Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – Deborah Tavares

25 Jun


Take a look at all the dead and dying trees in eastern montana ie miles city

Cactus Plains … all corruption has to go!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2, 2002
Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Analyzer
Issue 16 [Revisited 2011]

Weather control as in rainfall suppression is and has been occurring in the skies over Miles City every week for 5 years now. It is obvious!

There is no scientist or meteorologist anywhere on earth that can intellectually and honestly say that the weather is not being controlled.

I, Sagerush Bloom rangeland ecologist can prove they are and have been controlling the weather. In Law DNRC is claiming they own the water in the atmosphere. If they are allowing rainfall suppression; and they pass a law to tax private property for a water of the atmosphere weather modification fund are they not implying they are GOD?! When in fact it would appear they are working for the devil, how more evil can spreading diseases and causing continuous droughts be?

In 1997 I started showing people how to observe weather control over Miles City. I thought it would catch on like fire and spread thru the community since you can observe weather control. It did not!

Year 2000 and no one realizes what is happening as in man caused droughts and man made diseases. I cannot believe how ignorant the politicians are????? I begin writing a newsletter to inform POLITICIANS.

I informed Governor Mark Racicot, Judy Martz, Karl Ohs, DNRC Top 4 skunks, Tom Zook, Duane Mathison, Janet Kelly, Coach Connors, George Kurkowski, Ron Devlin, Keith Bales, Gary Mathews. I like all these people, not the skunks, but don’t like being ignored over something so important to all Montanans. The real fault lies with the Department of Natural Resource and Conservation. It was only after I couldn’t get thru to the DNRC and the Governor, that I had to start informing other people. These people are all public servants?, they get paid by the tax payers and are responsible to the people they serve. At least that is what we are led to believe. Basically these people ignored what I told them. DNRC knows weather control is real, see MCA title 85 section 3 atmospheric water weather modification fund. I also informed Miles City Star, Agri-news and Berg in the Morning Radio Show, after which my computer got gutted.

The Ecosystems, the Economy, and the older people they serve are all rapidly dying. The young are all infected with germ warfare from the Nazis…… engineered mycoplasma spp. The proof is in each of us.

For some reason no politician, lawyer, or government agency will look in to:
1) Chemtrails; I have told them, have barium compounds and pathogens. Collect the rain fall, get a microscope and observe. You will find something similar to Dyn-o-mat and Foray 48t BTK. EPA has collected these samples since 1977 and they know but will not tell. The military uses dyn-o-mat to vaporize clouds, observe…. You will see it. Prior to low pressure fronts; KC 135s and 10s (tankers) spray barium compounds that cloud the skies and then mix into the fronts to prevents rain cloud formation.

*Always when there are heavy clouds over southeast Montana you will hear these jets going over and shortly after they pass the rain will let up or stop completely. Depending on how much moisture is in the atmosphere.

2) Ground wave emergency network; Glasgow, Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula have these; Tesla technology; they created lower pressures and steer storms and the jet stream. Watch the weather radar and see the storms steered from Billings’s area to the Glasgow area.

3) Thunder buster solar powered satellites that track with the sun (with a zoom magnifying lens?). This is focused over the 4 southeast Montana counties. These patented satellites can vaporize thunder heads and probably pulse electromagnetic radio frequency microwaves in to the ionosphere to prevent rain clouds formation. You can see this on the radar. I’m not sure if these powerful microwaves come from a satellite or a ground based station, probably both.


A third world country with a huge International Park covering the western states as define in Agenda 21 is planned and being implemented. Mind controlled slaves with no freedoms! If you analyze federal and state government it is Nazi socialism. I can write a book on the massive corruption inside government! Nothing American inside the government agencies. The Nazi were the masters of DECEPTION, THE PROOF IS THEIR CONTROL of THE United States today. Ask Conrad or George Bush to stop rainfall suppression; They will not respond because they have not power over Lucifer, the Pindar, the Vatican, the 13 bloodlines, the committee of 300, the Bilderbergs, or the United Nations. Read my book and you will see the brand of the Nazis (Illuminati) on Planet Earth from about 6000 years ago. George and Conrad work for the above!!!

Is that what we want to leave the children????

We are all unknowingly Gods; and they are afraid of our collective power if we ever figure out their DECEPTION. I think we are trapped in Hell??? Knowledge is Power and the Road to Real Freedom. Private property and independent American will be abolished soon.

“Silent weapons for Quiet Wars” is a top secret document adopted by the Bilderberg group in 1954. This document implemented the Quiet War on the United States by the international bankers (Illuminati). We are in the final accelerated stage of that war today. But the common people don’t realize it, and seem un-wake-able.

4) EPA and Montana DEQ will not reveal what is in the rain samples or aerosol samples and no POLITICIAN will look into it. Many samples have been collected and they have a clear brown appearance.

5) No one will look into the diseases I know they have been spraying as military experiments since 1978. These are bubonic plague, EHD Ebola (kills whitetails), hanta virus, mange, parvo, bacillus spp., mycoplasma spp, etc. Cancer is accelerated from chemtrails I am sure. No one will look into this! How come?

Now 11 years too late … the ecosystems have been poisoned and in short your only hope is to awaken the sleeping masses … this is a war against all the people … everyone is poisoned from the chemtrails … COURT HOUSE NEWSPAPER CORRUPTION MUST END! Cactus Plains 06292013


5 Responses to “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – Deborah Tavares”

  1. Ex rocketman June 25, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    Wow what an eye opener! When are the sheeple going to quit putting up with this, hopefully before it is to late.

    • cactusplains June 26, 2013 at 8:25 am #

      Hey Rocketman Wow!, Thanks for the comments ..appreciate the. intelligent/knowing/consciousness … not much of that around. The sheeple seem to be programmed much like robots … maybe the living dead … living in an annunaki moovee … governments are implementing United Nations administration through a zionist plan called AGENDA 21 … IT LOOKS LIKE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE ECOSYSTEMS OF EASTERN MONTANA … but they don’t care because everyone has been poisoned with wasting disease

      Unbelievable but thats where we are today.

      I’ve heard that the Pindar lives in France and is a Rothschild.

      The Rothschild’s are said to be prodgeny of SATAN? Goes back to ancient egypt.

      Did you know Jack whiteside Parson … for some reason I would wildly guess that you might have?????

      Cactus Plains … Prairie Rat hunting season is on and it is a BLAST! F**king baby nazis destroying the land … big time! you are welcome if you need a rattown to shoot up!

  2. Gunnar Emilsson August 1, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

    You should submit your findings to the High Country News. They are always exposing environmental crimes in the west.

    • cactusplains February 28, 2014 at 9:57 am #

      Thanks for the comment Gunnar … I sent a letter email to the editor … for a long time I have noticed that most all website that are environmental … don’t want my information …. most/all are controlled by security so the sheepy don’t know the truth?

      I m surprise the Madison is only 8000 feet, a long time ago it was said to be 12000 feet. I’ve have previously believed that there is oil at 8000 feet under mc. How deep to the minnelusa sp ??? We don’t need oil when there is free energy to be had, but heating and energy from the Madison makes too much sense???

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