Cow Talk 2015

18 Apr


The PLANET is DYING … EASTERN MOONTANA IS DYING …  MANKIND is doing NOTHING … drunk on deception, legal drugs, fluoride compounds, and Nazi Brainwashing???


Much of what I know is not available to the common minds of Americans because of local corruption in the  County Court Houses, newspapers, and medical facilities. This is the 15th year of saying “you better look into things and ‘wake up’ before it is too late! Diseases Galore??? People don’t know … that is why you are reading this … if I don’t put the info out about the poisoned ecosystems it is not coming …

It appears that Custer County Corporation or the captive STATE has been selling the water of the atmosphere for profit leaving EASTERN MOONTANA … HIGH AND DRY!!! Can anyone prove me wrong???

Broom Ryder wants to know “why would they do that?” … $$$money … they steal the water of the atmosphere from the ecosystems and take it back east to create destructive storms … while at the same time they continue to diminish agricultural profitability in Custer County … putting the mid sized and smaller farmers and ranchers out of business as they have been doing for the past 50 years more or less!!!

BO9 says dah!!! then how do you explain the high rainfall of 2011, 2013, and 2014? hmmm? … They have for the last 20 years been able to move the water of the atmosphere of smaller and medium weather fronts over eastern moontana leaving us high and dry … it is the very large weather fronts that they cannot completely control that give us our rain on the plains …

Since the seventies the amount of atmospheric water crossing eastern mooontana has increased … substancially … as has weather control technology … Cactus from the sunny side of the Galactic Plane (equator) … da da … that’s where we are going … unless it is all a fake???




Akhenaton does not appear to have been human? hmmm? Obama does not act like he is human?

Akhenaton destroyed Egypt and Obama is destroying America? Coneheads???

Obama does have his strings pulled by the Satanic Power behind the Vatican? (Some intelligence indicates he is an agent of the Saudi King) his presence as president of the united states corporation indicates all government agencies and the military are CAPTIVE????????

The Vatican controls China, Russia, the United States Corp, the British Crown and all the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people control nothing including their own minds! The people control nothing including their own minds!! The people control nothing including their own minds!!!



Many good people have been killed because they were informing the common people of the truths that have been covered up! Bad people cover-up the TRUTH! Good people exposed the TRUTH! One is Satanic, one is in Harmony with Mother Nature.

Look into the murder of Brietbart … Hastings … and Tom Clancy??? Were they murdered in relation to a book Tom Clancy was in the process of writing getting … information from Briebart???

The Fraud in it All!!!


BETRAYED!!! from within???

Over the years as I have tipped over the garbage cans of wildlife/religious/education/media bull shit, I have learned that everything is mostly lies and that Americans have been used as slaves to fund Wall Street and the Stars Wars we are not told about! This is Stars Wars … we are living in it … not knowing … have been unconscious all our lives … believing all those lies????????

It all started (1999) when I found out Marc Racicot the Montana governor could do nothing about the drought inducing weather control and diseases that are being sprayed right in front of everyone’s face!!! and down their throats … they are prokaryotes? We have been in a war against Amerika since the polio shot, the communist educations system, the criminal American Medical Association and the Federal Reserve System; all attacking and Poisoning Americans for 100 years?

That is done and America of before is not needed today … it is over … the people are deeply deceived and asleep …  unconscious of mind control, weather control and disease control to fund Wall Street …

I’ve been so close to giving up … and then something irritates my frequency zone and pulls me down … and says “never say die”, well interestingly along comes Albert Webre and the ‘positive time line’ since 2012, and then there is Karen Hudes and all the gold waiting for humanity, Edgar Cayce’s (David Wilcock)reincarnate and the coming arrest of the Global Elite, factions of the CIA and Military breaking loose from Corrupt controllers … there is more hope than I thought their might be, be it awful late!!! … and low in numbers …

There is also more and more information about different alien species coming to help … I think we have been getting some help since 2012 but we don’t know … only know we do need help as the odds have been deep against real freedom for mankind …

It is up to the local government to undo all past corruption … and a civil war looms, a global war looms but has been going on since 1913, a staged event.




A hidden civilization controlling the  planet earth; 6 billion brainwashed, the land poisoned, what happened to ancient Egypt is happening to America and America is controlling the world resources for the Vatican???

and the Vatican controls China and Russia in case they need a WAR against America?

Are we really living in a movie-like production created by higher intelligence, unknowingly????

Be sure and read the 1st article on my website about Black Mold. Read them all … nobody has the intelligence to prove/indicate that Cactus has been wrong about anything significant?????????? read SEIR page?

From an ecological perspective it appears that most diseases are rooted from Black Mold?

TKO on the key boards coming soon:


Cactus Plains vs Broom Ryder Corp … What is the cause of most mental illness? a) pathogens b) antidepressants c) dust mites d) all knowing intelligent design brain cells gone loco … Cactus tacks Broom Ryder under the carpet with truth … horrible torture ( bacillus dust with mites??? hmmm? pleomorphic)

Cactus Plains vs Anthrax webmaster … Who are spraying the big skies with mycoplasma fermentans incognitus??? a) the United Nations b)  Evergreen International (CIA) c) NATO (Jesuits) … d) Broom Ryder …  Cactus raps the Brown Recluse spider with fungal bacillus webs seen by  many falling from the big skies

Cactus vs the JJC & CJ Sampsel (Docs) … Cactus breaks the dark glass, shines the light on bacillus: inverted bacillus producing viruses right in front of their eyes … blabber blasted! bamboozold! hog tied and dried??? … mummies or dummies???

and the winner is cancer by fungal bacillus

Cactus Plains; “World Champion in 3 seconds” TKO … TKO … TKO” … LOL!!!!

