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Consciousness Dawning After News with Cactus Plains and Sagebrush Bloom

issue 62 2014 Gathering Dust!!! Dust = bacillus??? Chemtrails are Poisoned Trails!!!

The illustration above is from a book I wrote in about 2002″ Chemtrails from Hell”. (read the paragraph at the bottom very carefully as it explains the infections we are all dealing with)

In 2000 there was only one document about controlling the weather, I knew from personal observance that the weather was totally controlled since 1977.  Cactus Plains is crazy fun, in 1996 I started telling people I knew that the weather was indeed controlled, I got some way out there looks. Didn’t bother me because I knew I WAS RIGHT ON!!

That one document was ” owning the weather by 2025! Horse shite! … They were controlling the weather since 1977!

Some time later I found the list of chemtrail ingredients on the internet and I included them in the above illustration in about 2001.

Only recently it came out on the internet that the list was released in about 2001 by the DOD or DARPA, or a similar agency. I never knew where I got that list until recently. I knew something in the rain was making plants and animals sick. I bought a good microscope in about 2000 and just as I expected there were spores, bacteria, and other unidentifiable foreign particles.

More evidence that the government agencies were created to be the domestic police of the people!

Yes they tell you everything they are going to do, it is all planned and staged.

Would some one please inform George ‘snorie’ Noory that it is the United Nations and CIA who are the driving force behind the CHEM TRAIL skies. I can not believe how mentally lacking Art Bell’s replacement presents himself to be every night, year after year when these Jackasses are killing the planet we live on????? I think you are CIA George?

It is more than likely that diseases are man-made bioweapons to grow the stock markets all around the world?  Is it sinking into the intelligence file or dropping in Earl’s outhouse for deposition of poop-brains?

It appears that almost all the government agencies are really about “covering up the truth” from the common people! British Admiralty Law?

When the loco uptown downtown imbeciles are controlled by the state and federal governments and the court houses are totally corrupted, the people of the USA are unknowingly being poisoned by the incarnates that rule the world!!! Welcome to the country that lost the judiciary branch of government to a bankruptcy court that was criminally conceived by the creation of debt rooted from world wars 1 and 11!

British Admiralty Law … the yellow fringe … these cowards are the Nazi SS … they own the government agencies of the United States and as it appears they are going to try to start a Civil War in America …

The plan appears to be that the Vatican/British Crown/ are using the government agencies to facilitate a CIVIL WAR against the people of the United States … the governments of eastern Moontana against the residents of Eastern Moontana.

Example would be the USDA not telling the residents that ingredients in the CHEMTRAILs are sealing up the soils, depleting the soil nutrients, and killing most of the native plants and animals!!!!!!!!!!!


Khazarian MC Star cover-ups; (ticket to Hell!) (by pure evil)

How about the agenda 21 conspiracy …

Vaccines … murder of the masses by the cowardly Asses!

Weather warfare … poisoned Bt rain … satellite weather modification system!!!

Biological warfare … Chem trails … intracellular pleomorphic recombinant anthrax

Microwave warfare … frequency induce disease activation … new mind control microwave towers recently installed around Miles City … one blew up!

Educational and religious Brainwashing!!! … Mind control by the Synagogue of Satan

Media Treason! … 100 plus years


title 85 chapter 3






the LITTLE RED DEVIL in the RAIN??? WHAT DID THE PRINCE PHILLIP SAY HE WOULD LIKE TO REINCARNATE INTO??? (of course he did not say that because he knew they were going to spray the masses with chemtrails of bacillus from hell)


toxin bt

All government agencies are involved the total poisoning of America’s ecosystems!!!  A domestic military??? Skin cancer is rooted from an aerosol bio weapon effecting most everyone know it or not!

WHY??? (to keep us ignorant?) (Chemtrails are facilitating Wall Street in a $$$BIG way).

