Staged Events: Who is paying off the Scientists????????? WILDLIFE POISONED! Is TRUMP the November SURPRISE???

11 Nov

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Issue 68  09092016           2016    MYSTERY BABYLON … they dried up  the rivers … they came in masses … Assyrians filled the GOVERNMENT agencies … Paperclip captured all the media … education and religion programed the collective gullible American Mind … the living dead were totally brainwashed … helpless to wake up to the TRUTH!!!

“The whole earth lies in the hands of the most wicked ones,” … Jordan Maxwell

The American Scientists are a brainwashed stupid lot; the environmental impacts caused by tanker jets as the C-135 and others have filled the big skies with the likes of barium and pseudomonas fluorescens. These are tankers jets spraying a “round-up” like pleomorphic bacillus programed to cause a multitude of various killer diseases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Environmentalists are communists Nazis destroying the ecosystem of North American; protecting nothing but their income and retirement. Minds and bones of nothingness!

To ignore that the Chemtrails and vaccines might be the source of all these black mold like diseases might be the stupidest thing that collective Americans have ever done?????????

Artificial intelligence embedded in the black goo under the Falkland islands?????????? Alfred Webre!!!


I saw one bumble bee this year!


THESE BIO-WEAPONS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE YELLOWSTONE AND TONGUE RIVERS NEARLY DRYING UP??? Prove me wrong???  Steam boats used to come up the Yellowstone to Miles City and beyond! Not a chance in hell any more. The floor or bottom elevation is cut 3-5 feet deeper than ever before.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice …the mind is like a parachute, it does not work unless its open … conspiracy theorists: someone who questions the statements of known liars …

Climate Change or Global Warming is the result of patented weather control over the Earth where natural weather secumbs to artificial weather control. Droughts and desertification are by Satanic design!!! Cactus Plains.  Again, prove me wrong; you cannot!!!

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of Ignorance!!! Albert Einstein and Cactus Plains!!!


COWPIES are the food of the soil micro-organisms.  It is not absurd to recognize the economic value of livestock grazing on the rangeland ecosystems. Chemtrails: man made pseudomonas fluorescens has after 20 years killed probably 95% of the soil microorganisms and depleted the soil of nitrate and other nutrients. The soils are sterile as indicated by “cowpies” that are not for the first time decomposing. That’s a fact, Jack. Proof right in front of your face!!!!!!

Somebody is paying off the scientists! …Could it be the rotting minds sitting in every Court House all across the land … or the rotting minds of the Local (loco) paperclip Media … maybe Nazi Royalty or the Satanic Vatican … how about all the corrupted churches and their God SATAN: God of War and Red Hot Deserts???? War everywhere!!!! Did WWIII begin in 1954??? It will in time be known to all.

Just like somebody is paying off the media to cover up the truth in the CHEMTRAIL ISSUE!!! Sweep the Chemtrail anthrax issue/debate under the rug, hop on your broom stick and whosh! Back into nothingness … the other side knows you are aiding and abedding the United Nations/CIA in poisoning via Chemtrails the total ECOSYSTEMS of Eastern Montana … you are an actor … an ecological villain …

It could be said that the “GOVERNMENT HAS KILLED AND POISONED THE ECOSYSTEMS!!!”  The United Nations CONTROLLED, ‘State of Moontana CORPORATION’ has purposely and delibertly ignored the Chemtrails in the Big Skies since at least 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why??? This has caused a “collapse” in the ecosystems, a crash in biodiversity, desertification of the rangeland soils, and wildlife numbers at their lowest ever!!! … “WILDLIFE DEATH and SUFFERING”!

Why are the agency scientists ignoring the desertification of Custer County Moontana 59301? Because they are paid to do what the UN Banker’s Government tells them to do?

Black Law Dictionary: the offense of attempting to overthrown the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against  the state or by materially supporting its enemies; also called high treason. 

Election fraud is treason … I think we have election fraud in the Custer County Court House … quite likely every Court House across the land is guilty of election fraud. Most people are zombie minded and don’t have a clue as to what is going on.

