Atlas’s cohesiveness with weather warfare & bio weapon warfare (the roundup bacillus)

4 Feb

21 Years of Ecological Disaster on the Rangeland Ecosystems!” by Maximus Bacillus … aka the little red devil that killed Greasewood Flats, Box 666, Fort Madcow 59301

The American fools are a programmed lot and they know not, but on the other side they know a lot. I have long said the American people are the “living dead”, and I can pretty well illustrate that in print. My point is unless you deprogram yourselves you will continue to be unconscious until after your passing. We live on a planet where numerology rules but we understand not and astrology is divided into 12 realms which are planned, staged and create much like a moovee. (2160 years per realm while the moon’s diameter is the same 2160) You are an actor in that moovee created by the God SATAN … that is why everything is pagan. It is all in the baa!bel I mean bible … aka Nimrod! Did he create the education and religious systems?

Halloween October 31, 2013 … what going to happen … will the Nephilim or Anunnaki reappear to haunt the hell out of the corrupted everything that is the loco establishment and court-house government … the treasonous sons of bitches whose disingenuousness lead to the vaccines of slow death and weather warfare of clouds seeded with genetically engineered ANTHRAX! This poisons the rain and the rain in effect poisons/kills any species that gets wet for too long a time period.

check out you tube and Miles City Star’s famous Maurice Hilleman on video where he admits to putting the cancer virus sv40 into 98 million American CITIZENS. Cactus Plains says brucellosis is the bacillus of sv4o as written in a previous report of years ago. Brucellosis was maybe the 1st man-made disease and is a hoax on the cattlemen. It was created to sicken and make money. When the truth be known it will be discovered that the Nazi infiltrated government of the United States began spraying America with brucella in about 1954.

Check out shingles as being a reoccurrence of the chicken pox inoculation.

The OPC/CIA through the chemtrails from Hell has poisoned most all life forms in the divided states of the living dead!


Fire in the skies. Bacillus chemical burning by satanic design.


Artificial chemical burning by the Roundup Bacillus of Death! The sun is 92.96 million miles away yet the clouds are burning only in alignment with the sun … is there a 2nd sun???????????????????


And now LOCO NEWS with Cactus Plains interviewed by Golden Dawn, Mother Nature’s ever rising morning star, they gonna make a big STAR out of Cactus Plains and all I gotta do is act NATURALLY?


Consciousness Dawning After News and the “Living Dead Theory”

Issue 59 Lookingback Moontana 10202013 ………… Sagebrush’s Ecological Intelligence Report

“Hey Cactus Plains” this is “Goldie” Mother Nature’s Golden Dawn calling on the ethernet … “ring me back at 7.365 Hz when you get off the ground and see the rising morning star; as you are the featured; “Crowned King” going globally with a scalar broadcast interview that will awaken the “living dead” giving them a chance to go back to sheepy or arise to the rising resonance of the beautiful “Golden Dawn” the most beautiful and desirable woman in the Universe! Wow nothing like dreaming with the Golden Dawn!!!

With morning sun rising I lift off and anticipate the questions that will be coming thru from this morning’s early interview as the sun charges me old computer frame up to face the environment now coming into perspective as my frequency reaches 7.365 and …

“Good Morning Goldie you beauty of beauties on this fine reprogramming morning of rising consciousness”:

Yes consciousness dawning news vs. perceived reality is the subject news format that will present consciousness in comparison to the loco bullshit news splattered across the TV’s, newspapers, and computer monitors.


Wizard Quiz (this is an ecological IQ test stemming from the Golden Dawn developed underground to record your personal Ecological IQ. It is a growth cycle of science fiction and science friction developed to bring into awareness what the chemtrails and Bt GMO beasts of ecological Evil are doing to the rangeland ecosystems of Moontana. Answer the questions below and submit your conclusions for analysis and an ecological rating of where your consciousness resides! Crazy fun in an avalanche of truths breaking through and into the light from the fallen depths of Nazi BS Science.

1. Nikola Tesla said over 100 years ago that if you could control the jets streams you could control the weather. True or false? He also said if his information got into the hands of the wrong people that the world would be in great danger?

