Bobcat Prey … the prairie rats

9 Apr


One of the greatest wildlife observations that I have seen was a female bobcat packing a prairie rat out of a rattown that was expanding into my alfalfa field. This is probably old mommy cat sleeking in the alfalfa near a rat hole.

Back in 1985 I observed the Rat towns dieing out completely because of the bubonic plague. Wildlife biologists made the claim that the death was caused by the bubonic plague.  What was surprising to me was that the wildlife biologists were not concerned that the plague was wiping the rats out.

I was very concerned as the bubonic plague had never been known to be in the air so to speak.  Earlier like in 1976 groups or areas of white-tailed deer died all of a sudden. This was strange and had not happen previously and called by the biologists to be epizootic hemorrhagic disease. I later discovered that this was just a new name for anthrax … that which was specific to white tail deer. That I thought strange also. Healthy plants or animals just do not get sick. The intelligent design all-knowing universal God Mind created everything from intelligent design protected by the immune system.

For evil mankind to poison plants or animals they had to create organisms that are refractory to the immune system. Their greatest creation to get around the immune system was the combo; needle and man-made disease system. (vaccinia means cow-pox)  From the beginning they used soil fungus which caused wood (carbon) to chemically burn or rot giving off a gas into the atmosphere. They discovered that a bacillus was involved and if injected into an animal that it became established and secreted a poison, from there they had small pox.

Prior to the mid 1960’s there were no coyotes in eastern Montana and there were a lot of Bobcats, ferrets, badgers, weasels, mink, muskrats, beaver, chipmunks, pheasants, sage hens, grouse, huns, magpies, jack rabbits, cottontails, pack rats, kangaroo rats and mice, and many rodent species that are no longer part of eastern Montana ecosystems.

What happened? Coyotes, skunk and raccoon populations exploded after the 1080 days of the late 40’s and early 50’s.

But the real problem was the creation of diseases and the spraying of American which began in I think 1954.

In about 1963 the rabbits began to get sick and die off … tularemia … they said.

Today eastern Montana is a poisoned desert and the ecological components are all sick and dying or have died out completely.

Today April  8 2013 we have an evil man-made bacterial snow storm satanically designed to kill calves, wildlife, and young seedling plant species.

Custer County government, the smiles city satanic star newswipe, the spookmaster and other pathetic groups and individuals have performed brilliantly in covering the poisoning and desertification of eastern Montana up to aid the enemy that is spraying us with man-made diseases rooting from Wal$treet and the synagogue of SATAN? They were informed 13 years ago and still in effect have said nothing of the devastation.  Many of these sheeple are sick and have died of the diseases created from the Black Side, once called the Black Plague. (Bubonic plague is a zoonotic disease)

I have long said that Brucellosis is a man-made hoax on the American Cattlemen.  Sagebrush Bloom.


3 Responses to “Bobcat Prey … the prairie rats”

  1. Richard Bonine, Jr. April 10, 2013 at 12:40 am #

    Some Rosol will take care of those prairie rats. 🙂

  2. cactusplains June 12, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    Thanks for the information Richard. The rats got the boombonic disease strain bp17hmr 1700# disease struck dead … filled a dump truck … sold to FDA … the rotten agency resonated with the stench … brought high $dollar … a great medium to grow pseudomonas … more mycoplasma to seed the water of the atmosphere (Roundup Rain) is that why “roundup ready alfalfa”?????????? How about the huge die off of alfalfa in the last two years … almost like it vaporized from some fields????????

    graze on BIG COW Bo9 interesting how close to big cow bovine

    Cactus Plains soaking wet from all the rains 13 inches since 05012013 06092013

    We live in a supernatural world but know not … thanks again, I am anti corporate chemicals, but sometime they have a short term usefulness

  3. Ex Rocketman June 15, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    Holy crap Cactus! 13 inches…You and I are going to have to build an ark if it keeps up. Lead has always been and always will be the best medicin for prairie rats. Resol is just loser spelled backwards. I agree with you on anti chemicals. One can’t tell what you are buying and what they really put in them anyway. Lead is the great equalizer! I will take care of your rat problem, no charge. What are neighbors for.

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