If the other side knows, there are a lot of sheep in trouble, know it or not!!! (they know)

“Chemtrails?” … a method of delivery for man made anthrax which has been sprayed on America since maybe 1954 … as a herbicide, it is now called “Roundup”!!!!!!!!

Who Is paying off the Scientists??? This is a thread topic over on this is the site that booted Cactus Plains off for trying inform the residents of Custer County Moontana that the weather is controlled by patented weather modification technologies like SATELLITE WEATHER MODIFICATION SYSTEM!!! I also informed them that the United Nations and CIA (evergreen international) are seeding the weather fronts with mycoplasma, which acts as a raindrop nuceli, which poisons the rain which poisons the ecosystems!!!!!!!!!! Therefore the rangeland ecosystems that look like thay have been sprayed with a ROUNDUP HERBICIDE!!!!!!!!!! … and Chronic Wasting Disease (sick wildlife, dead birds etc)….

And the answer is: the “Corporate Governments (the same criminals that created the Federal Reserve in 1913) who work for the International Bankers.”  Very simple as the government and corporate employees are mentally controlled by the PAYCHECK and years of mindcontrol.   

All the government agencies work for the international bankers who say themselves that they are going to kill 90% of the American sheep. How many are sick and with skin issues????????

The collusion between the “Captive” County, “Captive” State and the “Captive Federal Government Agencies” has resulted in the poisoning of the ecosytems killing most of the wildlife and soil micro-organisms. And where the hell have the Environmental Scientist been? Either poorly educated or bought off by the Government Paycheck.

It is like this Big Pharama owns the FDA Corporation thus the total medical industry is corrupted and they kill people who know how to cure cancers. (they made cancer that is why they don’t find a cure!)

Twenty years ago when I called Montana EPA about the Chemtrails … they hung up on me repeatedly?

If everything is a lie then your BELIEF’ are not true???

Twenty years ago when I did my first sereachs for Chemtrails there were no more than 3, today after telling people and writing Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence Reports foor 16 years there are 5 million.  Likely I was the first to write a newsletter about Chemtrails. How about that!!!

KILLING RANCHERS: by the education system fraud! (Ranchers are bad, cattle over grazed public lands.)

Jack Yantis Idaho rancher murdered by law enforcement, this happened last November. Looks like murder to me? Question: who were these deputy sheriffs??????????

Jack’s bull got out on the highway and was hit by a car. The sheriff’s office notified Jack of his injured but still alive bull on the road. It sounds like two sheriff deputes came out to investigate the injuried bull and ended up murdering rancher Jack Yantis. They fired 6 bullets into the bull and 9-12 into Jack Yantis.

Does not that sound like overkill … by some mentally ill or drugged individual sheriffs … WOW!

The people are the “enemy” of the government and have been since 1934. That’s why they don’t know what truly is behind “CANCER”!!! “Get it?”

Connect the dots…

1) Bankruptcy 1934 was a CONSPIRACY that turned the Judical Department of the United States over to the International Bankers … this corrupted bankruptcy law amended the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 to declared the people of the United States as the ENEMY!!!

2) WWI & WWII were staged events where the Nazis became NASA and the CIA … Poppy Bush is a German Citizen … America becomes a Police State … the government Agencies are Corporations … Medicine became corrupted beyond belief!!!

3) Cancer comes out of nowhere in 1945 and increases exponentially for the next 70 years … 50 % of dogs are dying of CANCER … WOW! they are murdering the PET’s

4) Black Mold, anthrax, and brucella have so much in common that we can discuss them as one and the same … their infective abilities are the same as CANCER!!!!!

5)Vaccines put the disease in the people (victim … a shot! Get it???) The Polio vaccine (shot), the shot heard around the world was the beginning of WWIII, intelligent design to kill the baby boomer before age 66.

*Dr. Salk the inventor of the Polio shot testified to Congress that the shot did not work to prevent polio!!! Congress ignored him and passed the law to inoculate anyway! (it was a bio-weapon then as it is now?)

6) The Yellow Fringed Flags of Moontana and the County Courts???

