The SEIR’s are combined in 4 booklike documents. The first: “CHEMTRAILS from HELL” is about the connectivity relating to Sagebrush’s discovery of desertification on the Hard Grass Plains of Eastern Montana.  After 3 years of informing everyone I knew that the weather was controlled by patented weather control technologies and no one believing me and most frieking out thinking that Sagebrush had gone crazy! I began to write a newsletter and informed the Governor of what I knew.  Issues/chapters 1 to 52 weere hammered out on the keyboard as realizations began to fill in the space between the dots of TRUTHS> My computer was eaten alive after going on “Berg in the Morning” radio show and informing eastern Montana that I was pretty sure the UN was spraying barium and disease agents in the disquise of CONTRAILS. So this first book only includes issue 3, 16-24.  If anyone heard that radio show I would be interest in what you thought at that moment it was broadcast live on Northern Broadcasting. 

 I don’t know what the “Prince of the Power of the Skies”, will allow us to place on the spies in the skies INTERNET, so I don’t know that I will put the complete chapters in your face but it seems that somethings are allowed and other information is not. We’ll see and start with parts of issue #3.


September 15, 2000

ISSUE #3 SPECIAL EDITION [portions of, photos did not transfer, this has been around for 11 years]



This is a copy of the third issue of a newsletter I started because no one would   believe me.  What I have said is obvious and hidden right in front of your face. Anyone with a functioning brain can figure out that I know what the hell I write about. It is hard to figure out at first but after you have been informed … it makes sense. Denial shuts down brain functioning. Cactus Plains

The higher education system has been used to deceive and totally brainwash the American public. The sciences have not evolved toward excellence but toward stupidity. My question to you is, why I am I having to tell you what is below? Why isn’t some high powered genius from the higher education system telling you the truth?

I’m telling you that somebody is modifying and controlling the weather over eastern Montana based on three years of observing the sky every day and night. In October of 1997 I became totally convinced that someone was controlling the weather. The strange winters of 95-96 and 96-97 made me think something was definitely affecting the weather that was not natural.

HAARP in Alaska is 33 acres of generators fueled by methane from the oil field. HAARP was developed by Raytheon and the Navy using basic patents. I believe the CIA is involved based on documents. HAARP has many functions but weather control is what I was looking for. Nikola Tesla the greatest inventor ever said in the early 1900’s that the weather could be modified if the jet stream could be moved.

HAARP generates an electro-magnetic microwave beam capable of shooting missiles or asteroids from space; or punching hole through the ozone layer, and also capable of pushing the northern jet stream southerly from it’s location in Alaska. Observing the jet stream on TV you could see the jet suddenly move out into the Pacific and stay there for days while a strong northerly wind blew across the northern plains and froze many cattle inSouth Dakota.

My recent research indicates that the Russians got hold of weather control patents patented by Nikola Telsa. Tesla indicated that these patents should never be developed because evil people could use such to control the world. Is the CIA, our Air Force, Navy and government of theUnited Statescontrolled by the New World Order? I think so. [Was Poppy Bush really a Hitler youth who worked for Tesla and may have been involved in Tesla’s death and the missing patents???]

Research indicates the Russians developed and were using weather control technology on theUnited Statesin the 1970’s. By the way easternMontanareceived about 16 inches of rain per year during the 1970’s. Big money, the international banks probably facilitated the Russians in this early development. When the National Security was notified; probably by big money that the Russians were attacking us with weather warfare technology, they then accelerated climate control by our government unknowingly funded by the working people of theUnited States.

Massive spraying of poisons and other chemicals, etc has been occurring over theUnited Statessince at least 1997 and is presently occurring over most countries exceptRussia,Chinaand theMiddle East. 700 KC 135 tanker jets and other tankers KC 10’s etc, which hold 200000 – 400000 lbs of fuel or other unknown liquid spray material are spraying the atmosphere. I watch them spray the front and rear of low pressure systems. They also spray developing thunderheads and rainclouds over easternMontana. Day or night they hit the small storms and sometimes on the weekend they don’t spray them. Example May 27, 28 1999 when we got a rain; just a few days before I had written our governor requesting he do something about these jets suppressing rainfall events over the four southeastern counties.

In order to realize that weather control is real and has been going on for years, it helps to understand history that has been suppressed. That history involves 13 old bloodlines that since the 1600’s have ruled the world. What I understand so far is that these ancient families controlled the world because they owned the banks, the international bankers. Several researchers, notably Jim Marrs and David Ickes, have written similar books on world secrecy and who rules. These people created the communist, Hitler’s Nazi’s andAmerica’s head in the muck liberals. They are also responsible for creating all the wars so as to meet their objective of power and money control and ultimately the new world order. The New World Order was Hitler’s socialist Nazis objective. Rule the World by administrative orders, if you own private property you understand that is what is going on in theUnited Statestoday. Elect Gore and kiss your private property goodbye. Elect Bush and you might have a little more time but he comes from the New World Order bloodlines also. These people are using our military to police the world in order to control their oil reserves. TheUnited Stateshas huge undeveloped oil fields. We are kept from these oil reserves so we have to buy their foreign oil. There is a huge oil reserve underCusterCountyand much ofEastern Montana.