2. In the year 2000 Cactus Plains informed the Governor of Montana and local county government that the weather was being controlled by who were probably the United Nations. True or false?

3. Nikola Tesla was tapped into the ethernet and also said to believe in the “TRUTHS in the Bible”. true or false?

4. Cactus Plains is tapped into the ethernet and the truth is that the state of Moontana is totally cohesive with the United Nations in which the proof is the CHEMTRAILS which seed the clouds with manmade bacteria. true or false?

5. The trail of who was controlling the weather lead to SATAN (god of planet earth and red-hot deserts). true or false?

6. In 2001 the State of Montana signed into law a (2001 MCA Title 85 section 3 Atmospheric Water Weather Modification) which would allow the counties to tax the CITIZENS for rain. true or false? Is that why the Loco Court House has covered up the implications of the Desertification of Custer County?

7. World Wars one and two were staged events by those who created the Federal Reserve System? true or false? Hitler escaped!

8. Agenda 21 and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars are very cohesive and rooted from those that created the United Nations aka the New World Order. true or false?

9. Bt is a man-made pesticide created to kill grasshopper infestations; it is also in GMO corn and the rain of the last 20 years. True or false?

10. The difference between Black Mold and Cancer is little to none and that being genetic modification of bacillus. true or false?

11. When the deception, fraud and conspiracy are bigger than perceived reality; consciousness, knowing and intelligence become King. true or false?

12. Since Larry Anthrax booted the Cactus off, many people have inferred in a way that Cactus Plains should run for County Commissioner. true or false?

13. “The Miles City Loco Conspiracy” is a new book coming by loco historian Broom Ryder where she reveals that chemtrails are genocide. All diseases she says are manmade bioweapons and the chemtrails are the seeding of the atmosphere with 20 different strains of bio weapon anthrax, such as EHD that is killing the whitetails. true or false?

14. Staged events: 911 Twin Towers, Sandy Hook, Your President of the USA, storms, Colorado flooding, Cleon, and the cattle killing of 1042013. true or false?

15. The loco government of the last 20 years has facilitated implementation of UN Agenda 21; in effect servicing and implementing captive State and Federal governments policy/administration. true or false?

Cactus Plains suggest you see the video on you tube ‘the silence of engineered genocide’ and a video about miles city’s Maurice Hilleman where he admits that 98 million Americans were injected with the Cancer virus he calls SV40.

Bucked off planted head first unconscious, that is where you were when it began and where you remain today, you are the living DEAD???

16. The people of the once United States are the enemy of the state” per federal law ‘trading with the enemy act of 1917’? true or false?

17. After the wars the Nazi SS transformed into the CIA, NASA and other government agencies. true or false?

18. A higher dimension of intelligence is behind the old and new world rule as it has been for six thousand years? true or false?

19. Monotheism (one god) was created by the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton a couple of thousand years ago, who looks a lot like ewe president of the United States Corporation? true or false?

20. The sheepy Americans  have been brainwashed and programmed to believe those who advocate the truth are mentally ill, delusional, paranoid and wacko conspiracy theorists? true or false?

21. The polio shot turns out to be a Nazi bioweapon that put the cancer virus into the American people. true or false?

22. On the front side the Country of the United States is being taken down, destroyed, and poisoned by the CIA and Vatican that control the pentagon and military industrial complex. true or false?

23. In 1933-34 the United States went into bankruptcy and the Judicial Department was turned over to the World Bankers. true or false?

24. Oil fracking and major oil pipelines are bullshit Nazi SS ecological disasters, but nothing compared to CHEMTRAILS FROM HELL! true or false?

25. The 7.5 million dollar Custer County Corporation new jail was a planned United Nations, Agenda 21 event in which the cost is a total rip off of the taxpayers who are owned by who knows. true or false? I bet Bill Gates knows?

26. United Nation’s Agenda 21 calls for destroying the county roads and Custer County roads show that destruction, as is visible by seeing the road gravel/base pushed into the ditches. true or false?

27. Satellite weather modification system is patented weather control technology that has been used for many years to control the global weather.

