Chemtrails, Vaccines and Genocide “right in your face?”

11 Sep

 Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence Report

… Issue 61 9/11/2014

… Taking Truth to the Highest Levels of Consciousness!!!

… Corruption falling or POOP-BRAINS settling to the

Bottom of Earl’s Institute of Deposition of educated Idiots!!!

Consciousness Dawning After News with Cactus Plains: who would ever have dreamed that after 50 years of being poisoned by the international bankers that Americans would still be lacking the intelligence to realize that they have all been poisoned. That is MAGIC!!!


Skin cancer is not caused by the Sun … they lied! Bio-weapon … absolutely!!!

You most likely don’t know the truth … because they have been lying for a 100 years.

What is genetically modified Black Mold? GMO? or GMA (genetically modified an th rax?)

Why are environmentalist fakes? … because the proof is everywhere!

Chemtrails are the worst environmental IMPACT ever … right in front of your face! Where are the environmentalist when Mother Nature is in need of intelligent input???

Cow Talk with Cactus Plains issue number  60 … not released … maybe available soon? This will blow the earth out from under the environmentalist’s wheels of evil … What I found very interesting was that about two weeks after I wrote it, the Miles City Nazi Star came out with a front page article by no less than Broom Ryder (sweeps the truth  under the carpet . then rides off leaving a CON-trail), that they were going to allow free grazing on some government allotments they acquired in an United Nations Agenda 21 land acquisition scam!  Issue 60 is about the $value of livestock grazing in relation to soil development on semi desert and wastelands (land nobody wanted); the benefits of the Sacred cow and the mismanagement of government lands!

Was the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 a conspiracy to benefit the UN World Bankers take over of the World’s Natural Resources????????? Yes the public lands have been collateralized to CHINA! Sorry you have no ownership in any of the so-called public lands, in fact you don’t even own YOURSELF?


These are more photos from previous issues.  I’m sitting on a report about ‘standing tall’, the shooting of Bundy’s cows, and the value of livestock grazing to soil development and the ecological resources. This is a rip roarer and I am somewhat hesitant to put the information on the internet.

The people of southeast Moontana seem to be totally dumb foundered! Everyone that wants to live should read everything on this site. I say that because you can get sick and follow the conventional trail to the medical cartel; or you can try to awaken and educate yourself about the importance of chemtrails and gmo foods that have as Maurice Hilleman said infected most of the population of North America. Remember he admitted to infecting 98 million people in the 1950’s and 1960’s, with the cancer virus via the polio SHOT! Vaccines compromise your immune system for the rest of your life???



The Holographic Matrix: created by an intelligent species who incarnates and controls most all of mankind in a Halloween real life like world???

A FREQUENCY Pulsing artificial Sun, maybe to activate frquency bio weapons??? Maybe to heat the clouds by activating man made dry rot bacteria???


Chemical burning of the water of the Atmosphere??? Dead Walnut trees?
California is a geo-engineered DROUGHT!!! The Living Dead americans cannot wake up … Mystery Babylon?


The “Big Skies” of Moontana have been poisoned since the late 1970’s.


The book; The “Committee of 300” by John Coleman should be required reading for everyone! After reading this book and realizing who is running the show, it is not hard to believe most everything I have written on this site. We have been lied to since the day you were born, that is why everyone is completely brainwashed! You have been brainwashed, mind controlled and they OWN you. They did it all right in front of your face right in your home town. Example the government of Miles City forced you to have vaccines, tricked you into being owned, and deceives you daily through Project Paperclip’s Miles City Nazi Star.

Here are a couple of quotes from John’s 1992 copyrighted book;

> 1967 Conference on Transatlantic Imbalance and Collaboration; purpose and intent was to end US technological and industrial progress

> control each and every person through means of mind control, create human like robots (Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks)

> Zionist State of Israel the myth of God’s Chosen People

> creation of one crisis after another and the management of such crisis

> Nothing happens on Wall Street that is not controlled by the Bank of England

> Committee of 300 is the Rank Organization which in conjunction with Eagle Star is the BRITISH CROWN

He mentions the Soviet Cosmosheres …

We wrote about the cosmospheres about 14 years ago. Yes they are real, Americans probably paid to have them built for the Russians. Always remember that we know one power controls the world as the Soviet Union, US, China, Britain, France,etc are all controlled by the same force … that is the “committee of 300”.  Pulling their strings you find SATAN operating out of the Vatican!

Somewhere long ago I read a report that 5200 American cities would be blown up … yes the Cosmosphere could wipe out every city with a Court House representing each County in one day! What took the twin towers down on 911? The Arabs or Cosmospheres?

This reality we live in is a staged event reality, in which events are long in the planning. We are living in some kind of a matrix/multidimensional reality.

Maurice Hilleman told the world that everyone in North America was probably infected … he was talking about the man-made bacillus/mycoplasma in the vaccines and rain events.

The American education/media through the years has basically planted everyone’s head (consciousness) in the ecological sod where the bacillus thrives.

More from Coleman;

>  Union of Concerned Scientist led the fight to prevent the United States from mounting an effective deterrent against the Soviet Cosmospheres, space based laser beam weapons which can destroy selected targets in the US from outer space! Satan’s Star Wars???

