the Chemtrails led to the Murder of Mother Nature’s Ecosystems!

27 Apr

Consciousness Dawning After News … in memory of the late Greasy Woods, (rest in peace) Ft Mad Cow Keogh 59301 … issue 58 Ecosystems dying … Environmentalist whackos thriving … End Times Dawning  … Golden Age Spawning 04/7/2014 (9)


So who funds this $atanic Evil?  a) the sheepy amerikans, b) Rothschild Bankers  c) the Vatican d) the Jesuits e) $Satan) $Bill Gates and $Ted ‘the terrible’ Turner

Cactus Plains made it all up, wrote a book, mailed to Governor Racicot, printed 100 copies, sold 63 copies to Intelligence agents, 1 to loco lawyer, gave away 36 copies, that was in the early 2000’s, actually 16 years of trying to get the gullible to wake up to weather control and man-made disease spraying in the big skies, beginning in 1992, nobody believed me then later some discover the truth, so I wrote 50 some ecosystem intelligence newsletters about the black plague in the chemtrails from hell, I made it all up because I was mad at the government of imbeciles. Cactus knew it was not true but also knew that no one was intelligent enough to “show’ evidence that Cactus was wrong. Cactus had fun messing with the little minds on milescity.communists. Sorry that I lied to all you up town outstanding CITIZENS???

Cactus Plains … surviving in the biblical end of the ages?       little thinkey leaves a big stinkey … illumination=oxidation of luciferin by luciferease – luminescent bacteria … disease illness = oxidation of phosphate by phosphordiesterase = snake venom secreting Psuedomonas fluorescens … the snake bite virus some times called prions by the creators of mad cow.

April Fools … now today the internet is flooded with all those lies that started with making a little fun in the arena on the other side of corruption, deception, fraud and other loco bull shit fed to the sheepy?

Minds planted in the gumbo by the derelict education system of deception forced on the native kids by the Captive Government ruling the unknowing minds of the masses of dumb asses!!!






From the “Irish Origins of Civilization”, by Michael Tsarion;

“The cross and crown are also employed by the American Scottish-Rite Freemasons, who work in secret to undermine the sovereignty of American on behalf of their Atonist chiefs in London and Rome.” (the Zionist are behind the United Nations/CIA chemtrails … fact!)

“The HOLY CROWN is of Akhenaton and his descendants in the Cult of Aton”, page 453.

Strange the similarities between Akhenaton (Pharaoh destroyed Egypt) and Obomba??? (UN aerosol bombs)???
There is or will be a strong DNA connection between Akhenaton and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Since we live in a created realm; I am not saying this DNA connection is real or just script from the created myth we seem to be living in or experiencing? Cactus

It is said that masons built America to be the greatest nation in the world and that they would also be the ones that take down the United States?

[Out like a lion? 3/31/2014 Wet cold calf killer storm by ‘Ted the terrible’ and his billion dollar United Nations Fourth Reich.]

Freemasonry roots from Osiris who is Lucifer and Osiris is the God in the old masonic books. Lucifer is the God they use however they don’t believe in God.

Many consider Lucifer and Satan to be the same one, however mythology teaches that Set killed Osiris and chopped him up. This is all metaphor most likely but is the script at any rate.

We have discovered that Satan is the God of Planet hEarth; also the God behind all the religions. So what I am trying to get at is that Satan has been creating reality that we now find ourselves in. Osiris would be the returning God or a parallel to the return of Jesus. The american paper bills prove that $Satan is the ruling god… see some of Jonathan Gray-you tubes on folding the bills?

What we have is a bloodline of Satan ruling and destroying the planet; and with all the governments of the world under this control, we have the sinking Titanic {planet earth}. Some say ancient reptilians are in human form and represent or are contained in the bodies of the world leaders and other royalty and dignatories??? All the Satanic cults and killings of millions lends credence to ancient  aliens creating and controlling all as if a universal moovee production for the multi-universe???

