SCIENCE FICTION/FRICTION: Southeast Montana Ecosystems, Adverse Impacts on the Rangelands, Contrails/Chemtrails, Politicians, the Second Sun, Stupidisity/stupidisitiosis, Brucellosis, Grasshopper Anthrax (Bt), Mycoplasma, the Cow Rake, Treason…Fraud…Conspiracy…Corruption found a home (_____  House), Desertification, Mother Nature vs Patented Weather Control and Manipulation technologies, Ecological Intelligence, information about the native rangeland plants and animals, Conspiracy theory and science theory, Nimrod/Osiris, Pharaohs and Ancient Royalty create preceived realtiy, the international bankers, the Vatican and CIA,the Sacred Cow … the best ecosystem management tool … bar none! SATAN, two Gods or a Computer Programed livng halloween moovee, Gnostic dualism 13000 years of Evil and the opinions of Cactus Plains and Sagebush Bloom.

About: Shinning the Light on the Veil of Darkness covering the Hard Grass Plains ofEastern Montana, revealing Treason, Fraud, Conspiracy, and Corruption at all levels???  The collective Amerikan mind has been brainwashed to believe none of what will follow. So it must not be true as was the case when we informed the establishment that the weather was being controlled and SEMT was being sprayed with man made diseases. If one person documents that weather control is desertification and 6 billion people believe that the weather cannot be controlled; then the fact is that the weather cannot be controlled. Regardless of the 1000’s of weather control patents. That is why I say perceived reality is really science fiction. When I said the weather of the world was controlled in the year 2000 there was not 1 person in a million that thought the same way … because controlling the weather was something that could not be comprehended by the collective American mind.  The Nazis designing and building the patented weather control technologies … they knew the weather could be controlled … they knew Star Wars was about destroying the great United States of America in the establishment of  “What both Adolph Hitler and George W bush {poppy Bush] called a “New World Order”!

So do we have two suns over southeastMontanaor not?


Cactus Plains is a spirit of intelligent design that arises over the rangeland ecosystems of eastern Montana; day after day after day, year after year after year, and now 26000 years later, he screams bloody murder on Mother Nature’s Hard Grass Plains. We are characters in the 3rd dimension global theater, emerging from life times of unconsciousness created in darkness of evil deception by SATAN “Prince of the Power of the Skies” … the God of War and Red Hot Deserts!!! … He perches in the Vatican bathing in all the GOLD that he Stole!!!

Sagebrush Bloom grew up/bucked off on the Hard Grass Plains 22 miles south of Milestown on the Tongue river in the 1950 and 60’s when the coyotes were not and the deer were plenty with pheasants abound in the Plum trees, Chokecherry trees, Wild Currents, Buffaloberry and Wild Roses of acres. The ol cowtown was a humming with Bars full of gamblers of poker, pinuckle, pitch and all had their pockets full of silver.  A paper boy of the Miles City Star was paid with silver dimes and quarters.  This was cowboy country with thousands of cattle of many breeds; and herds of sheep grazed and fertilized the rangelands.  We did not know it but an evil force was well at work planning on destroying that which the old homestead days had created here at the confluence of the Tongue and Yellowstone river. The center piece of the evil was the polio shot forced on all in the name of good. Murder by injection/innoculation was the real motive and the sheeple would never know. 

Anonymus is the 3rd range rider of this intuitive trinity of old sages that haunt the Moon Mts on the divide between Graveyard and Moon Creeks.  Anonymus is an illuminous being because he like you has been poisoned with a Satanic little devil that secretes slime which is radio active and is fluorescent, hence the illuminous. Hilleman and Sagebrush both said this mycoplasma is in everyone.

So this site is about the Hell we have been through the last 13 years. We made contact both verberally and with environmental reports to the government of Montana, federal agencies, local governments and many of the more prominent citizens. They all turned to Zombies!

I believe that if the Custer County Commissioners had contacted the Governor of Montana in 2000 and requested that the United Nations, NATO and CIA/Israelis be stopped from “spraying Montana with weaponized prokaryotes”, that this genocide would have been stopped. Everything is poisoned with this slime of bacillus and it coats or infects everything as it is pleomorphic to black mold and every living thing is breathing this red devil with a black udderside.

I tried to awaken the people but they were asleep as most still are and that is where we are today.  My life is on the range and it only makes sense that we should be ENHANCING the planet, not helping SATAN to DESTROY life while we hole up in our little world of Black Mold and essentially the trail back to nothingness.

We are early birds that monitor the weather, wildlife and plants daily  through observation as we travel a daily 50 or 60 mile trail. Like a horse turd its time to hit the trail and periodically we will drop into cactusplains.wordpress.com and add a little reality fiction fun and ecosystem health to the tracks of the trail.

Feel welcome to comment and ask questions if they come to mind. Like I said before we are all on this sinking Titanic together and it’s going keep sinking if ewe (the sleeping sheep) let them have their way.

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