> The ADL is a British intelligence operation founded in the United States.  hmmm!

The recent a n th ra x cow in ND brings to mind what all the excavators and dump trucks that are in the UN National Guard parking lot are for … trenches for dumping livestock p o i s o ne d by the NWO controlled governments. I have recently discovered that this psuedomonas fluorescens is highly radio-active? What I am referring to is the cone-shaped ionospheric heaters can be tuned to certain frequencies that can active man-made parasites in different species based on frequencies.

The soils are saturated with man-made dry rot (bacillus slime mold covering everything including your skin … wake up or prepare to die. Why does the soil dry 0ut s0 fast????

They say they are going to kill  like 90 per cent of the population, I did not make it up as I don’t have to make anything up! They tell you everything they are going to do, but the people for the most part are living unconsciously.

The loco government and media have covered the truth up from the common people. Why?

Laura Eisenhower is very interesting? Listen to Bill Cooper and Eustace Mullins, very intelligent fellows who the government has killed. Also Fred Bell and Brietbart. Patrick Flanagan says he is a reincarnation of Tesla. Get your heads out of the gumbo and ride with the highly intelligent.  jump buck n kick  … Cactus!

Most everything I have put on this site is required reading if you realize that you are indeed brainwashed by the communist?

I’m thinking about putting some far out stuff on as all this recent information is old hat for me!

Most 4 point educated idiots are living in a communist induced COMA! Read, research and study everything I have documented on this site and with the light shining, your so called more intelligent fellows will soon become DIMWITS, in passing. Intelligence rising over the Great Hard Grass Plains!

PEOPLE have proven themselves GULLIBLE BEYOND BELIEF!

ISIS is represented by the I in the word representing the 4 GODS ruling from behind the scenes of the VATICAN = ZION
SION =  satan  isis osiris nephalys … SATAN GOD OF WAR!!! GOD OF RED HOT DESERTS!!!!  GOD OF THE PLANET!!!

The synagogue of SATAN … God’s Chosen FEW   rhymes with yew?

Ecosystem Wizard Quiz; match number with letter indicating best match

1)  Chemtrails                                                a) weather warfare

2)  Cancer                                                       b) BIOLOGICAL WARFARE

3)  Cloud seeding                                          c)  mycoplasma

4)  (AP) associated press                             d) Jackass Bloodline

5)  Hail suppression                                  e)  Insurance Companies

6)  Custer County                                           f) Desertification/POISONED ECOSYSTEMS

7)  Custer County Commissioners              g) CAPTIVE STATE and Federal Agencies

8)  Treason                                                      h)  Yellow Fringed Flag

9) Agenda 21                                                    i) Satanic World Control
10)  Wild life dying                                          j)  Poison in the RAIN

11)  Government Agencies                             k) Deception, Fraud, Corruption Deception

12)  People are the Enemy                             l) 1933 bankruptcy Trading witht he Enemy Act of 1917

13)  Media                                                        m) Useless eaters

14)  Sagehen Conspiracy                                n)  Wildlife Fraud

15)  Department  of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks o) Ecological Disater by Satanic Design

16)  Intelligence                                                p)  the GOD MIND!

17)  Payment in lieu of Taxes                         q) SALE of  Atmospheric Water

18)  Satan                                                           r) World Government

19)  Religion                                                      s)  Mind Control

20)  Russian Olive                                            t)  Communist invasion

21)  Rot inducing Rain                                     u) Berryless

22)  Vaccines                                                      v)  Weapons of Mass Destruction

23)  Joan Rivers                                                w) Mike Obama

24)  milescity.communists                              x) TREASON FOR A REASON

25)  READINESS National Guard                 y)   Department of Natural Resources Military Administration

26)  End of America                                         z) North American Union

27)  Cactus Plains                                             93) Intelligence Beyond Belief

28) Bacillus                                                       39) Rust/Plaque/Black Mold

29) Brainwased Zombie                                 33) Mother Nature controls the Weather of the World

30) Statue of Liberty                                       99) ISIS

“”Cow Talk with Cactus Plains””               Free signed copy (#1) of issue 60 to highest score submitted by 11/11/2014

submit to … should at least be good for a laugh!!!


3 Responses to “Chemtrails, Vaccines and Genocide “right in your face?””

  1. Gunnar Emilsson September 12, 2014 at 9:32 pm #

    Did you see the scary pic that Hal Neuman posted on The government filling a Monsanto 747 with chemtrail juice!!!!! Scary stuff. The Cow Bonine Jr. Mocks at the Threat!!!!!!

    • cactusplains September 19, 2014 at 10:16 am #

      Proof!!! by Hal is of course photo shopped and has the chemtrail soup going into the engine fuel …. don’t know that jets can fly on anth rax based man made fungal bacteria …. the un and cia evergreen jets spraying the ecosystems are tankers … so the soup … is dumb founder! … each tanker spraying the skies is dumping about 50000 gallons of pesticide or whatever?

      thanks for the info Gunnar … is very lacking in intelligence!
      Broom Ryder zooms away leave a chemtrial CON trail!!!!!!!!

      CIA mocking bird or is it Big Cow BO9 maybe one and the same?


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