DISINGENUOUS indicates corrupted DNA, lacking in genius from gene corruption)

4 Dec


From a knowing or out of the Nazi box thinking certain words have within them another unique occult meaning. Occult merely means hidden.  For 6000 thousand years those who create perceived reality (Nazi SS) have been hidding the TRUTH from the sheepy by programming similiar to computer programming.

Global words hidden behind perceived reality that has the gullible in a mental state of not knowing begin with CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, FRAUD, CONSPIRACY all facilitated by DISINGENUOUS characters who JACKASS controls with his magic called $money, media, edjewcation, and religion. $money buys disingenuous members of society who are corrupted by the master of  deception, they fraudulently present a feel good media to the common man and woman. They have known for centuries that money can buy MOST of the SHEEPY people. It could be said that money buys disingenuous sheeple or creates disingenuous people.

Meantime the hidden in the shadows of perceived reality, SATAN poisons increment by increment the life force components of the once natural God Mind ecosystems.

April 14th,15 … Another planned artificial Pseudomonas snowlike storm layed a blanket of the Devil’s dandruff over the cactus plains.  Nothing new except the bacteria seems to be more infective each year. It pulls carbon out of the atmosphere which prevents plants from using that carbon, which therefore lowers forage and oxygen production. The percentage of atmospheric oxygen has been declining for the last 100 years. Atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen are at their lowest levels ever recorded. Remember we have said from the beginning that Pseudomonas uses carbon dioxide from the atmosphere … Al Gore a fraud! Cactus is King!

The Zionist Nazis have been controlling the weather over the United States since at least 1977.  These entities represent total evil and wickedness in the play of the global theater. This group of poop brains almost have to be somekind of created bio bots to be killing everthing living on the planet. You can observe the effects of this parasitic bacillus artificial rain and snow everywhere on video and tv shows.  Any filming that includes the land resources seems to have bleached out vegetation and chemtrails in the skies, this indicates a world wide effect. It was not the drought of 2012, but bio weapon rain of 2011 that poisoned the ecosystems much like as if they had been sprayed with ROUNDUP?

After reading America’s Nazi Secret (John Loftus) and Nazi Hydra in America (Glen Yeadon) the word DISINGENUOUS becomes a paramount member of the top five buzz words involved in the creation of this great take over of America and the poisoning of the land resources.

World war ll was a staged event just like all the rest, however this event set the stage for the quiet take over of America by those behind the Nazi SS web of evil and wickedness. 300 stock market corporations were involved in funding the Nazi SS (synagogue of SATAN), that is basically the root of all evil administrations going on in America today.  Like I said long ago Hitler escaped and lived for many  years. Merkel of Germany’s European Union is his daughter? Poppy Shriff (Bush) was a Hitler youth … much more on the story is issue #56???

We are deep inside the “worst case scenario” and it is the Zionist Nazis who have created that scenario rooted from the American Conspiracy of Corruption and Deception based on planned Fraud accomplished in America because of DISINGENUOUS sheeples funded by government and fascist corporations.

Because of the millions of DISINGENUOUS sheeples in the Establishments of Society involved in government and government administration we have a once free country divided by a CONSPIRACY to drive Wall Street while at the same time poisoning and killing all Americans … patriotic or CommUNazis … what you got is nothing after you are dead!

April 15th 2013, the day of the Boston Marathon and a world wide audience; and what happens on Patriot’s day … a BOMB GOES OFF!!! … kills 3 and injures hundreds. STAGED EVENT BY THE SAME CIA/ISRAELIS just like 9112001. World Bankers CIA Israelis Talmud Sons of SATAN and their Amerikan Zionists are creating Biblical Prophecy here in the homeland of the true Israelis … the American Sheeple.

These people are destroying American and killing the Americans who know not whether they are Americans first or Nazis first.

They know not that Cancer is a Nazi bioweapon

They know not that the Nazi SS controls the weather of the world including Custer County 59301

They know not that Governments of all countries, Nations, and counties are controlled by the same group of Satanic bankers.

They know not that these same bankers control both sides of all wars and that they create all the wars.

They know not that diseases are created to sicken people and fund WALL STREET EVIL!


Back to DISINGENUOUS … HUMAN PROGRAMMING that has been going on since transgenics in ancient Egypt has by design (satanic) created DISINGENUOUS bio robots out of a high percentage of the human population.