WHY? … Have all the Wildlife and Nature Resource Agencies, Departments, Groups and Associations ignored the totally obvious CHEMTRAILS that are killing all the Native Plants and Animals?  Bird counts have been going straight down for what 19 years and they have not said a peep??? … for the same reason Cactus Plains was booted off milescity.communist/nazis??

The rangeland ecosystems of eastern Moontana are totally chemically burnt, not unlike if they had been sprayed with the Monsanto herbicide “ROUNDUP”. The greasewood plants at Fort ‘mad cow’ Keogh are the obvious proof!!!!!!!!!!

Why can not eastern Montanans wake up??? The Synagogue of Satan say they are going to kill 90% of the population? true or false? (wasting disease infection-concocted from Black mold)

Starve the people and then the ROUNDUP BEGINS???

Why has the loco government aided the state and federal governments in diminishing agricultural production in Miles City and Custer county over last 30 years?

Why do we have a conflict of interest in the Custer County Commissioners??? Planned and staged???

Government sponsored “UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21” for ewe taxpayers and owned assets!!!

directed laser

“burn” should be “burning” in the above photo.

All wars are bankers wars!!! (the Vatican Jesuits control China and USA), that is why all the cheap China crap, etc). Americans buy cheap china crap and China (Vatican buys gold)!

It is all totally corrupt … republican and democrats were a total failure!!! Divide and Conquer!

The Vatican through the British Crown (Nazi SS) rule the world through mental sickness/wickedness!!!

Income taxes go to the Vatican 60% and the British Crown 40%, the Rothschild Bank of London are the Bankers for all World and smaller Wars.

They own and trade all Americans on the stock market????? Do they fund government by borrowing on the assets of the American CITIZENS?

Local Corruption started in the Court House and will have to end there … no alternatives are available.



Management by the British Crown!  Are they destroying the rangelands???  … Absolutely!

Why don’t they feed on the hayfields? Ammonia-nitrate fertilizer kills most of the microbes in the soil!!! Natural fertilizer versus oil by-product ammonia nitrate … imbecile agriculture. British Petroleum is King?

Greasy Wood Flats; ancient calving grounds – vegetation should be green and about 4 feet tall!!!



The USA has been quick claimed over to the United Nations???


all seeiing

Joe Cocker, a legend on stage passed on at 70 years, what an awesome performer!

Why don’t they, Medical groups know what causes cancer? Could it be because they created the Wall Street Star? (fungal bacteria)

Carcinogens irritate cells but are not the CANCER STAR!

It has cone to light that almost all disease are man-made to sicken the masses and fund the Nazi Jackasses!!!

There has to be a higher intelligence controlling the Vatican and British Crown … Cactus Plains

up front … lifting the reins of enlightenment!!!

Jim Traficant a true American Hero! God Bless

Joan Rivers murdered for exposing Mike Obama???

Consciousness Dawning after News;

What George Noory, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and the rest of the Alternative News don’t tell the public?

1. Most diseases are man made bioweapons created to fund Wall Street and the New World Order. The ECOSYSTEMS of the United States have been totally poisoned with genetically engineered anthrax!

2. That the weather has been controlled and used to facilitate Wall Street and the New World Order of “DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES”.

3. That the United States went into Bankruptcy and was dissolved in 1934. BRITISH ADMIRALTY LAW!

4. That it is the United Nations and Evergreen International who are spraying the skies with chemtrails.

5. Bt (anthrax genetics) is in the rain, corn, cotton, vaccines, and air you have been breathing for the last 19 years, at least. Everyone has been poisoned as this bacillus is highly poisonous. Phosphordiesterase!

6. That the people of the United States are the enemy of the New World Order that controls all the US government agencies.

7. That diseases can be activated from satellites with various frequency beams.

8. That the power companies have been using Tesla technology to power the world. Free energy from the atmosphere and the power lines are for billing purposes??? How about that!

9. Viruses are DNA ejected from intracellular fungal bacillus … virus means poison … phosphordiesterase … source Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence. (note the word ‘die’ in the chemical name for snake venom) (this created reality is much more than you can imagine?)