Staged Events Creating the Road to the North American Union:

Lavoy Vicicum: Gunned Down!!! Assassinated!!! … staged event!!! ???

On the day before he became a famous rancher, Lavoy Finicum was shot dead by who are said to be the FBI … a set up, a staged event, an ambush, an assassination, a cold blooded murder, and 3-5 government thugs under mind control shot him nine times …

Reminds me of when I called Northern Broadcasting’s Dave Berg Radio show back in about 2002 and informed the listeners that the weather was being controlled by the United Nations!

The next day my computer got the CIA/Israelii super virus and erased many news letters I had written. So I looked into who this Dave Berg guy was and low and behold, the info I got indicated he had or did work for the FBI.

A little research indicated the FBI is a Israel asset. Yeah!!!

Were these thugs Israelis mafia? I think there is a good chance that they are. I just cannot see an American son shooting another American son in cold blooded murder??? Does not matter as the government murdered Lavoy … period.

Or did they??? I have been calling these staged events. I know this is a staged event by the FBI?GOV.

What I don’t know: Was Lavoy a crisis actor for a staged event … maybe to ignite the turning over of public lands to the State. Other than the killing of Lavoy, the rest of the activites are for the most part “staged events!!!!!!!!!!!”

It sickens me terribly to think they killed this guy and are going to get away with it??

Personally, I think they murdered him, because in a court room he knew how he was going to make history by exposing the CORRUPTION of Government Land Law.

On Janurary 26th, 2016, I was scanning some YouTube vidoes and came across a video by Lavoy Finicum about his ranch and the fun he had been having dealing with the Federal Land administration.

I knew what he was talking about and was very impressed by how knowledgeable he was about “Land Law”.  The court houses have deceived all.

He was very well spoken and would have been a nightmare for the Federal Government in any land law dispute.

Don’t believe me???: Why didn’t the BLM run Cliven Bundy off after all these years?

The Feds and county governments have covertly been putting land owners out of business for 50 years plus or minus. Why, what lies behind this??? Corrupted government right down to the local level. It appears to have happened in every county.

Malheur cave: Yeah, a Freemason owned meeting place on the wildlife reserve; Babylonian and biblical connections and Giants??? There were Giants in America before there were Indians???

2/4/2016 (66)

The Lavoy staged event murder/assassination/mind control event is saturated with Numerology.

The weather is not reported it is scheduled and has been for many years.

All the resource management agencies, county, state and federal are part of an international conspiracy to take America down. Can you prove me wrong? No! Can I back up what I say? Yes!

This is multi-purpose Communist/Nazi warfare on ranchers and property owners. And there is a big surprise for the government sympathizers.  You have been poisoned, just like the ecosystems, by the same international murders. We are all in the same sinking Titanic, because of brainless idiots/robots.

Couple of comments from … treason weapon boys:

“Law breaking thug. He should have obeyed the police. He got what he had coming?”

“Knowing what I do about these nuts, I suspect he was planning to go out in a blaze of gunfire in order to prove how impressive his genitals were.”

“Sad that it came to this but this is what those nuts wanted.”

America is home to a people that think not!!!!!!!!!!!!  Programmed with lies, deception, and fraud in a world based on Conspiracy  – Cactus Plains

The stage has been set for the final phase. Probably at least 90 % of the peepull are dependent on government checks and spending.



They are in the post-America stage … in the transformation stage of the United States of America into the North American Union … Montana Corporation seems to be in region VIII … using “mind control technology” they are programing the collective American Mind into the transformation of the United States of America into the North American Union!!! … am I wrong????????

LaVoy, Bundy, and all the previous connected staged events are the same mind control events that have set the stage for what is has been going for 6000 years to this very day!!!

Have we been living in a “creative moovee”??? for the last 6000 years???

They have set the stage for a “Civil War like never Before”!  It would be an alternative action stemming from UN Agenda 21.  They government agencies are all Corporations, they got guns!!! What for!!!

The military are merging with a federalized Police and Sheriff’s Departments  to provide a domestic military!