28. John Pol ass ki the Billings bs weatherman cannot figure out that the weather of MONTANA is controlled in such a way as to create desertification of the ecosystems or he is a total fraud! true or false?

29. It is said that Miles City’s famous Broom Ryder has seen the ‘light’ and is working on a couple of news paper articles discussing the adverse impacts of UN Agenda 21, NASA War Documents, and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars on the residents and rangeland ecosystems of Eastern Montana. true or false?

30. Geoengineering by the United Nations has resulted in the soils of eastern Moontana sealing up and stopping infiltration of rain events to less than 50% of the post desertification/sterilization of the clayey and silty clay soils. true or false?

31. Global warming is the result of planned weather warfare. true or false?

32. The cohesiveness between and the smile city Nazi star is uncannily symbiotic suggesting both are CIA/Microsoft Assets? true or false?

33. The world rulers are trying to instigate a civil war in America in the near future. true or false?

34. The accumulation of dry rot bacteria in the soils over the last 20 years is the major cause of the low annual flow of the Tongue and Yellowstone river watersheds. true or false? It dries the rain in the skies, evaporates the rain on the soils, and then rots live plant tissues that becomes drought stressed!

35. The word “chemtrails” was coined by Cactus Plains in the year 1992 when observing exhaust lingering in the sky over Powderville Moontana left by big tanker jets appearing as though the jet motors were blowing up or were worn out? true or false?

36. Iran is the genetic lineage of GERMANY?  The German Nazi SS  are really the shits, administrated by tall white aliens? true or false?

37. The tankers jets spraying America with manmade germs are of the United Nations, CIA/Israelis and NATO origin? true or false? The big white ones are Evergreen International Corporation? CIA

38. Tooth paste is a silent weapon for quiet wars? true or false?

39. The government of Custer County has been participating in the CLIMATE ACTION PLAN for Custer County and has failed to inform the taxpayers? true or false?

40. Cleon a huge man-made storm (UN Agenda 21) blanketed south-east Moontana on about 12022012, and the temperature dropped to 33 below and has remained mostly below zero up until 12132012?  Fake/artifical snow is a fact of the last 20 years? true or false?

41. Desirable wildlife populations have severely plummeted in Montana under the management of the Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks. True or false? They have purposely ignored the chemtrails? … signed Jeffery the Jackass? Cactus is King!

42. Many species are near the extinction level and they are still selling death hunting licenses, such as the sage grouse and moose. True or false? Do you see the fraud in lefting the State claim they own the ‘WILDLIFE!

43. On a scale of 1-100 the ecological condition of the rangeland ecosystems are the lowest ever since the EAGLES landed in 1452. true or false?

44. The significance of grazing on ecological condition is highly positive and the degradation done to ecological condition by the man-made bacteria invading from the source rain is devastating and causing long-term ecological damage? true or false?

45. Fort Keogh or fort mad cow is an example of a government corporation that is a total range science FRAUD! true or false?

46. Many years of rangeland deterioration as in manmade desertification by roundup like bacteria, barium and aluminum and not an intelligence word has come out of their range science research? This government research ranch is a complete fraud and a good example of Nazi science? true or false?

47. The worst thing to ever happen to wildlife was the creation of the Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks because they have been cohesive with the United Nations by not bring to light the CHEMTRAIL ISSUE! Chemtrails are proof they are a Nazi science agency/asset? true or false?

48. Cactus Plains personally informed the now director of the department of FWP of weather control and the spraying of diseases like EHD back in the late 1990’s? true or false?

49. Poppy Bush apparently killed JFK in Dallas and was arrested and then released? This is a conspiracy theory on the internet. true or false?

50. Significant factors suggest that JFK was the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln? true or false?

51. The Black Popes of the Vatican control the CIA and all security agencies of every country? true or false?

52. A letter to the editor in the Miles City Star inferred the Walton family that owns WALMART was worth approximately $200 billion and could if they wanted to give the 320 million people of the United States a million each and the family would still have $99 billion left? true or false? pigs in human containers?