This programming was necessary to facilitate Jackass’s role as God of Planet Earth, Prince of the Power of the Skies, God of Red Hot Deserts and SATAN incarnate where ever as needed.  Many human containers around the world serve this Lord and his 72 demons aka the fallen angels.

It is my far out belief (speculation) that, this crew of Demons has left the planet as of 2013. As research has suggested we have moved into the age of Aquarius and into 13000 years of enlightenment.  So why is all the Evil accelerating at an alarming rate? Could the reason be that everyone was programmed in the master plan to destroy all that Jackass created on planet earth about to be planet Hearth? Planet Hearth because the bacillus in the chemtrails and rain causes a chemical burn to what ever it encounters, ie organophosphate burning of stressed live tissue of whatever species. This is the Black Plague of biblical prophecy … referred to as a mildew in Dueteromry. (actually the morning dew activates it and sometimes you can observe a spider web like filament coming out of the dew.)

So networking from Jackass in the Vatican we have these bio bots created to be DISINGENUOUS; RULING AND KILLING MANKIND AROUND THE WORLD BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO DO.

$Money is the power facilitating government and fascist corporations to remain programmed to kill life and destroy the planet here in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius or the Golden Age. Like the snake going full circle devouring it self tail first.

A good example of how deep DISINGENUOUS runs into society are all these government agencies and fascist corporations whose employees cover up the TRUTH about CHEMTRAILS seeding the clouds with bacillus and the occult reason for VACCINE INNOCULATIONS. (see protocols of the learned elders of Zion?)


Look at the word assets (ass sets; meaning belonging to or of the God Set aka SATAN?

The Vatican

The British Empire

The 13 Nazi Bloodlines

The United States Corporation

The Judical Branch of  US Government

WALLSTREET (fascist corporations that sell war to both sides)


Captive Local (loco) Governments

UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 is a world wide JACKASS CONSPIRACY of DECEPTION, CORRUPTION, FRAUD perpetuated on the American people by the DISINGENUOUS insiders of inherited  government programming.

From this Satanic system you will find your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS, the reason of which relates to Wall Street, you will find that you and also Custer County are assets of the World Bankers and nothing else except a gullible piece of disconnected God Mind.

That is why I say if you do nothing are you not nothing! Actually after realization you can tell people the weather is controlled by government and that diseases and sickness are part of the government plan to fund Wall Street; they will think you are a kook and went over the brink … but set back and laugh because you are cool and they are the fool.

No matter what happens there is one hell of a wreck in the workings of the Satanic Program.  You can enter this realm knowing or not, the choice is up to you; if you are fortune enough to be a reader of this report or many of the others I have given out after the last 13 years?

Nobody on the internet seems to be down the road as far as Cactus Plains … that is why I was posting on milescity.com … because I was the first to figure out that chemtrails are seeding the weather fronts with bacillus that kills us and other stressed plants and animal species. Simultaneously I made the connection that they have been creating these diseases all along to facilitate their wickedness and evil. The trail lead to the Vatican and the affiliated British Crown known around the world as the British Empire (the SS Nazis). What we said before is that the Vatican Jesuits infiltrated the British Crown with the Germans (Hapsburgs), so it is the Nazis from the beginning until today.

Now that we have explored the words that Cactus Plains uses to illustrate what kind of devils we are dealing with; lets look at the words that the programmed CIA Israelis use to tell the gullible public that conspiracy theorist are nutters or whackos lacking any intelligence what so ever … words like ” delusional, paranoid, conspiracy theorists … think about it? someone is trying to tell the unknowing that America has been under British Admiralty Law since 1934 when the United States became insolvent because of bankruptcy related to debt occurred during the staged events of world war 1 and 11. And baby Jackasses like larry anthrax and david shot himself kick Cactus Plains off the netways for trying to get the truth to the sheeple who are funding the Royal JACKASSes.

jACKASS larry Anthrax has been stabbing the Cactus with his dirt shovel since the beginning which in it self shows his character … disingenuous … never once did he say anything intelligent … he is a fraud!

Larry Anthrax the brown recluse preying on anything anti Nazi is like having the swastika brand on your ass and saying you are not a Nazi. Ewe are a FRAUD THAT HAS COMMITTED TREASON FOR A REASON.

Booting or kicking Cheryl Peiters and Cactus Plains off of milescity.communist runs parallel to shooting Paul Revere … the British are Coming … we are saying that America … land people air food have been and are poisoned … by the Nazis Empire known better to the Gullible as United Nations. World wars 1 and 11 were a creation to facilitate the New World Order known to the gullible as the United Nations.