The Government has everybody controlled with the PAYCHECK!!! $$$atan … God of War and Red Hot Deserts!!!!!!!!!!!!

If that is not enough, we have a biblical planned war with Russia … NATO (95% of their funding comes from the United States Corporation???) The “Stage is being set up and ready to go!!!

Then there is China (Vatican controlled) with their mind controlled masses … and Hillary’s Government selling American Public lands and resources to China.

Oh and then there is the Poppy Clan … Obama Clinton Soros etc. that are purposely bringing in Muslims to settle in America … Biblical Prophecy and the Jesuit Catholic Conspiracy of the Synogoue of Satan who is behind putting the Muslims up to killing the Christians … Yep!!!

98% of the Americans are snoozing soundly …

Obomba is a clone as are Bill and Hillary … inclusive with demons


e SWP000-360-256-240-7e037-000000000

Consciousness Dawning After News:

GOVERNMENT STUDY:  75% of air and rain samples tested positive for Monsanto’s ROUNDUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have said all along that the fungal bacteria in rain samples secretes phosphodiesterase (venom) fits with Roundup  being an organo-phosphate … ie. glycophosphate

Probably no one is more “brainwashed” than the American sportsman and recreationist?

I know for a fact that the brainwashed sportsman played a major role in destroying the health of the ECOSYSTEMS. The education systems programmed the gullible minded that livestock grazing on (so-called) public lands was very detrimental to wildlife? … mindless!!!

Corrupted Education, Corrupted Religion, Corrupted Media, corrupted Government, Corrupted Corporations, Corrupted Legal System, … spawned from Mind Control.

Range science taught us that livestock overgrazing was very detrimental??? Problem was they did not know what overgrazing was. They never taught us that a cow returns much more than she takes.

The cow is a free energy machine in that she turns unusable vegetative biomass to free useable energy!!!

There is no ecosystem management tool that is even comparable to the “Scared Cow” … none. Range scientists like wildlife biologists are human parasites … proof … the anthrax laden Chemtrails from hell … ecosystem DEATH right in front of their faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world war which the brainwashed cannot see because it has been hidden right right in front of your face.

Are you totally brainwashed? Chemtrails are poison secreting fungal bacillus dispersal to infect/kill most every thing. (Psuedomonas fluorescens!!!)

Must Watch YouTube videos:

this video will get Donald Trump Elected!!! … Patrick henry on YouTube …

A powerful interview with Eric Jon Phelps; what you need to know, Burns Oregon EXPOSED PT1 (YOU DON’T OWN ANYTHING)

I bought this book The Holy Virus (Lional Parkinson); Wondering if there might be something in the book relating to the little red devil in the rain??? Very interesting … provides biblical information that indicates the orginal was very significantly altered. Blood sacrifice??? … never happened … added!!!

*Wow Moses had horns??? Did the pharaohs have horns??? Quite possibly I believe … look at their masks or headdresses? Does not matter … just for thought … Moses was Akhenaton (Sigmond Froid) … Obama appears to be a clone of Akhenaton … Obama is the antichrist (Satan) … Akhenaton destroyed Egypt … Obama destroyed US … one report I read said that Obama was a clone of Akhenaton and Poppy Bush … I think that might be right??? … I also think O’Hillary might Poppy’s daughter … does not matter … Poppy may have murdered Tesla??? … Poppy knows that the American people should have hung him from a street light!!! … remember also that I am sure we are living in a  moovee like production … Producer is the phenomena called SATAN!!! (how is that for some far fetched thought pattern???)

Genetically Modified Attack Baboons: Doctor Deagle … super intelligent … 2006 talk at Granada forum … semi truck load of information!!!!

*Lord God … was Marduk! Lucifer son of SATAN! The God in the Freemasonry books is none other than Lucifer!!!  At this time it looks like SATAN fathered Lucifer and Lucifer fathered Caine and thus came a hybrid bloodline that rules the world with the tool of EVIL???

Perceived Reality is and has been “actor based reality” … yes!!!