53. Global government is totally Satanic and they have poisoned you and as it appears all life, (EXCEPT ROUNDUP READY GMO PLANTS) ? true or false?

54. Intelligence is fast coming to light and Nazi science is falling to exposure? CHEMTRAILS ARE GLOBAL ECOLOGICAL GENOCIDE?????? true or false?

55. Witchy woman Rodham Clinton was Poppy Bush’s secretary at the time of the JFK assassination and covered up for ol Poppy and thus her rise to power? true or false? Rod (bacillus) ham … rots ham?

56. The most devastating IMPACTS to the RANGELAND ECOSYSTEMS EVER to OCCUR in history are the “CHEMTRAILS FROM HELL”? true or false?

57. NOAA is Nazi science; the near 16 inches of annual rainfall in eastern Montana during the 1970’s was purposely removed from the total annual rainfall averages. Southeast Montana averaged about 3 inches in May and about 3 inches in June, up until the 1990’s. NOAA now indicates the averages for May and June as about 2 inches. true or false?

58. The dry rot bacteria suffocating the soils uses much of the moisture that does reach the soils and the main reason for the very low annual flows of the Tongue River. The results of 20 years of artificial rain and snow? true or false?

59. In 2013 we got over 16 inches and the Tongue and Yellowstone Rivers still had very low annual flow levels. Never in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s did these rivers get as low as they did in 2013! true or false?

60. The governments of the Court Houses fleece the sheepy people under their jurisdiction. The Court Houses are about administration and money collection for the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT (SATAN); and the CITIZENS are incorporated ASSETS. true or false?

61. GOVERNMENT poisoned the baby boomers with the cancer bacillus via the Polio shot? Murder by Injection Eustase Mullins. true or false?

62. Butter does not cause clogged arteries but bacillus does? true or false?

63. Communism and environmentalism are the same fraud? true or false?

64. National Security Agency has been collecting personal data on everyone so a computer program can identified the cowards and worthless eaters? true or false? They know everything about everyone as they have been recording all phone calls since the 1960’s.

65. Corporate Government Corruption is like a cancer fungus that has suffocated the life force out of every living thing on the American’s Land. true or false?

66. CHEMTRAILS are a FACT! KILLING EWE is a FACT! MILLIONS murdered is a FACT! GLOBAL CONSPIRACY is a FACT! true or false?

67. THEY  BRAINWASHED the Americans? They PROGRAMMED Americans to not KNOW? true or false?

68. Pee therapy is the closest thing to the ‘fountain of youth’ according to ‘Big Cow’ Bovine, range researcher at Fort (keogh) Mad Cow? true or false?

69. ‘Big Cow’ BO9 and Cactus Plains believe grazing fees on BLM and State lands are and have been a conspiracy by captive government to steal money from permittees. Great minds in range science know that livestock grazing is the most enhancing management practice, bar none! Nutrient recycling that results from grazing animals manuring and excreting facilitate increased forage production,  soil nutrients  and forage desirability. true or false?

70. David Shot Himself (milescity.commUNazis/asset/moderator)  believes that the southeastern counties of Montana (originally Bighorn County) should succeed from the State of Moontana because they are and have been selling the atmospheric water over eastern Montana to oil rich North Dakota and allowing the United Nations Agenda 21 to poison the rain with the little red devil? true or false?

71. The root of most all diseases stems from fungal (genetically engineered) bacillus.  true or false? Such as MS which is caused by the brucella creation?

72. Tetanus or blood poisoning from a wire cut is caused by bacillus? true or false?

73. Tesla developed wireless technology in which he said could be used to provide free electricity to the world. true or false? Today powerlines distribute that free energy so that the POWER CORPORATIONS  can charge you for what is free energy?

74. Brucellosis is a hoax on the American cattlemen and the bacillus is in the throat/mouth of most animals and people, it is what rots teeth called a procaryote? true or false?

75. Poppy Bush and the CIA took the Kennedy Brothers out in staged events as in planned and highly calculated leading back to the Vatican. true or false? Jackie fired the fatal headshot that blew the back of his head off?