My message is we got big problems and no one is addressing them. Through the power of money the New World Order has taken our country over; the only obstacle to complete take over is the 15% of the people who believe in the constitution and the right to bear arms. Are we going to get our heads out of the muck or is socialism going to turn us over to the New World Order (United Nations). They want us gone from the land that is the farmer’s, ranchers, miners, and foresters. The United Nations plan is to put the western states into one huge international park. Here again you have to understand that these bloodlines have to destroy our constitution and country to accomplish this. Also remember that they hate us because of our independence from our mother countryGreat Britain. The purchase of theLouisianaTerritoryfromFrancefor $7 million andAlaskafor $11 million fromRussiahas not been forgotten.

Weather control, out of control biological chemical-warfare research and development, mind control (they own control all three major media and the Associated Press) Nazi Socialism in our government, massive corruption, government corruption, ignorant management of the natural resources and taxation that goes to the Federal Reserve owned by the Internationals are indicators that our freedom are about gone.

Rainfall Suppression overSoutheastern Montana

This has been going on big time for at least 6 years over the 4 southeasternMontanacounties. We have had man caused spring summer droughts for the last 6 years. Here’s how you can see for yourself.

1) Watch the skies early in the morning, all day when outside, and in the evening. If there are cloud systems north or west watch the sky at night. You will see huge KC 135 tanker jets that haul 200000 – 400000 lbs of liquid spray material. You will observe chemtrails being sprayed that linger and turn into cirrus clouds. You will observe heavy dumping into the fronts of low pressure systems and also in the back side of the low pressure systems. Also notice the system will pass over without raining. Watch thunderheads develop and dissipate without raining.

2) Listen to the roar these jets make when they go over. They usually dump at 10000 feet to 24000 feet and the sound varies according to altitude. Next time there are rain clouds passing over but not raining or raining go out and listen. Guess what you will hear? Usually you will hear a louder roar but the same roar which tells you the jets are flying over but at a lower elevation. Now compare that to a clear day or a clear night…No jets roaring or dumping. What are they doing? Try rainfall suppression. Why? Big Money!

Big Money is paying for weather control. We in easternMontanadon’t even believe it is possible let alone we are not paying for cloud seeding. Something like 8 states have been paying for cloud seeding.Nevadahas paid for cloud seeding for the last 10 years and increased their rainfall by 65%. Hydro-electric companies are paying for cloud seeding. Big Money is the insurance companies. They pay to have the hail clouds sprayed so they don’t have million dollar insurance claims inCalgaryand I watch them hit thunderheads 25 miles southwest ofMilesCity. I think the last timeMilesCityhad hail damage was 1987? Many of you may follow this; for 30 years I watched summer storms come out of the southwest and rain hard or hail, I lived for and loved those storms as an exciting portion of the ecosystem. For the last 6 years I watched storm fronts come out of the southwest and dissipate over Custer andPowder RiverCounties.

Montana State Department of Natural Resource is guilty of total neglect in allowing this to occur, also your wonderful governor. I have repeatedly informed these educated idiots and they ignore me. I firmly believe they knowingly have allowed this to occur. All of Eastern Montana needs to do something similar to filing a lawsuit against the governor and DNRC for the millions of dollars of ecological and economical damages caused by rainfall suppression overEastern Montana. I am afraid that anything short of something like this will not get the job done. Circumstances indicate DNRC is anti agriculture and pro buffalo commons. Research them and you will find some ere surprises.

3) Watch and listen to the weather intensely. You will see the heavy clouds that pass over Eastern Montana start raining in either North orSouth Dakota. The satellite photography shows this clearly. Also storms dissipate at the Custer andPowder RiverCountyeastern borders and storms appear to be steered north or south as they approach the eastern border of Custer andPowder RiverCounties. Watch for anomalies on the radar and satellite photography. These straight and circular formations are related to electromagnetic micro waves used in weather modifications, weather control satellites and ground bases transformers are scattered thru out the country. EPA has collection systems that monitor the air and data is available somewhere as to what has been dumped. I installed and collected data from one site in about 1980 and the data went to EPA.

4) This is the clincher, each time it rains pour the rain fall out of your rain gauge into a small clear bottle. Observe and collect them over time. Put an air tight lid on and never open them.

When you hear a local weather report calling for it to turn partly cloudy; you go out early in the morning at sunrise and it is perfectly clear; then you see a jet spraying a chemtrail then another jet dumping and then another jet dumping and then another jet dumping and a little later you look and the chemtrails have turned to cirrus clouds and it is partly cloudy you know that NOAA is connected to the total weather control occurring over the United States.