What we have learned is that they create everything in order to manipulated both sides, in order to facilitate a second civil war in America, in order to create ancient biblical prophecy, in order to destroy America, in order to stop the truth from infiltrating the sleeping masses of sheeple that when united as one become God, and CORRUPTION is seen in the light of day to all that have been deceived all of these 6000 years of days, through play money (the government pay check) Satan has taken Captive 75-90 % of the CITIZENS, their DNA has been changed as in corrupted in order to mind control the masses, your environment creates your DNA, through the bacillus of recombinant bacteria being controlled by an artificial created reality brainwashed Americans are turned into Nazi communist dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are probably the Nephilim and they inhabit the containers of Ancient Royalty, all politicians, and Hollywood actors including most sports celebrities. They and clones are used by a higher intelligence to gather up the Gold of Planet H)earth!!!

Look at Moontana sacrificing all the wildlife and native species to a Satanic Conspiracy funding the New World Order, which is killing the ecosystem components in order to facilitate a global population reduction of 90%.

Sportsman have taken the bait …. hook line and sinker … public land for the sportsman … not a chance in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JADE HELM IS A QUANTUM COMPUTER COLLECTING DATA ON YOU!!!! (So you don’t care that they are killing wildlife on the planet???) …

(So you don’t care that they created cancer.)

When everything is a LIE!!! it is hard to know the truth!!!

Staged events: All countries in the world are regestrated as a CORPORATION in the United States Corporation. All countries are under the control of the Vatican. Through Spain they own South America!!!!!!!

Why do they repeatedly say they are going to confiscate Americans guns? Well, the second reason is to sell more guns as they probably own the gun industry CORPORATIONS.

But if you are living in a royalty created reality and most indicators suggest they are purposely creating a UN NWO AGENDA 21 CIVIL WAR in the United ‘not’ States of America, then maybe taking of your guns is the easy way to take you and all Americans CAPTIVE!!!

Most simply put, “How do the CHEMTRAILS react when dispersed as aerosols into the atmosphere?”  … Nano sized particles of aluminum serve as a needle to insert or provide intracellular access for bio-weapon fungal-bacillus to get into cells of native plants, insects, aquatics, wild and domestic animals. Genetic Engineering to go around the immune system … I now believe most all diseases were man made from fungal bacillus like brucella and bacillus anthrax!!!!!!!!!!   Prove me wrong??? You cannot???

Most simply put, “Why are so many people sick and dying of CANCER, etc?” … the answer is … fungal bacillus … the man made pseudomonas fluorescence Bt … genetically engineered to be much more poisonous than bacillus thureingitis Bt.

The term “Conspiracy Theorist” was weaponised by the CIA in the 1960’s???

You birth certificate is a Security on the world stock exchange … it is printed on security paper  indicated by a series of red numbers.

BO9 your thought process relating to voting for Hillary (treason) Clinton fell 6 feet under with a plop in Earl’s Shithouse for POOPBRAINS!!!  Trump … I don’t think there has ever been a better qualified or more intelligent candidate for president of the United States Corporation … all American … you voted for Islam … fucking stupid Mr. BO9

Gunnar I appreciate your intelligence (Trump for instance), but when wacking at Gunsngold you bring your intelligence rating down. Try wacking Schott! This poopbrain has never had his head above water!

The regular commenters on are brainwashed fools of nothingness!

Gunsngold probably displays the most intelligence, followed by Oddjob and Gunnar. At the bottom of intelligence are Larry Anthrax, Amoretto and BO9.  Sam Colt is intelligence rising above.

Beliefs that are based on lies makes many a FOOL! And Killed Many People!!! We have been on the receiving side of Germ Warfare since at least 1954. Polio shot was Germ Warfare that infected 98 million Americans … source Maurice Hilleman born in Miles City … killed 98 million???

Look it up it’s on you tube. County government has been killing the residents for a long time. Prove me wrong!!! You cannot.

The Brain on the Plains …


For the Record:

To: Custer County Taxpayers:

Open letter: CUSTER COUNTY COURT HOUSE covers-up the CHEMTRAIL POISONING OF Southeast Montana (this has been going on big time since at least 1996!!!