Higher Intelligence from the Moon mountains

Cancer is their trade mark … the mark of the beast!!!   (you read it first here)

Coming soon to Miles Citys Moontana theater???  “North American Union replaces the once United States of America.” brought to you by the uptown downtown CITIZENS.

I have for a long time noticed a connection between Poppy Bush and the Republicans with the Vatican Muslims. Check out the symbology connecting the Vatican to the Muslims, Masons and Mormons???

One has to wonder if they have not set up a war between the MOO slims and Christians.

Couple this up with a CIVIL WAR that seems also to be in the planning and is now in the beginning phase.

If we just keep looking down and see not the head in the hole for the dirt/dust then we know not and live unconsciously in brainwashed world???

WAKE UP!!! shinning the LIGHT on the Cactus Plains … lifting the cover of dust (black mold productions) and exposing the light of consciousness …

1/9/2015 (19) 12 inches Bt snow and nobody knows … Fort ‘mad cow’ Keogh … prion snow but nobody knows, and so it goes,  the wind blows and fake snow goes … poison webs coat the lands, the sage hens don’t know and death follows, and so it goes and no one knows,

Actually about half the 12″ inches of fake snow in the Moon mountain s blew away!!! heavy/dry rot/rod shaped flakes ???

Vote “no” to pipelines and fracking … both are the products of deception!!!

The oil spill in the Yellowstone stinks not of oil, but of a rotten corruption by the duality of the game players. I think this was a staged event! Who benefits?

truth … the people know NOT! … Lied to!

The danger in vaccines is the disease pathogen which circumvents the immune system via the vaccine shot!!! It is a shot;  …  not unlike a gun shot! (lead vs. bacillus)  Back in the fifty’s the polio shot put cancer (mark of the beast in everyone). source Maurice Hilleman.

I am beginning to wonder if Cancer is not the mark of the Beast. Cancer is rooted with a lesion. A lesion is a fungal bacillus according to Cactus Plains. The fallen angel BAEL is Enlil or Satan … now look at the germ called bacillus … a rod-shaped bacteria … if you analyze bacillus … you get BA kill US … the ecosystems are severely infected by at least 20 years of spraying the US ecosystems.

Cactus Plains … Best dig your head out of the gumbo … once the grass starts to grow you’ll then be sodded in!!!

The little red devil (bacillus) is thickest in the gumbo soils as expressed by root rot that kills the alfalfa!

Sorry BO9 but you have been sodded in for a long time!

If fluoride worked … dentist would be out of work??? … think about it??? from a caller on the Power Hour … excellent use of words!



  1. cactusplains January 31, 2015 at 1:24 pm #

    Wow! Holy Cow!! Cactus is back!!! … on (communist/Nazis) (within 8 hours) borrowed my new post and put it on Mile’s City web forum. Miles City’s web forum would be a candidate for the ‘most boring’ forum on the internet, it is totally biased by the web spider and his moderators. They have biased the forum so bad that most of the good CITIZENS of the county don’t even read it!!! They insult any thinking that does not jell with their own anti-American mind set!.

    Cactus Plains was probably the most interesting and informative member before being KICKED off in 2013 for the second time. Go read the comments made by Cactus Plains (search) on

    Essentially Cactus was kicked off for posting the TRUTH; called lunacy by Larry Anthrax … Now Larry Anthrax borrows the same information I was putting on his site and posts it on his site forum. Hmmm!!!

    Does he have wasting disease and forgot that he had kicked Cactus Plains off previously??? yes and no!

    Consciousness Dawning After News or a nefarious move by the Nazi CIA spy system??? … Cactus … floating ‘truth’ on sea of poisoned red Corruption!!!

    We are all on the “sinking Titanic” brought to you by anti-American Corruption Demons Dancing on the ELF Waves of the Ethernet! The ‘other” side knows!

    Are we a creation of some one else??? Jordon Maxwell thinks so!!!

    Why at midnight was Larry Anthrax reading Cactus Plains Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystems?????????????????? 1/30/2015

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