25 Feb


After about 20 years of cover up the truth, USGS news release says there is indeed Roundup in the rain samples, 75-86 % of the samples contained Glyphosphate … hmmm very similar to the poison secreted by the little red devil in the rain that Cactus Plains has been screaming bloody murder about … explains the dead, dying and bleached out native plants of Eastern Moontana!


GMO has been a bad idea from the beginning, which was started in the Pharaoh Akhenaton’s realm aka the creation of the Biblical Israelis. GMO is SATAN indicating he is more powerful than God … God Mind is the all-knowing intelligent design connecting all life aka echo systems … if you know good from evil, you have at least some connection to the God Mind. If you are an environmentalist whacko who has been ignoring the evil impacts caused by the CHEMTRAILS from HELL,  you are disconnected from the God Mind … Mother Nature … all-knowing intelligent design.  Put simply CHEMTRAILS are controlling and killing Mother Nature!!!

Most likely this is the biblical end of the age?  By chemtrails, the Zionist World banksters are killing every living natural species and they have developed Round Ready plants that can tolerate the little red devil in the rain … Psuedomonas fluorescens … hmmm are you starting to lift out of the fog covering the Cactus Plains, maybe hopefully gathering a speck light … that ultimately might light you on the side of the God Mind?

Prairie rats called dogs by those in biological error don’t cross with kangaroo Rats, and the list could go on …


God gave me a home on the range where the deer and antelope play 1950-2014 and now it comes to light that a cult of Satanists/Zionists are destroying that place where the deer and antelope used to play?

The loco government and city establishment have played the biggest part in covering up the Chemtrails of Death? Why? They are sick and dying just like everyone else? They also cover up that the loco governments are ‘corporations’ that are traded on Wall Street, as are the CITIZENs? (Maxwell Jordon)


1.  “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the worlds machinery without the need of coal oil gas or any other of the common fuels!” quote by who a) Cactus Plains b) Bonine c) Tesla d) Eustace Mullins

2.  “The power administration of civilization (network of electrical power lines) are merely meters to sell the free energy of the ether/atmosphere to the unknowing masses!” quote by a) Cactus Plains b) BO9 c) Tesla d) Edison

3.  Big cows like the 1400 pounders of the 1970’s were said to be the cause of the DESERTIFICATION of SOUTHEAST MONTANA by whom??? a) Cactus Plains b) Richard Bonine Jr (BO9) c) Sagebrush Bloom d) Santa e) Greasewood Flats (look at what Fort Mad Cow Keogh has done to the Greasewood habitat??? range science or range destruction???


Where have all magpies, sage grouse, big horns, moose, ferrets, kangaroo rats and mice, lesser chipmunks, Jack Rabbits, antelope, deer, Hungarian partridge, and many other native species gone? Their populations have crashed as have the soil micro-organisms. Why?

You may soon find out if you fail to see light in this and go into fright … right where they want your mind … fear solved with denial, apathy and being a helpless victim having never seen the light of day.


Time itself is actually compressed energy … the speed of light squared E=mc2, E=tc2

The New World Order is to DESTROY AMERICA!!! … and destroy America they have!

4.  “Great spirits have always experienced violent opposition from mediocre minds.” a) Kelly b) Broom Ryder c) Albert Einstein

5.  “Wisdom is knowing how little we know.” a) Bo9 b) Kelly c) Bridgier d) Dave Shot Himself e) none of the above?

6.  “Condemnation without investigation is the height of IGNORANCE!” a) Albert Einstein b) Gunnar c) Cactus Plains

7.  “The most despicable ASS ET on is the webmaster Coward!” quote by a) Broom Ryder b)BS Neitherton c)BO9 d) most everyone in eastern Moontana e) all of the above f) SAGEBRUSH

8.  The most interesting and informative threads on milescity.communists are those with comments from the CACTUS PLAINS? true or false?


Cactus Plains the brain on the plains or Cactus Pains the pain in the mind controlled brains of the educated idiots?

Jump buck n kick

Sagebrush Bloom


2 Responses to “CHEMTRAILS from the Planet Killers: SE MOONTANA: ADVERSE IMPACTS GALORE”

  1. Richard Bonine February 25, 2014 at 12:24 pm #

    🙂 Snow must be too deep to feed this AM. 🙂
    In all seriousness, I DO admirer your observation skills and your questioning the changes concerning the range ecosystem. I don’t agree with most of your conclusions. I DO wish that Ft. Keogh would focus on long-term trends, from say back in the 30’s to today. I think they should investigate and report on how and why (if they can figure that out) their range has change, and not for the better. The publish or perish mentality that is present out there really hurts long term scientific investigation. Does anyone really care about weight gain or loss based on the water temperature in the cows water tough? Seems pretty minor to me when there are so many bigger fish they could/should be fry’n.

    • cactusplains March 1, 2014 at 11:01 am #

      Cowboy BO9

      Thanks for the comment.

      We have had approx. 46 inches of Roundup snow this lovely artifical winter. All the vegetation is bleached out. Snow nucleated by bacteria (man made bacillus) is what climate change snow is???

      How deep will a soil probe go into the rangeland ecosystem soils this spring? a) <12" b) 13-24" c) 24-36" d) <48"

      In the early 70's with that much snow melt potential the probe would go into the soil a) <12" b) 13-24" c) 25-36" d) 37+"

      Why don't you explained to 'milescity.commUNazi' the definition of nucleated snow? I'd like to see the definition in your words explaining simply to the sheepy, not a definition copied off the internet.

      "I don't agree with most of your conclusions?" I'd wish that statement were just your cover if your were a secret agent for the CIA, ha!

      Unfortunately it's probably not as educated idiots were mostly fooled, bucked off and planted head first in the clay pan on the Cactus Flats/ the parking lot on University Flats?.

      I don't think you can show any substancial evidence to indicate my conclusions are in error? You are welcome to try but beware as I see deeply into the life force driving reality?

      What if everything your learned was a lie, deception, fraud, conspiracy, and in general a way to control mankind in order to create STAR WARS?

      Fort Madcow Keogh is a Red Coat military base, always was since the beginning. It is the enemy within Custer County,

      The mentaliy behind that gut shot group of old cows makes me puke every time I see them. TOTAL EVIL!!!! Monitoring nucleated bacteria's effect throughout the digestive process and thru the system designed to 'infect' the brain.

      In previous research they injected bacillus into cow's brains in trying to created Mad Cow Disease. For 31 years in Colorado and it did not work … the cow's immune system cleaned it out I think.

      Then deer started getting chronic wasting disease around the research facility … and the story goes on and on and on …

      Observatory skills … yes … I got planted a few times along the way.
      Always saw the light as I am the Cactus Plains.

      Life is a blast and then they kill ewe … in a created reality much like a simulation … shot with brucella in youth, then blasted with religious and education Bull Shite, then poisoned for economic stimulus ???

      It all makes for a dumbed down ewe??? Bankruptcy 1933???
      The American Sheepy.

      In higher levels of consciousness … science fiction/science friction

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