So at the top, higher degrees than the common mason knows exists are the Eagles (Bahman Nassiri). They are the Eagles sometimes called the Illuminati, but are probably those that created and control the them.

So common masons think they are doing good and are however fronting for those at the top who are pure evil. Good American people have been and still are totally fooled. Denial is just a wreck on your humanity. The sheepy are programmed!

If this could be realized by the good freemasons they could take “evil” America down and restore the America we thought we lived in by exterminating all corruption in all government and corporations. The number one goal would be the extinction of corrupted DNA. God Mind ecological mentality could accomplish the cleansing of corrupted DNA?

We were given and fought for a beautiful United States of America and through corruption and mental corrosion what we now have is Satanic Control and Destruction of the Ecosystems of the planet!!!!!!!!!

so if you have read my other work we know that religion and education were designed to control the mind by keeping information of great significance from the common people. This is the key, they did not want you to know, what the druids, witches, Gnostics and others knew which was something like this “God is the all-knowing intelligent design that connects all mankind, plants, animals and the earth systems together, a creation that maybe comes from the center of the Galaxy or Universe, maybe Saturn and Moon? Mother Nature, the Sun and who ever put the moon there, all roots from this all-knowing power we are connected to when we become conscious, as in escaping from perceived reality which is a Satanic creation destroying the life force of the planet … man-made bacillus.

Intelligence put the moon where it is 4.5 billion years ago, if that is true, then intelligence is older than 4.5 billion years … Cactus

“{Rabies spraying over Texas … rabies turns people to ghouls … Zombie plan … caller on the power hour???}”

Satanic phenomena controlling education and religion has disconnected the ‘God Mind’ and programmed the mind of mankind to be the brainwashed fools we have today controlling the local governments of every city and county around the world. You know … who cares if every vaccine has the cancer virus/fungus/bacillus/black mold secretly hidden to provide medical suffering and expense for future funding of Wall Street.




Now check this out … it comes from the late great Bill Coopers work … Bill was becoming too powerful because of knowledge … so the government killed him and recruited “Alex the “X”. Behold a Pale Horse.

the Luciferian Philosophy:

[“Here is their metaphor, for the end of innocence; ‘Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the garden of Eden by an unjust, cruel and vindictive God; Lucifer thru his agent Satan set man free in the garden by giving the gift of intellect

thru the use of intellect man will conquer the earth, will conquer Nature and will himself become god’!!!!!!!!!

It is taught in every masonic temple, secret society, and every secret brotherhood all around the world.

they do not believe in Lucifer they do not believe in any entity named devil, they do not believe in god; it is a mistake to believe they do, they are humanist and that is their religion.” (Cooper)]

who brought man the gift of fire … Lucifer son of the morning (Cooper)
who is physically and chemically burning the ecosystem of the earth today??? … SATAN

taught in the mystery schools … william cooper (you tube the luciferian philosophy revealed)

Religion and education are hiding the true ‘God Mind’ from the Masses … Cactus Plains

Zionist Nazis have conquer the earth, have conquer Mother Nature and have declared themselves GOD!!!
and that is a FACT got it Jack! Cactus Plains

SATAN’s World Administration (governments) plays God and poisons the Ecosystems of the World, while mankind’s intelligence is planted in the silty clay soils of the spoils of the shite for brains implementing Satan’s Poison Magic upon the land.

Mankind has been fooled by SATAN the antichrist and self-proclaimed god?

Religion, media, and education were used from the beginning to keep mankind from knowing the God Mind which we are all part of but mostly disconnected from. SATAN can not control mankind that is connected to the all-knowing intelligent design God Mind that is the intelligence behind Mother Nature.

Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys develop autism symptoms after obtaining doses of popular vaccines? Well surprise me all to hell!!! It is time for the Court House to wake the flock up? Murdering the kids to satisfy the demands of Captive State and Federal governments!! (government means to control the minds) … pure satanic evil! shots from hell!

