Rothschilds Choice … the antichrist???

21 Mar

golden age 2012

As I glance at a website called, I am constantly reminded of how dumbed down and brainwashed the sheeple of the once United States of America are when I see threads posted by people who have crawled out of the Jackass box and are trying to inform the sleeping masses of the necessity to wake up before you find yourself sick and dying or in a wheel chair sustained by pharma drugs until their funds run out.

consistently the same crackers attack who ever posts out of the box information. Their comments are of incognito, derogatory, squealish, and buzz words indicating some kind of mental malfunctioning. These people are probably who Maliki Martin (sp) Vatican (priest?) said are the perfectly possessed. I think they were thousand of years ago created thru genetic manipulation to serve certain purposes for those pulling the strings from another dimension. Bio robots created back in the days of the Pharaohs.  Everyone is a container for your higher being which is disconnected from you lower self or as I would say your ‘living dead’ container.  Everyone is like a Zombie because they have been totally fooled, tricked and deceived of who and what they really are in this global theater which is totally functioning as a creation by the God of Planet Earth SATAN.

Cheryl Pieters in her recent post 3182013 says;

The house of Rothschild has steered humanity off a cliff for 200 years inciting racial hatreds, funding both sides of wars they have orchestrated and impoverishing nations systematically.

Humanity is good and gullible . We have fallen for the Rothschilds’ tricks for two centuries. Now we’re  awaking.

Plain history was never so shocking.

(link deleted – racist bullcrap!)

In analysis of what she said, … she is right on! Enough said!

from memory:

Long ago in tracking down the god of red hot deserts I found the Rothschild’s looting the tombs of the Ancient Pharaohs. The vatican bankers looking for King Solomon’s Gold. The moovee King Solomons Gold Mines has a barry satero like character returning from America to rule over his people of Kenyon? as he was by royalty their King. Patrick Swayze was in this moovee and later got pancreatic cancer? I’ll just say there is something interesting here.

Later I found trails indicating that the Bauers, RED Shields, now know as the Rothschilds claimed to be direct descendants of the Pharaoh, I don’t know which but they were all of the same corrupted DNA. The bloodline of SATAN and the biblical jews. God,s chosen few … the jews … the ss or sos or synagogue of SATAN.

Remember that I am saying we are living in a real life moovee … this helps to make more sense of what is hidden right in front of our faces!!!

link deleted – racist bullcrap … this says someone removed Cheryl’s link to the post because it was racist bull crap! Racists is a deceiving comment meant to distort reality.

Probably king dave shot himself cause he did not read, ‘ murder by injection’ by Eustace Mullins before commenting with a sinker/stinker … I would guess if he read the book he might become more enlightened. That goes back to another thread.

My first thought was “Rothschild Choice”, for what the missing link was about? God to you tube and check it out.

Ten readers commented and nine of those were in the incognito (the living dead) category.

Broom Ryders spews (chemtrails) and snorts, SS goes goo goo?, bsetherton kooks, broom ryder … koos aha, sewers whoos, bsetherton is looking for it in  Earl,s outhouse, king david shot himself supports ban … shot your name suggest you should be smarter than that?  … howdydewtee … ban hatred … look in the mirror, sorry mama, broom ryder … total derogatory suggesting she is mindless, not in anyway what so ever intelligent … ewe a legal drug lover lost in lala land, DSteppin wolf … never written an intelligent statement in her life

Rothschild choice to write the checks to the WORLD BANK and to serve as CEO of the United States Corporation owned by the World Bank was CIA creation Barry Satero presented to the Americans as Barack Obama (from heaven lightening came).

What gets interesting is the Rothschild choice and the similarity of Obama and the ancient Pharaoh Akhenaton. As I have previously written Osama appears to be a clone of Akhenaton the Pharaoh who destroyed ancient egypt. Now we have a freemason muslim Obama/Osama implementing what the Poppy Bush (AB negative)*, NWO specialist prescribed for America. All along the republican party at the top has been the Nazis and the democrats work for them, that is how they fund both sides.

Government and fascist corporations are Nazi and Jackass creations that rule the people though the government of every county and the people have virtually no significant input whatsoever?

The Israelis are the white Americans and Europeans and the tribe of Judah are the jews. Two different groups that have been at war for thousands of years.

The universal God Mind all knowing intelligent design differs from the creation of SATAN because one is intelligent design and the other is random and unintelligent design.  This is exemplified where in Nature different species do not cross or inter breed.

Mule deer and whitetail do not cross as cottontails and Jack rabbits do not cross.

Sence the creation of monotheism, which started with Akhenaton, much crossing of species has occurred and creates crossbreds and hybrids which are not of all knowing intelligent design God. The results are genetic flaws and imperfections.