Battle at the keyboard bought to you by; Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence Report.

Dave Schott ‘Himself in the Foot’ again … this time with the ‘flu shot’. Boom by brucella productions!!!

Cactus Plains vs Dave ‘Schott Himself’ in the Foot’ … I dubbed this American imposture “Dave Schott himself in the foot” because he lied about my friend Eustace Mullins over on Mileshitty.communist when smarting off about a comment I left … he acts like he works for microstupid or is it tender … this dude does not have the intelligence to comment about anything I write … he discredited what I was saying in agreement with larry anthrax.  Eustase Mullins wrote a book about Vaccines; “MURDER BY INJECTION”  … that is where ‘Dave Schott himself in the foot.’

He admits he got the flu shot and then got a free ride to the hospital where his bill for the 4 day vaccination/vacation cost $65,000. There is a speck of light in his profile as he admitted to getting the flu shot and put it on milesshitty.communist … wake up Dave … I bet Chuck knows better? might lose that one?

According to the internet, Bill Gate’s father was a mover and shaker in the Nazi  SS Party. Bill Gates says he wants to injected everyone with diseases, oh, I mean vaccines or is it chemtrails. I have to believe Bill Gates is probably a robot or totally mind controlled by the Jesuits in the Vatican.

The flu is a faction of the brucella bacteria and is a wall street sweetie … man made?

So when you get a flu shot you get a dose of a man made dormant coccus, probably the slime form??? …

One of the best threads on is “Flu Epidemic”, well worth the read. Read how they attack the Cactus Plains about what he said about the flu!!! It is a great read … see what Dave Shot Himself in the foot said in print.  BO9 knew better and did not comment? … Gunnar sees some light.

Cheryl … when the medical cartel does not know what causes cancer how can you trust anything medical? … I think you are wrong as it starts in the stomach and when the poison secreted gets absorbed in the blood you get sick, much like tetnus blood poisoning also caused by bacillus (rust).  If you feel the upset stomach you can do something like oregano oil which will neutralize the poison and kill the bacteria before too much poison is absorbed into the blood stream. If gets established in the lung cavity it should be called pneumonia, if it gets in the lung tissue it would be like tuberculosis??? Vomit is your body telling you to get that poison out … acid reflux is similar and is caused by bacillus cereum … It really looks like most diseases are made from Black Mold!

Bacteria can be engineered to feed on iron, it is called rust. Bacteria can be genetically engineered to eat chicken feathers creating a protein called keratinase? When they spray it in the chemtrail concoction it is called bacillus licheniformis which feeds on keratin thus in everyone’s hair feeding on, yes, your hair! Then they sell it as livestock protein? And of course they put it’s close cousin Bacillus thuringenis in GMO foods, but who cares??? Solar keratosis is a hoax … the cause of skin cancer is Nazi made bacillus

CJ Sammy Walking Eagle & JJC … bacillus produces the viruses … virus means poison … virus is a strand of dna which is genetically coded to secrete poisonous enzymes … phosphodiesterase … I DOCUMENTED IT FIRST … but you don’t have the facilities to figure out the Cactus is right on about viruses.  Fungal bacteria much like brucella and bacillus have been genetically engineered to feed Wall Street Parasites? (‘Sunset’ is another great informative read on

Issue 60 is waiting maybe for the Bundy Ranch War one year anniversary???

Why is man made Bt in the corn kernels all across the land’

Psuedomonas fluorescens is man made bacillus with expotential Bt in it’s formula.  It is not a natural bacteria, but a very intelligent bacillus … Prince Phillip??? … a fungal bacteria from a thought in his mind?

Why would they seed the clouds with Psuedomonas???

Was the protein of original corn replaced with the protein ‘phosphodiesterase’???

Are we talking about Nazi SS intelligence that has fucked the eyes out of natural SCIENCE???


David Icke says it is all an illusion? Staged Events with all mind control … Nazi technology from “project paperclip” … what does “project paperclip” have to do with it all???


March 15 to April 13 … Patented weather control technology has been used to stop rainfall events at least 9 times in the last 15 days … eastern moontana should have gotten at least 1 inch or more … this facilitates the storms in the eastern states … in other words when Custer County sells the water of the atmosphere they become involved with Nazi weather warfare, causing tornado and wind storms to destroy property in the east!!!

We came into the greening up phase with about 2 foot of soil moisture … the country was completely chemical burnt by the bioweapons … fungal  bacteria has infected everything … this Nazi crap dehydrates the plants and soils, turns the soil nitrate to nitrogen, sterilizes the soil, kills the seedlings, rots the berry tree flowers, and the micro organisms!!! More dead trees and brush than ever … some slow green up showing … no plum flowers … 3 of my 4 apple trees appear DEAD!

Predicted big rain …  stopped out right!!! …  on the west Custer County boundary 04152015

intelligence beyond belief … jump buck n kick!!!

Cactus Plains … representing the pain on the plains?

plums flowering 04152014

COWARDS from behind it all, rule because they made ewe a fool!  SCHOOL? Dumb you down School so they can RULE???

Prove the Cactus wrong, ha! ewe can not! ha!

1221 2012  Beginning of the Positive time line???????????????



2 Responses to “Cow Talk 2015”

  1. Dublinsmick July 23, 2015 at 1:12 pm #

    Hi cactus
    I am going to reblog your comment on my blog when I get the chance.

    Anther perspective on Russia. They do not allow chemtrails. They have banned GMO and are making their own vaccines now days.

  2. Dublinsmick July 23, 2015 at 1:24 pm #

    The way you handle an oligarch

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