76. The Federal Reserve Banking is a private corporation as is the state of Montana? true or false?

77. The Sacred Cow is the best range management tool, however this paramount fact is not in the curriculum of range science.

78. If the nutrient benefits resulting from soil enhancement by livestock manuring and urinating were calculated the Government would have to pay the stockmen about $25 dollars per aum (animal unit month). Compare the cost of fertilizer to the nutrient value of the manure and urine.

79. Change; when you discover everything you know and were taught is basically a lie to hide forbidden knowledge … everything is and has been under the control of the people who created the United Nations since 1945? true or false?

80. The sinking of the Titanic was a staged event by the same bankers that created the Federal Reserve System? true or false?

81. Approximately 165-185 micro organisms recycle the cow manure and urine to improve the soil fertility? Roughly calculating this is approximately 1000 pounds of natural soil food per aum? true or false?

82.  If the weather were not controlled by the United Nations, Custer County would be in the 16″ to 24″ precipitation zone? They have been stopping precipitation events annually that would put the ecosystems into that zone 16-24″? true or false?

83. The number one ISSUE on the Globe should be the man-made bioweapons in the rain aka the chemtrails? true or false?

84. Carbon consuming super bacillus like Pseudomonas destroy the nutrients available in the  soils before the native plants can used them because the bacillus is in the rain devouring carbon as it goes and indirectly using the plant available moisture whether in the rain or soil? true or false?Aridification as in Nazi Science.

85. The aluminum nano particles (natural 2 ppm, now up to 3900 ppm) are likely designed as an adjuvant for the bacillus in the rain because this nano particle can damage a cell wall thereby entry of the bacillus into a host cell? true or false? Follow the trail of bacillus into your mouth throat lungs stomach colon small intestines to hemeroids in the end?

86. Bacillus secretes a biofilm (chitin-like w strong negative charge) which protects the bacillus DNA  which becomes a virus when injected into a host cell. Virus means poison as in a strand of dna which is the genetic blueprint for poison?

87. Newspaper head lines from a Germany newspaper, March 24 1933: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY!!!; Jews of All the World Unite In Action hmmm? Michael develop  a disease Cactus Plains calls “stupidisitosis” after walking through the halls of Custer County ‘mind programing’ High School for the unknowing but completely programmed? true or false?

88. The reason Miles City fluoridates the water is because there is great evil behind the past government of the residents? true or false?

89. IRPA coined by the Cactus is the scientific name for the little red devil in the rain, the initials stand for Intracellular Recombinant Pleomorphic Anthrax? true or false?

90. Global desertification causes decreased oxygen production where as increased carbon dioxide causes increased biomass production. true or false?

91. Aerosol particles of aluminum, barium and mycoplasma accumulate in the lungs and digestive track thereby infecting everything breathing with what could be called chronic wasting disease that causes not caring, depression, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia and many other of many infectious diseases. true or false?

92. A chicken appears to a brown recluse spider as a DINOSAUR! A spider is a Coward who hides behind a web until it becomes chicken shit! true or false?

93. Intelligence is Occult? true or false?

Monkeys in the jungles probably are not intelligent enough to recognize the significance of CHEMTRAILS, but when the sheepy Americans ignore the white lines in the skies and cannot equate the sick and dying to a created by evil  perceived reality then they have intelligence similar to the monkeys? What if the ecosystems die and the life force dies? Why cannot the American people wake up and recognize that a small group of evil people are ruling the planet and killing all life forms in order to assure they exterminate the American People? The lost tribes of Israel found living in America?

94. The ignorance of the people is killing the ecosystems and the future? true or false?

95. The taxes paid to the IRS goes directly to the Vatican to fund the suffering going on around the world?

96. Ignorance of the information above could be the catalyst for an extinction level event called starvation and genocide? true or false?

What the Cactus Plains is telling or informing you of is that the American people have been fooled by a group people who are destroying what appears to be all life on the planet? For what reason? Perhaps could it be the thought of what might happen to them when the Americans realize that a few mentally ill COWARDS have been sickening and causing suffering to mankind, pets,  wild animals, and native plants?