The tongue river has nearly dried up and Custer county land resources are severely and maybe permanently impacted by patented desertification technologies applied to the land resources over the last 20 maybe even sixty years.

What this rhetoric adds up to is that we got TREASONIST, like Larry and David keeping the TRUTH from the residents of eastern Moontana that know not that the weather is controlled by the enemy, that diseases like cancer are Nazi bioweapons of mass destruction, and that the American Mind is under Nazi mind control. Covering up the truth is surely Nazi Mind Control.

Terrible Texas Tornados rip parts of country to shreads on May 15th,2013.

Was this terrible disaster an act of Mother Nature or a creation of GOVERNMENT as in weather warfare?

Are you intelligent or not?

Larry Anthrax brown recluse spider of milescity.communists has most likely read everything that i have written on it’s site and what I have to say about that is this, “Anyone of any intelligence over 100 IQ can think and figure out that Cactus Plains is right on about everything he writes. (no one has proved me wrong about anything I have tapped out on the internet … got it … no one … if Mr Spider was so smart as he pretends to be he would debate me over the issues and not boot/kick me off for being intelligent and honest … he knows I can make him look like a dumbass bigtime as I have done to the other moderators … disingenuous he is … I guess it is smart enough to know better than to debate me on any of the outrageous issues Cactus put out for public viewing.

What the spider has done is to validate the conspiracy theory that the residents of Custer county are captive and controlled by the NWO aka the Vatican Nazis. The black anthrax spider’s website is a intelligence net/web to monitor the intelligence of eastern Montana, it is a site to facilitate Fusion centers, which is the purpose of most all alternative news sites. Yes the CIA/NSA is them spying on you for the facilitating of the Military industrial complex more often called WALL STREET. A WALL STREET that you cannot see through, until now!

There is a strong connection between Captive Federal Government and Captive State Governments ruling over Custer County and Miles City through a network of corruption, deceit, and fraud between the Miles City Star (CIA) and the county commissioners. Now we have milescity.commnazis implementing the cover up policy of the commissioners and newspaper.

Under the constitution of the United States this all boils down to TREASON, however because of fraud the constitution is probably not applicable today ??????? I think that we will find that the orginal constituition was corrupted some where along the print line, by probably the jesuits???????? A couple orginal documents probably exist somewhere, expect those site to be booomed! Why us his name o boom ba?


So what we have is the Commissioner Kings being controlled by the Captive State and Feds and the loco newspaper managed by project mockingbird and the CIA, which is administered by the Vatican (Black Pope identified in previous reports).

This group has stopped the public from being informed about the CHEMTRAILS SOAKING THE LAND WITH MAN-MADE DISEASES FOR MANY MANY YEARS BY THE UNITED NATIONS.

When you get the chemtrail connection to weather control and the spraying of diseases by United Nations and CIA jet tankers; a lot of other conspiracy theories fall into place as being not theories but the TRUTH!

When disingenuous characters like Anthrax Recluse and Shot Himself tell you it is conspiracy theory it is most likely … TRUTH!
When disingenuous Broom Ryder says ‘delusional’ she is in fear of the TRUTH becoming known or conscious knowledge.

All three pretend to present themselves as intelligent to the readers of milescity.communist while at the same time covering up the facts that the land and ecosystem resources are being severely poisoned by the tankers flying the skies leaving emmissions of carbon absorbing man-made pseudomonas, which is a new name for an anthrax based genetically engineered bacillus that is the fungus among us.

We realize that this information is way over most sheepy’s heads and that some cannot mentally handle it, to those just do not read what the Cactus has to say. The TRUTH will not be know unless exposed to the light of consciousness and it is for that reason you read what you just read.

Are you beginning to see the real reasons for taking your guns, what happens when the TRUTH gets completely out of the box. What did Poppy Bush say in 1992 about if the American people knew what we have done … ???

The NSA National Security Agency is about a) protecting the health and welfare of american citizens b)protecting religion from science c) protecting the security of the United States d) hiding the Nazi alien control of America and the world from disclosure.

