Outlaw chemtrails, vaccines, communist/Nazis and legal drugs, BUY GUNS! Identify the ENEMY of FREEDOM!

7 Jan

This post stems from a gun control post on milescity.com, where one of intelligence can clearly identify the Americans verses the Communist Nazis. The thread is called ‘no easy solutions’, authored by two milescitystar employees, and is a prophganda  piece stemmed to the NWO. They have this thread so the mentality of milescity can be sampled.

As before as now the majority of the sheeple don’t have a clue in hell, the razor sharp DIM wits are hacking the shit out of the TRUTH.

First let’s make it clear that owning GUNS are for defense to protect your family and property from thieves and the GOVERNMENT; should it ever be taken over by the enemy of the people. (1934 bankruptcy)

Second when someone threatens to take your guns; I think they are trying to take you captive!

Third if every woman were to be gifted with 17 HMR, which is a small caliber easy and fun to shoot, highly accurate and deadly rifle also cheap, the GUN GRABBING TREASONIST would vanish like a rapture??? Go buy you wife girl friend daughter a 17 HMR … Now Cactus Plains

All the mass shootings are staged events, using mind control and the intelligence agencies to pull them off and fool, again the sheeple.

What I sensed as interesting is that the milescity.commys seemed to be really spooked after  Cheryl Pieters posts ‘wake the flock up’ videos and comments and SD is whipping and spurring the hell out the nightmare call BroomRyder. She leaves a condensation trail wherever she goes.  SD scores an whopping 85 pts on the nasty duck and diving little bay nightmare of the CIA rodeo string of … bucking bull!

Joe Whelan the former mayor (UPC/CIA) goes all out covertly sending code indicating he is peeing down his pants.

Below I will respond to some of his slickery:

He says Custer County leads the state in total suicides. He does not even mention the most likely cause is neurodegenative brucella/bacillus in the chemtrails and vaccines and food.

Then he says Montanans ranks third in gun ownership. Indicating we have a lot of guns, glory?

Then he says both agriculture and hunting are large contributors to the local economy and the use of firearrms is regarded as both neccessary and highly valued.

Then he says the widespread adaption of the cowboy mythology feeds a robust sense of self reliance. He is talking about Cactus Plains? (He knows Cactus as we once got drunk on Tequila, he refused to sell my newsletter in his Masonic Book Store, but he took a copy straight to John H at the Star! That same day Spud Peterson took a copy I gave to the brand inspectors to the sheriff.)

The three ‘thens’ above are a set up for talking about the mental health of the community and how guns are allowed in public places with a permit.

He is setting up a mental conditioning for the sheeple to get used to the idea that your guns need to be confiscated so we can all be good little communists.

He says “firearms is regarded … “, firearms are regarded … see he and Broom Ryder are spooked!!!!!! Ha!!

Agriculture is a large contributor to the local economy but not hunting … the state gets most of the money that the community should be getting and used to get in the great sixties!!!!!!!!!

Then he tells the readers of this forum that the “razor sharp wits” of this thread are David, Bridgier, Buck, Gunnar, and Brian … are thoughtful minds at work on this forum. 8000 plus people on this site can think for themselves can they not Joey … from points of agreement and unique facts … “I’m certain the community can come together and sharply reduce the risk of suicde, homicide and gun injury!

Fraud Joe … stop the chemtrails, vaccines and grow some non GMO food and then we head back to a healthy local environment. Brucella and bacillus are neurodegenerative diseases just like stinky breathe means they poisoned ewe.

Cactus Plains the Brain on the Hard Grass Plains

jump buck n kick


One Response to “Outlaw chemtrails, vaccines, communist/Nazis and legal drugs, BUY GUNS! Identify the ENEMY of FREEDOM!”

  1. Gunnar January 7, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

    End the terror of chemtrails now!

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