97. Mentally ill is an educated mind that cannot figure out that chemtrails are not cohesive with Mother Nature? true or false?

98. When you respond on a chat thread you are leaving a blueprint of your intelligence level. A derogatory comments most often indicates the lack of intelligence?  An intelligent comment resonates with the God Mind? true or false?

99. The Golden Age is indicative of Pee Pee therapy; the fountain of youth and the Holy Grail? true or false?

100. Truth is Occult?  true or false?

101. The internet is a corrupted simulation of what Tesla called the Ether, I call it the ethernet or the Gold Mind all-knowing intelligent design. Cactus Plains broadcasts from the ethernet. The internet is the God Satan broadbandcasting, spying and making an internet file on the cowards  and useless eaters who care not that the ecosystems of the planet have been poisoned, devastated, and barrened?

102. Because you have been fooled; the Gods may forgive you based on the imprint you put into your evolving DNA? true or false?

103. Cactus Plains is the Ecological King, Al Gore is a Communist/Environmentalist and Carbon-imprint Fraud! true or false?

to be continued? Answer the questions as you know them to be true or false, this will give you an ecological rating or IQ. Vaccines are murder by injection as millions have died of Cancer, a Nazi bioweapon made from coccus or bacillus? True or false? Don’t answer that to be true because Cactus Plains says so, but as to what you really believe? True if you think the probablity of true is over 51%, false if 49% or less?

Your score will indicate how conscious you are or if you are still planted, unknowing but nevertheless living in the dark having never seen the light of day?  Science fiction/science friciton, the spark by which you first see the light of Day! (Nazi science exposed to the light of day?)

Quiz brought to you by the Golden Dawn and Cactus Plains on the ethernet. We live in hellish times in which all of mankind has been fooled into performing like a programmed computer in an animated human-like container. The global earth is the stage for the staged events of the last thousands of years. Truth is dawning with the rising of the sun on a daily basis. It appears as an avalanche of information that has been hidden right in front of our faces?

Acknowledging the truths increment by increment is the trail out of the darkness into enlightenment? Connecting the dots of truth, leads one’s mind to interpretations of what lies between the dots.

at 7.365hz; to be continued … your ecological IQ thought pad.

Conscienceness Dawning After News with the Golden Dawn rising 7:53 01052014,

Marduk has returned to South Africa and has a high security base there.

Marduk is said to be the son of Enki? His return would run parallel to the return of Jesus Christ?

The Anunnaki are said to be tall white people.

It was announced last night on George (S)Norry show that these tall white people have been controlling the Nazis, this is a big one! Alien tall white people are reported to be on some news programs as to being behind the Nazi ….    WOW!!!

Ariel Sharon died a couple of days ago after being in a coma for 8 years. So were they keeping him alive for a occult reason? Does biblical prophecy indicate the return of Christ shortly after the death of the Prime Minister of Israel or something like that … I kind of remember? Is this another indication of the return of the Anunnaki … I would guess this to be maybe biblical prophecy becoming truth???

91 world leaders recently got to gether in South Africa at Mandela staged funeral?

Hey! Cactus ya know after reading 50 some of Sagebrush’s Ecological Intelligence Reports you have over the last 14 years uncovered a lot of evil going on in the ecosystems, nothing much that was good news. Was the information unveiled in 2013 thirteen as rotten as in the past?

“The first sign of things maybe becoming more enlightening was that reports and such that I wrote for the first time quit vanishing off the internet and monitor.Like whoever was monitoring what I wrote went away? This was the first speck of light. Then we got more rain than the normal and the bacillus count in samples were very considerably lower than ever sampled before, still there were spores and other nazi crap.

Forage production was the highest in many years. Also the number of people who have caught on to the Chemtrails from Hell has skyrocketed off the chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And best of all it appears that there is some force helping to combat the evil being implicated on the world ecosystems by that Vatican empire!

Some say there is a War going on between the returning Annunaki  and ruling Illuminati who are the Vatican and Pharaonic Bankers. I have long said we live in some kind of dream world, moovee, or simulation which is beyond belief.

