Gun Control or is it Gullible Control or a cover for Chemtrail Poisoning???

10 Jan

The founding fathers knew the greatest threat was from with in the country, because they knew the British Royalty had their agents spread through out the states. The founding fathers created the Constitutuion to ensure the United States could remain a free country. People moved to America to get away from the evil of government in Europe.

Today we know the British Red Coats have always represented the God SATAN. The God of WAR and Red HOT Deserts, he is the God of Planet Earth, as his magic controls every country and county. Magic … what magic … $ … that is the Magic.

SATAN’s lease on the Planet may have ended in 2012, we maybe on our own now like never before. Something feels different, but the evil is still accelerating forward like the fire of death. Everyone has been poisoned, know it or not?

It kind of looks like a civil war is being planned for the near future, actually it looks a lot like a war is in the makings.

Because of all the treasonists in this country I don’t think there is anything that can stop Akhenaton Jr from blowing the Hell out of America … so to speak.  

The building up of government over the years to where somewhere like 70% of the people are existing on the Government payroll …. $ SATAN Government payroll stems from borrowing on the assets of Americans, it is all a highly calculated fraud!

And what percent of the people are on legal drugs? Legal drugs …  no guns?

Gun Control and everything else in the media are mind control.  Gun control stage events are about selling guns, because they fund both sides of all wars. 

GOVERNMENT HAS TO CONTROL YOUR MIND, that is what govern ment means to control the mind.

If your mind is controlled you are the living dead!

If your mind is not under complete control you could comprehend that something is unbelievably wrong everywhere.

The chemtrails, the pox shots, the Bt food, the bacillus snowflakes and rain drops and all cancers and other diseases are the creation of SATAN’s control of all governments and CORPORATIONS … yes WAll STREET is the Beast driving the wreck in the coming.

 Guns kill few and polio and other pox shots and all vaccines kill and have killed millions and maybe billions.

Diseases are and have been created for a long time to fund Wall Street the greatest WAR machine ever in the history of the Universe.

SV40 will be found to be brucella the mother of all modern man made diseases like Pseudomonas fluorescens and mycoplasma fermentans incognitus.

Buy your “sweetie” a 17 HMR and show her how to use it properly and she will soon be out shooting you and love it.

Akhenaton’s Nazi creators got 192 million armed Americans to deal with and imagine  them peeing down there legs and filling their boots when they see the boom on 17 HMR’s. Million of women with a raging 17 HMR will cause them to poop their brain down the drain and that will be the end of the insane psychopaths of ZION. 

When the American women wake up and realize that they (the American Nazis) created C_____ Cancer especially for women the Communist Nazis may find them selves with a bounty on their ass. (Dr Mary’s Monkey)

Nothing is more evil than the creation of Cancers and we sure as hell do know what cancers are. They have poisoned all the pets and wild animals also.

The founding fathers wrote the second amendment, the right to hold and bear arms into the constitution of the United States in order to: a) insure that Americans in the future had the right to have guns for hunting and recreation purposes b)  to facilitate freedom in cause the Red Coats (criminals) ever got control of the US government c) driver license you submit to select service for draft to fema camps d) EMP attack will shut the country down e) no food … beserk!

Nothing stupidier than AMERICANS SUPPORTING GUN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or British Admiralty Law?  

You communist Nazis be sure to get your flu shots as this last batch they recently sprayed over America is wicked as all Hell.   

Cactus Plains


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