Dear County Commissioners, Sheriff, and County Attorney (taxpayers/property owners, residents and CITIZENS);

2000-2009 I repeatedly met with and informed the county commissioners that the weather over Custer County was being modified; as in stopping (ionospheric heater) and diverting rain north to northeast Mt.

This has been going on for 20 plus years.

DNRC administers the atmospheric water … follow the money … MCA Title 85 water use  Chapter 3 Atmospheric Water weather modification … (I suspect Agenda 21 corruption created this ecological law that provides for monetarization of the water of the atmosphere … like Selling the potential rain of southeast Mooontana to the government agencies managing the federal lands along the Missouri river breaks … how about that!!! detective work/study/research by Cactus Plains).  Traitor Senator Tom Zook and Representative Gary Matthews passed this law, however said they did know about it???

One day I stopped and visited with Milo Huber and Jack(ass) Nesbit … Milo knew I was right about the weather modification … Jackass squatted like he was taking a dump and stared at the asphalt … I told him to look up the sky was crisscrossed thick with what the government calls CHEMTRAILS!!!

Jack got up from squatting still looking at the asphalt and mutter some threat that sounded like “I’ll fix you” as he scurried  into the Court House! Commissioner Milo witnessed this direct threat related to the CHEMTRAILS that have caused the desertification of Custer County.

I got a “death threat” that night as a pop-up when I turned my computer on.

I wrote a newsletter about the incident.

I knew Jack was full of corruption!!! He was point blank “covering up the CHEMTRAIL issue over southeast Montana!!!” Why! Why! Why! ???????????????

Milo died shortly after and there was a witness who they were dealing with, but I don’t know his name.

The county commissioners of today were probably trained to report people who were knowledgable about the adverse impacts of the chemtrail fallout???

Since the death threat I have not bothered to inform you of what I know.

I also know they have been spraying eastern Montana with man made diseases and salts that have poisoned the all encompassing ecosystems since at least 1985.

The rangeland soils are sterilized as in poisoned and sealed up … the rain has been seeded with fungal bacteria … it is and has infected everything … secretes a powerful erosive enzyme that burns live tissue in the right circumstances … chemical burning the native forage …

The Mentality behind the maintenance of Moon Creek road over the last 20 years shows total incompetence, unless the goal is to bust up people’s vehicles to create more spending in the city.

That is pretty low, so is a grade F for road maintenance by the Custer County Road Department.

I was stimulated to write this note of record by a 2″ river boulder busting through my windshield the other day when a pickup and trailer hauling ass kicked up lose river stones and sent stones blasting into my pick up and wind shield. They were flying so fast being splattered from the county road like someone driving through water!!!

Cost of new wind shield $400-500? (stirring up business) Everyone’s vehicle gets beat to hell on the mis managed and destroyed so called road.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far.

Instead of sending these letters/points of interest to the County or Northern Broadcasting I am obviously posting them on this web site, so as to lessen the disturbance factor to either.

Cactus Plains

Email to Voices if Moontana: (prophaganda for NWO)