Albert Webre interviews with Peter Kling are very right on and equally informative and interesting … on YouTube

Vinny Eastwood has some good you tubes and is a great interviewer … knowing is freedom, sheepy is wasting … we are living in the most fantastic of times.

Check out Bahman Nassiri and who he says are the ‘EAGLES’, he is right on the $money? WOW!

You know wildlife management that protects the murdering predators and sells the productivity of the desirable species to fund the Nazi SS Agenda 21 is the biggest EVIL that their God SATAN ever created!!!!!!!

Now is the time for all good Moontanans to awaken from the “living Dead” and boot/kick to kingdoom come the skumbaggery in the Nazi Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks out of the Ecosystems of eastern Moontana. Now is a good time to think from an Enlightened point of View, as in perspective to the coming North American Union.  Satan has a strangle hold on the ecosystems of Mother Nature. The sheepy people are wasting … away. What a way to go … in the end of the age … hmmm … anyone home???

Definition of an educated Idiot could be said to be someone who disagrees with the Cactus Plains?

Wake the God Mind up! the Chemtrails Issue is catching Fire all across the lands!

Hey Cactus Plains, “Is there really snake venom like DNA coating the spines of Opuntia, kind of like waiting to infect the life force of what ever may stumble through the SATAN poisoned grasslands of a once vibrate rangeland ecosystem of hard grass and medicinal shrubs and forbs?”

Yes there is Goldie, the Eagles have poisoned all of the land! So we are making fun of their stupidness in light of a tsunami of knowledge flooding the Global land in a simulation of mind bending deception of evil and wickness of which we will emerged into a world of Global Enlightenment leaving the world of darkness on the underside of the precession of the equinox.

“Compassion” your ass, I’m Mad as Hell at ewer lack of Intelligence? Let them kill the world ecosystems??? Because we don’t Care??? Can’t do nothing because you are nobody? What the Hell happened to the GOD MIND? Did you sell yourself to the darkside? You don’t care that they poisoned all your pets and all the wildlife? The people cannot stop them from vaccinating the babies, kids and adults … because you don’t care? What if everyone woke up??? Because you maybe perfectly possessed you maybe unable to awaken???

Did Aliens created mankind through genetic manipulation in ancient Egypt?  Are aliens behind the so called beings controlling the New World Order?  Have the Nazi SS been the products of these tall white ancient aliens known as the Anunnaki? Are mankind a cross between humans and reptilians humanoids? God mind x Nimrod?

Chemtrail pilot writes “last chance” over New York City, see … maybe be a photo shop … very interesting???????

Simulation by those who activate the SS Eagles??? Beyond reality! Like Magic!!; from a very corrupted everything reality brought to you by ancient royalty!!!

Consciousness Dawning

Cactus Plains


2 Responses to “Atlas’s cohesiveness with weather warfare & bio weapon warfare (the roundup bacillus)”

  1. Ex rocketman February 10, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

    What do you think is going to happen to the US dollar? Will the economy of the US and the world collapse and turn to an global crisis? All of this thanks to the ignorance and errogance of Obama and our elected officials and the cover ups they dish out. It might be the best thing if it did happen. If they have no money they would not be able to pay for the com trail poisoning.of us.and the Obamanation of our country. It may be our only saving grace!


    • cactusplains February 28, 2014 at 9:36 am #

      AKrocketman (that landed on the Moon 59301)

      US dollar is/has been fallening from the sky, abundant food sources have been disseminated, looks like the dollar will continue to crash to abandonment but what is not destined to cash, it is satanic and I think? that era is over or at least available to exposure.Global crisis, it is happening at a never before maximum.

      Bid coins indicate they are wanting us to think about a different kind of more trackable-type of money for more proficent tax collection.

      Order out of Chaos on the dollar bill …

      I think the damage is already a near done deal, we will have to deal with it, those that survive?

      Wow! the long tail cat vs the bobcat … very interesting … I like the bobcat because he eats Prairie rats … the long tail eats deer that the coyotes/wolves chase into the timbered habitat?

      thanks for the comment … interesting

      feasting on the cactus plains

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