Rotten Tomato Story

30 Jan

rotten tomato

This tomato and  100 year old pitch pine log are indicators of this more powerful rotting disease. The original rot of wood would be what they made brucella from which rots dead tissue when wet. The bacillus in the rain is a man made bacillus or coccus which infects live tissue when activated with water or dew. This more powerful rot has been in the rain for at least 20 years and prior to that it is evident that we have been sprayed with rot since 1954.

The pitch pine that had no rot prior to when they began spraying the more powerful rotting disease is under the tomato. Pitch is what perserves wood and the trees used to have a lot of pitch, it is antimicrobial. The secretion of the bacillus is so much more powerful that it is chemically burning the pitch pine.

All ecosystem life forces have been suffering from this wicked bacillus or black mold.

If an animal gets wet for a extended period of time this bacillus infects the live tissue skin and bores in just like on the tomato or a tooth cavity. (one and the same) A lesion/s develops and thus infection of a intracellular recombinant pleomorphic anthrax bacillus. Mange, scabies, skin cancer, and many other diseases can manifest from this what I would called a bio wea pon.

A bacillus activated by moisture bore into a tomato cell and injected its slime/virus which spread fungus through the tomato; chemically rotting the tomato and giving off a power gas similiar to methane.  Slime is secreted by the bacillus which sufficates live tissue and is a powerful organophosphate like phosphodiesterase.

Cactus Plains

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