Many years ago I told the Montana Stock Growers, Governor Racicot, the Custer Commissioners, etc. that brucellosis was a hoax on the cattlemen; I knew what I said was true then as it is today.
I also informed the NBS radio show hosted by FBI’s Dave Berg about the ‘CHEMTRAILS from HELL!!! They control the water of the atmosphere … administered by the Montana DNRC. (MCA Chapter 3 Title 85 Chapter 3 Atmospheric Water Weather Modification)
Brucella (coccus) and bacillus (rod shaped) are black mold created (dna) diseases by a Doctor Bruce maybe in England … they made it for a vaccine … to sell … you know to make money … image all the money they could make  if all livestock  had to be vaccinated? The first bio-weapon?
I believe most all diseases are man made from coccus and bacillus … strains of brucellosis …  mind control … maybe to make you think … the strain in Bison does not affect cattle ???
Brucella and bacillus are in your mouth and everything else … they have been engineered to be stronger every year … some say they mutated, they lie!!!
1934 … yellow-fringed (captive) … staged events … weaponized weather (tornados (droughts)) … take your guns away (captive).
Vatican/CIA appear to control all media … Rothschilds own all the media … (AP) they program your mind … tell you what to think!!!
Vaccines are a shot of a man-made disease genetically engineered from coccus or bacillus … characteristics in common are intracellular, recombinant, pleomorphic, protected by chitin-like bio-film and secretes poisonousness enzymes that infect and dissolve live tissue!
Vaccines are in Chemtrails … similar bacillus or coccus in the rain (pseudomonas engineered from bacillus)  as are in the vaccines …
Chemtrails have poisoned the soil microorganisms, turned the plant available nitrate to un-useable nitrogen, sealed the soils, and poisoned the ecosystems and everyone with diseases from hell?
Chronic wasting diseases (brucella), the plagues (anthrax), mold on the hay and everything else comes from the rain, seeded with chemtrail mycoplasmas, etc. …
They are seeding every weather front that crosses Montana with poison secreting Pseudomonas fluorescense and others ….
Nobody can prove me wrong … everything is corrupt.
Cactus Plains: Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystems
P.S.: The fish and game commissioner is afraid to debate the Cactus on NBS …
he is the worst thing to ever happen to Montana wildlife!!!!!!!!
6/24/2016 Cactus Plains Responds to Voices of Moontana …  Northern Broadcast Service this is a CIA operative radio broadcast that is supposedly pro-agriculture … how ever it is not!!!
I like the two radio talk show hosts who sound very similar, the problem is the guests are often shills or people involved in covering up the truth and they are noticeable because they are usually telling the listen audience how to think.
Water rights shill … nothing but theft … by the anti-American state of Moontana CIA/UN ASSET!!!
How about you arrange a debate between MFWP Jeff Haganer and Cactus Plains?
It would be your best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get the real wildlife show on the air so the truth can be known to all. Jeff is a wildlife fraud!!!  Jeff has been actively covering up the CHEMTRAIL ISSUE since 1999. I think this skunk can be tracked back to project “paperclip.”
Noxious weeds after many years of study are mostly bio-weapons.
A healthy functioning ecosystem would never let those weeds get established. Competition for clean rain and nutrients would not allow for Russian Olive, leafy spurge, knapweed, cheat grasses etc.. to get established. Some thing has been drastically wrong, for a long time. Why so much bare ground???
Probably 9x the amount of bare ground as there was in the 1970’s.
After the average 15-16 inches of rain in the 1970’s; most of the rangeland were in high good to excellent condition … little to no bare ground.  .
According to vegetative photographs from the 1950 it appears that the rangeland ecosystems were poisoned. There was a high percentage of bare ground as there is now. Maybe nuclear fallout out or maybe the German Nazis spraying America with their man made brucella pathogen … could cancer be a derivative of brucella or anthrax???
I have observed rod shaped bacillus in the snow and rain for the last 22 years. I know what is causing the bleached out state of the range land ecosystems … artificial clouds formed from mycoplasma-pseudomonas with BT to the 9th power … source for the chemical burn/fungal bacillus infection of most native species including ewe!!! Rolling your eyeballs!!!
This is the cause of bare ground and thereby a niche for their weed bio-weapons.
Cows eat most weeds before the native vegetation …
Gather much more intelligence at
Time for all good people to wake up and come to the aid of their country or you won’t have one. – Cactus Plains … Trump is American, Hillary is anti-American
Is the ‘North American Union’ hidden in the TPP??? Yes, it looks to be as others have reported recently?
Vote “Greg Gianaforte” for Montana Governor. The guy is intelligent, probably the best governor potential in the last 66 years. Remember Montana is CAPTIVE and a CORPORATION!!! He has experience dealing with the Satan running MFWP. The “CHEMTRAIL COVERUP PROOF of the NAZI-communist take over of the government  of the State of Montana.  More PROOF: the bleached out looking rangeland ecosystems!!!
If Voices of Montana at Northern Broadcasting Service wants to read the Email I wrote them they will have to visit

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