Now if you look into vaccines you will find conspiracy, deception, fraud, corruption , and disingenuous. (read Dr Mary’s Monkey) So if we look at the Custer County Health services and forced vaccines you have more of the same. In a previous issue I wrote of my experience in attempt to inform the county nurse that there was an alternative way to address influenza; through emails … I kept getting referred to the CAO at HRH hospital. They were stopping my information from getting to the County Health Services.  The Chemtrails of 1996 until today greatly accelerated their income from a sickened community of people who know not because of the ‘disingenuous’ that have covered up the chemtrails issue. ROT

Now we have the health community tied to the “poison and profit” conspiracy of Rotting Custer County”

This all points to the Commissioner Kings of previous years as being disingenuous and aiding the United Nations in poisoning the land and resources and sheeple of the community. United Nations Agenda 21 is rotting the life force of eastern Moontana!

I informed the Commissioners of the chemtrails and man made diseases through  many ecological reports, some figured out that what I said was true, they died.

One knew and said she thought it was okay to poison sheeple and resources if that was what the state and feds were doing? I found this being to be very strange not unlike an alien?

One was mind controlled by the loco Nazi/CIA Republican who it appears has controlled the loco black nobility of the City Establishment.  Several loco groups like the Knights of Occult are probably part of this black process that controls the commissioners in such a way as to promote CommUNazism in the community.

In summary the court house is corrupted in many evil ways and recovery probably cannot occur unless all the corrupted programs, policies and people initiate the total change which would be the same as dedifferentation.

Corruption has peaked, it cannot get any more corrupt, the big bang! cannot be far away … I am watching December 21 2013; something like the end of the 100 year anniversary of the Bank of London/Vatican created Federal Reserve System????

That is why we are doomed! Deadly secret Pseudomonas fluorescens is a prion disease. Earth has a bubble of live bacteria at 33,000 feet see articles on jeffrense.com, brought to you by empathy and disengenuousness?

The Custer County Conspiracy that facilitated keeping Cactus Plains off the Custer County Planning team is rooted by the controlling influence behind the puppet County Commissioners of the last 13 years. This controlling influence is part of the Nazi SS, the Captive State of Moontana and the Captive Agencies of the United States Corporation. The creation of the Federal Reserve Banking system was international and everything National always has been the Nazi SS. They planned and created all the wars and the production of the War Machine called Wall Street which is the Satanic military industrial complex and yes they made the diseases and are using sick people to fund their New World Order. Storms, fires, mind control and man-made diseases are their weapons of mass destuction to facilitate their poisoning of the world.

Are Larry Anthrax and Dave Shot Himself part of this world wide Nazi/CIA Conspiracy, guilty as documented on Milescity.com. of aiding the United Nations in the poisoning of eastern Moontana????????

Dave needs to get his ass on the right side of the fence before he gets gorged by the bull?

You are upgrading or downgrading (breaking) your DNA every day by what you do and think!

Being disingenuous in your daily activieties is in a way blue printing your dna to change for the worst!

tip; shitake mushroom starter kit; oak log with 30 drilled 3/8″ holes buy plugs easy to grow last 4 years.and seal plugs with wax, this might be an idea for survival food and might work into your daily diet, as this mushrooms are very nutritious and are medicinal.  Why did they purposely poison the oaks and walnut trees? It happen in good old Miles Shitty.

When they call someone smarter than them mentally ill it is they who are paranoid because they are just realizing that they have betrayed America and the freedom we thought we once had.

Read/view what the CIA, NSA, FBI and other whistleblowers have to say on you tube.  All you insiders working for false security need become whistle blowers or the God Mind may not forgive you for being fooled by the Lord SATAN, whether beast or computer program?

Science fiction/friction, it is the moo vee we live in … unknowingly?

Jump buck n’ kick
Cactus Plains


3 Responses to “DISINGENUOUS indicates corrupted DNA, lacking in genius from gene corruption)”

  1. Ex rocketman December 16, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    Cactus…check this out. More info on our invisible SS government. This says it has been in control since at least 1836!


  2. steve kaday April 3, 2014 at 11:30 pm #

    If they have theese scalar wepons as you suggest then why would we need a recipie for shiitake mushrooms makes no sense and as you call them aliens at a point they yes you did refer to them as demons there you were correct

    • cactusplains April 4, 2014 at 7:53 am #

      they have and control weather with scalar … see Thomas Beardens books … Gates and Turner talk depopulation … ecosystems are dying rapidly … food maybe come unavailable … mushrooms were a thought, you could grow them in the dark … starving and nothing to eat but mushrooms … might rather be dead, huh? demons seem to be in evil people … aliens maybe controlling from an adjacent dimension … thanks for the comment … so who is steve … most people could careless as they seem ready to go down 6′ under??????????????

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