and must be on some type of narcotic drugs. Vaccines are murder plain and simple as bacteria is both slime mold and viruses. SATAN is god of planet earth, where did you get that Jesus Christ bullshit! SATAN has poisoned everyone in Miles City, the land was soaked with Prince Phillip’s viruses.
JackAss is another name for SATAN, Poppy Bush was said to have said “If the American people knew what we have done they would hang us from the street lamps???????? So whose side on you on? Ha! Life is a bitch and then you die!
Milescity.com is both boring, and aiding and abetting the enemy; without Cactus Plains
Like the turn of a radio dial … and there they are … all the time watching you and what you do …
Jump buck and kick
Sagebrush Bloom

And some one hit the nail on the head on milescity.com … you better get that off of there, Ha!

 Comments; Wacko of the Day by spookmaster  


I wrote the above two emails to scramble the mentality of Pseudolarry. It is not hard to do, he knows not! He is most likely a spook for Jackass, he comes across that way … he wants to keep the information away from the people of se Mt … that is why he booted Cactus Plains off milescity.commy.  He is a coward and chicken shit to debate the Cactus Plains in a keyboard battle of intelligence … pluck! Pluck!


Anyone who wants to debate Cactus Plains on the keyboard is more than welcome … derogatory and degrading comments only imply that one is lacking in intelligence. I’ll stand behind everything that I have said on milescity.com … search Cactus Plains and then tell me why you think I am wrong about anything.


[ Pseudolarry booted Cactus Plains off milescity.com for no honest reason. He did not have the decency to email me and tell me what his problem was with what Cactus was telling the readers that were interested!!!!!!!! I could tell he did not like me making fun of some of his mentally lacking minions. Cactus never said anything derogatory about the spookmaster. He has implemented a couple of demeaning and derogatory actions against the Cactus Plains that he probably would not have done had he been a MilesCity resident.


If the UN NATO or the CIA Israelis are the drivers in front of the Chemtrails of Anthrax, then Pseudolarry is involved because he is keeping this information from the America People. His ass is now in the fire! This is the crime of all crimes against people of the United States of America.    The Miles City Star needs to get an article about the CHEMTRAILS in print to the readers … come on Broom Ryder; here is your chance to make a “Big Star” out of the voice that resonates with the Cactus Plains. John Halbert ducked out 10 years ago, your chance for fame … Broom Ryder]



BO9 has tried and failed, Gunnar is conscious (except for his support of Akhenaton ha!); Bob Leasure is right on issues, but I have a little trouble unscrambling some, and Cheryl is right on, Barlow some good information … keep it up!


I should not have called Broom Ryder a psychopath as she has been poisoned by the chemtrails, vaccines, GMO food, the education system and the CIADA! Oh I forgot the fluoride drinking water. The brucella in chemtrails are a Wall Street made disease that causes depression, and suicide in people and chronic wasting disease … that’s why you don’t care … everyone is infected … this is a pleomorphic bacterium that can be any of many diseases. Brucella is a neurodegenerative disease … read the Brucellosis Triangle by Don Schott, every rancher should have read that book but Pseudolarry booted the Cactus Plains off, the most intelligent source field in eastern Mt.


Howdy … your intelligence is underwater at the bottom of Earl’s Out House! If you consider intelligence as dangerous then I am dangerous to all the bullshit flowing around on mc.commy.


Subsidies … the State of Montana is totally involved in the Chemtrails and the poisoning of all wildlife … When the dots connected and Agenda 21 was found to be the driving force behind the Farm Services, Soil Conservation, FWP, FS, and the County Commissioners … I informed those agencies and more that he chemtrails were poisoning the ecosystems … they did not care … but all have know for over 10 years.  I told farm services USDA to never mail me any of their trea son ous phosphodiesterase literature again … to be in their programs you sign your land to be under the control of the UN. And look in the skies and see what the UN is doing to all the land in Moontana.


Hey they are giving the farmers subsidies and helping them along in poisoning all of the lands and the life force.  Farming with pesticides is Jackass poisoning the life force!     


Prince Phillip and the rest of ancient royalty fund all the wildlife groups and they call farmers and ranchers … imbeciles … I always found that interesting … can you connect the dots?


Steve A … I did not expect Pseudolarry to publish the last email as he ignored me previously.  I would not have called Broom Ryder a psychopath as she is not, but she has said many things in my opinion that are uncalled for.  Are we collectively just a bunch of idiots ignoring that we have been poisoned! Do we want to spend the golden years suffering and riding around in a powered wheel chair? You come across as maybe intelligent but hiding in the bushes … sooner or later you will be found to be intelligent or not.