Cactus thorns now have a biofilm of poison … Chemtrails ???? I don’t think that can be proved to be wrong???


What is the significance of the bacterial slime coating the vegetation? It is protein? Fort Mad Cow Keogh does not have a clue in all of hell!!!

Man made global warming and chemtrails have destroyed the soils and micro-organisms and greasewood and they are helping the CIA/UN/NWO turn the hard grasses plains into DEAD!

The government land agencies have proven they can not competently manage land … the chemtrails and everything else they do is the proof!!!!!!

The government agencies have been very cohesive in working together to destroy the farms and ranches in every county across the land. Why?

Did WW II really end in 1945??? … or is it now in the final stage with America poisoned and dying of a bacillus … called by Cactus Plains; IRPA strain 666 the little red devil in the rain and snow known to man-made bacillus Pharma-manufacturers as Psuedomonas fluorescens and mycoplasma fermentans incognitus?????????????   intracellular recombinant pleomorphic anthrax …

God is the God Mind? The God Mind is a natural maybe magic-like mentality that is mostly surpressed by deception. The Druids and maybe witches, I think knew how to tap into this magic, maybe like the magic that could occur in a holographic reality … which you live in … ???

Red Beckman on the power hour 4/9/2014 … IRS freedom of index documents refer to him as being 6’4″, red headed and intimidating … book Black Robed Cover-up … 16th amendment … truth speaker across Montana … 1980 16th amendment was never properly ratified … proof that the government knew that the 16th was never properly ratified … book “the law that never was” … government can not tell the truth about anything … good thing Obama has made a lot of people angry and they are becoming aware … 16th excuse to create a domestic enemy right inside the country (IRS) … jury power … congress bought and paid for in the early 1900’s … scam fraud to amend constitution 1913 16th amendment power to tax income … article 1 section 9 … becoming common knowledge that the 16th was a fraud … the U S Treasury has not exist since 1921 (Bill smart caller)

Black Mold is cancer? genetically modified black mold … it is that simple … it is also a highly intelligent snake-like virus … which emerges from a bacillus … whiches emerges from a donut shaped spore … which has been seeded into the American Skies since I’m thinking 1954???  Sagebrush

Science is Nazi … the 3th Reich … never surrender!!!

Spore>hoh + carbon dioxide>bacillus (egg?) slime (enzyme secretions)>virus>fungus>death>spore> the intelligent Cactus on the Great Plains???

Ted the Terrible, Chairman of the United Nations Foundation gave them 1 billion dollars, in I think 1988? It is the United Nations spraying the chemtrails and controlling the governments of the State of MOONtana. Get rid of the cattleman and bring on the Buffalos!!!

In watching an interview of Ted at Stanford University I found it interesting that both he and Cactus Plains believe we need to get off of Coal and Petroleum and use Natural gas and geothermal energy. Both are almost free for the taking.

How about that … coal oil and nuclear energy are not neccessary … but they provide the global funding of Satan’s Empire of Evil!


All Hell is breaking Loose  … when you stand the staged government roundup events ($3 million gathering contracts?) in Nevada on is Head, out falls from behind the BLM the United Nazis implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 take over of the Cowboy way of life. I have said they are planing on starting another Civil War?

This could be the planned event to kick off a civil war and I think it is.  Soon to follow British Crown funded Wildlife groups will tell the State of Moontana that the Sage Hen is now an official threatened and endangered Species.

Got sagebrush habitat and they will be controlling your land and putting you out of business like they have done to the majority of ranches and farm people. Last man standing after the federal bull shit laws put the previous 53 ranches out of business … Cliven Bundy

Chemtrails kill wildlife species??? Wake up!!!!!!!!      More on the Nazi management of the desert turtle and the sage hen … next issue … it will be a rip snorter …

jump buck n kick!!!

Cactus Plains


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