Before the Adam and Eve creation there were many different species of humanoids on the earth, most of those species have died out or maybe were exterminated. They did not crossbred or there would not have been different species.

Along comes Adam and Eve and the serpent. Here the modern Adamite was created. A white species created by all knowing intelligent design god, but hiding in the bushes was that old serpent SATAN. This would most likely be the fallen Nephilim angel know as Bael.

Abel and Caine were produced, one of Adam and the other of Bael.

This was probably planned genetic manipulation of an advanced nature and it seems  it happen 3 times in the last 6000 thousand years.

We see this again in the creation of the Israelis and the time of Akhenaton’s terror of Egypt. Two sons are born named Zarak and Pharex and are twins but have two different fathers. Jacob was Israel and his wife gave birth to the twins. My take is that Joseph was the paternal father Pharex who received the birth right to rule. This would be the bloodline that all the world rulers are related to, something like 43 of 44 presidents are all related to one king, I forget the name. Maybe Constantine?

What I am trying to get at is that since Nimrod, Noah grandson one bloodline has serve as a vestile or container if you will for SATAN to incarnate. So SATAN is the antichrist and through something similar to incarnation SATAN was all of the Gods, and this may all be metaphor.

So Poppy Bush fills the bill for the antichrist and is/was Sateros CIA handler (OPC/CIA is Vatican). In my research Poppy Bush was Hitler’s successor and one hell of an antichrist second to none except Akhenaton.

The one born of SATAN (maybe that was Joseph) became the chosen bloodline which was blessed to go on to rule the world until Jacobs trouble.

X was Nimrod signature, he was and is SATAN the antichrist and now you can figure out the rest of the story as to where we are today???

So the questions now arises: Did the Rothschild dynasty salvage the mummy of Pharaoh Akhenaton. Did they extract DNA? Did someone like Nazi Joseph Mengle recreate the Pharaoh in the form of “from heaven lightening came”? If so does that explain the destruction of America and the King’s Return to his people the Israelis? ( the israelis of Israel are not the true Israelis they are the Khazars and the Israelis are the Caucasian varioties Does he want to ship you back to Egypt is a FEMA Nazi Box?

Cactus Plains and the insane pains of an artificial reality created by Ancient Royalty as we come full circle and the snake swallows his tail as he goes into hibernation for another 13000 thousand years … unless mankind fails to wake up and remains programmed with the SATANIC DECEPTION THAT IS THE BANKING, EDUCATION, MEDIA AND RELIGIOUS FRAUD WE HAVE ALL BEEN EXPERIENCE FOR THE LAST 6000 YEARS.

The Black Pope was plotting to have Queen Elizabeth assasscinated so she got sick and to not go to the Vatican affair??? I don’t know if that is true or not but it might be? Note the to Jackasses in assassinate, in mythology Jackass was what Horus called him after he stuck three knives in him???

The true is stranger than fiction, the unknown runs much deeper than the known, and Jackass successfully brainwashed the American Sheeple!


2 Responses to “Rothschilds Choice … the antichrist???”

  1. cactusplains March 22, 2013 at 9:23 am #

    Larry the webmaster of just booted the Cactus Plains off; here is what he said;

    I’m sorry, but enough with the delusional paranoid conspiracy theory bullcrap. I don’t wish to be subjected to the rantings of lunatics on a regular basis, and I’m sure others here don’t either.

    Larry you are telling the people how to think and that is bullcrap and I find it hard to believe that someone intelligent in computer science can be so God Dammed “STUPID” to put a statement like what you just told the internet world … not to mention the God Mind!

    You have read all that I have said … information that you cannot start to indicate is not correct … and you tell your followers that Cactus Plains information is delusional paranoid conspiracy theory bullcrap! Ewe a fraud! On legal drugs too????

    Actually you are telling the intelligent that it is you that is paranoid and delusional and basically an unknowning computer nerd … no connection to the ecosystems that support the life force … no consciousness whatsoever of anything I have said maybe being true … lacking the intelligence to consider the probablity that cancer maybe a bioweapon.

    We are living in a United Nations OPC/CIA created desert. The Tongue River has lost 75% or more of it annual flow. 3800 sections of poisoned and sealed up soils and entire ecosystems. Everyone sick ….

    You documented yourself as a fraud and in fact expressed yourself as ‘broom ryder’ often does when highly influenced by her anti depressants drugs … I think she told us that!

    Booting the Cactus Plains off was not a service to the good people of the community, but does serve to facilitate the continued deception, fraud, corruption and long and on going conspiracies that have killed most of the people in the last 40 years.

    God Mind vs SATAN


    • Ex rocketman June 15, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

      This is an example of what the Pindar (penis of the dragon) is striving and working so hard for. He wants to control the sheeple without them even knowing it. The ultimate slave! The sheeple are to naive to see the dragon coming. They will only believe after it is to late and they are doomed!

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