Broom Ryder … Government took Bill Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) out and replace him with Alex Jones … he was the only one that got issue #27; and he covered the information up until years later.

That is how they control both side of what ever issue.


CJ keep on laughing at all those sick people … your IQ is under water in Earls Outhouse of Crap! Have fun … maybe invest in a wheel chair … prices are sky rocketing and the $ is crashing … $ stands for SATAN? … Indicates the end of the Federal Reserve?


Tongue River you are a disgrace to the once beautiful and fantastic Tongue River Ecosystem. You remind me of the rotten assed corn that is suffocating the total ecosystem … underwater … Earl’s Outhouse!


Cactus Plains never ever said anything about them putting additives in the jet fuel … you disillusioned fool … the pesticide is in the tankers … why would they put it in the fuel … fuel (kerosene is what jet fuel is … this would neutralized the Roundup secreting Pseudomonas fluorescens.


PS … Earls Outhouse … you’re under water and a fool to boot!


Bridgier … stench of Russian Olive, does not remind you of the communist and chemtrails from Hell!


Broom Ryder … Delusions of Grandeur? Tell us what book you got that out of? Everyone should read that book.  Tell us what you learned about Cancer?????????

DA Jim Garrison wanted to arrest those that killed JFK?  They said he had Delusions of Grandeur because of who he was going to arrest? Free report to who ever names the leader of this group … this leads into … you figure it out! Will f**king blow you wheels off! The above is from memory so I might be off a little bit.


Howdy your last comment reminds me of Jackass … would you be one of those dickie birds from FWP …


‘Big Cow’ BO9… I’m impressed … you are staying above the high water line … good job!


4 Responses to “Wacko of the Day … webmaster infers Cactus Plains a Wacko!”

  1. Hello September 27, 2012 at 4:11 pm #

    Why does the government want to kill people and destroy the environment? What do they gain from this?

    • cactusplains September 30, 2012 at 9:40 am #

      Hi, You had better ask that question of President Akhenaton of the United States Corporation? I can answer that question … but I don’t have the time now. Try answering theses questions … why is your name in all CAPITAL letters on your checks and legal documents. Why has the media and court houses covered up the issue of chemtrails beyond belief? How can any scientist be so stupid to ignore the truth of chemtrails and vaccines. Why did the 1933 bankruptcy ACT amend the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act to read “the “people are the enemy?” Who does FDA and EPA really work for?
      If I knew who you are I would give you a copy or two of my ecological reports. There really isn’t a better question than the one you asked.

      Destroy the environment they are and FWP and the State are cohesive with the UN protocols … this is ADGENDA 21 … THEY HAVE PUT THE PEOPLE TO SLEEP Why is because they are depopulating man and wildlife and plants … SATAN whether an enity or a ancient computor program I don’t know … ultimately implemented from and adjacent dimension

      Cactus Plains

  2. editor@mooncreekregister.org September 28, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Hello again, Mr. Bloom!

    So, any thoughts on why a low-flying airplane has been buzzing my property a couple of times per day for about a week? Not really concerned about it, but it’s pretty rude behavior. Some of us do live out here for the quiet and distance from such irritation. Serves me right for living adjacent to BLM, I suppose.

    On Sep 27, 2012, at 10:03 AM, Cactus Plains: Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystems wrote:

    > >

    • cactusplains September 30, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Hi good to hear from you. Thoughts … white plane with red wing tips? … answer will be yes? … I would be concerned … does not hurt to think it out … I bought some steel siding from roselight … I just got angry when I saw how she had all the symptoms caused by Psuedomonas … I told her my opinion was that she was sevyerely poisoned … I hope she is getting better … a very nice young gal … intelligent, unlike the broomryder (I have seen her riding around out there, she is looking for the Cactus Plains) … the same day I sent Psuedolarry the wacko e mail a window of my pickup resonated to frequency crystalizing … hmmm? … lay a glass plate or mirror out and see if they are spraying you … most likely it FWP (#1 enemy of wildlife species) … I thought you must have a fire over your way as he went back and forth … under 500 feet turn them into the Sheriff … could be they dumped a wolf or cougar out there and are monitoring … if a different plane … someone reading this may inform us … the planes spraying the chemtrail bioweapons are United Nations, NATO and who I call the CIA Israelis … they are tankers carrying and spraying … tankers carrying 200,000 to 400,000 lbs or gallons of pesticide … that is why Custer County rangleands look like they have been chemically burnt … skin diseases?

      Cactus Plains

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