What we don’t know is what else they have been spraying and how does anyone know what they are spraying? Having environmental laws and administration is mindless in comparison to the poisoning of the earth that is occurring because of profits for Big Money. We need some hero’s soon! I think.

Here is what I think has been going on; Since HAARP was developed and before by the Russians the northern jet stream has been pushed southerly to affect the United States with cold air from the arctic. Over the years this has caused the arctic to warm up faster than anyone thought possible. In the year 2000 they decided to burn off the decadent mismanaged forests. All they had to do was leave the northern jet stream alone. With the northern jet in its normal position all they had to do was to let a couple controlled burns get loose and start back fires on lightning caused fires after the locals had them under control. For winter they want it cold to justify driving up natural gas prices, under normal condition it is cold air that moves the northern jet southerly. In order to have cold weather in the east they will mostly leave the northern jet alone. Occasionally they will push it out into the Pacific to gather moisture. That is whenMontanagets the cold arctic blasts. Presently the earth is so warmed up that it analyzes out to a warm dry winter in the west and lots of wet snow east of theMississippi.

They have the ability, technology and are modifying the rainfall in most of theUnited States. The ingredients are warm moist air mixing with cool air, spraying barium fromChinamines to collect moisture in humidity lower than 70%, burning silver iodine to form raindrops, seeding dry ice to suppress hail formation, the barium??? Also functions for rainfall suppression which is occurring over easternMontanaso it rains in North andSouth Dakota. Three reasons for suppressing rainfall over Eastern Montana; number one is we are not paying for cloud seeding and number two is to facilitate the buffalo commons and number three is the rainfall is more productive in the eastern states with their deeper soils.

Observe and good luck until next issue: barium ‘56’ and much more on weather control.



Box 795 MilesCity,MT59301

P.S. Get my newsletter The Ecosystem Analyzer and keep informed and inform.

This is from a letter I wrote Marc and Judy in March of 2000. Following it are 2 letters to get them to answer. Then a letter from Marc.

3) What does DNRC know about these huge tanker jets dumping chemicals and microorganisms all over most everybody inMontana?

Huge unmarked aircraft C 136 etc have been dumping over me just about everyday since October 1997 when I finally realized what they were doing. Weather control has been going on in the atmospheric weather systems big time since at least the 1970’s! I think the Russians stole Nicola Tesla weather patents, check out the woodpecker systems of the soviets.

We know theUSand the Soviets brewed up enough anthrax, mad cow disease, etc to wipe out each others cattle herds. My question to you and DNRC since I told them about it and they ignored me is…

How do we (cattle producers and Montanapeople) know these unmarked aircraft are not dumping anthrax, chronic wasting disease, mange, parvo, mycoplasma, hanta, bubonic, epizootic hemorrhagic disease, pneumonia, flu viruses, hazard waster, etc. The day after dumping hundreds of loads I usually go for a walk and find dead birds. Sometime the leaves on the chokecherry tress blister the next day.

The fact is we don’t know. I think they have been dumping diseases since the Prairie rats got the bubonic plague in about 1985 and EHD appeared maybe a little earlier in the whitetails, or course they say they have nanobombs they dump to counter act a bio-warfare attack.

Last year when I was seeding in the spring they dumped a brownish sticky substance all over my fields and windshields. This is provable by saving the contents in your rain gauge and of course the government has been collecting this stuff at many sites inMontana…..

June 15, 2000

Dear Governor Marc;

Guess you don’t have time to answer my letters. Don’t even have one honest conservative that will listen to my side of the story.

Thanks!!!…. two days after my letter to you about rain suppression in eastern Mt,…. Guess what we got 1” of rain. Saved my butt. Thanks, look like the dumping KC 135’s were on vacation for three days. We have got rain may 25th  31st and June 9. Tell them to put some Sevin in and kill the grasshoppers. They have also suppressed rain twice in that time period. The earth has heated up and it will rain more but with them seeding both jet streams it causes bad storms in small areas and droughts elsewhere in the eastern states.

You know I have been studying Clinch, Chappel, Hagner, and Andrews in many ways; and many things are very interesting. Are they relatives? Or some type of clone mentality? Are all of them fromKansas? The U S took in 3000 of Hitler’s socialist. They were placed in the higher education system, CIA, other government agencies. Are these modern day Nazis descendants of Hitler Nazis? So many leads and pieces to the puzzle go back to Hitler’s Nazis. You know big money created Hitler, the communists and now the liberals did any of them serve this country? Why nobody withMontanaroots. Why do they hate me? My Dad invadedNormandyBeachand helped to kick Hitler and the Nazis ass. Is that why? Are the Nazis, the oil Brits and the United Nations taking us over in our dumped down state with help of HAARP, GWEN and microwave technology?

Yep them DNRC boys are serving Moontana, NOW. I want copies of environmental assessments to analyze and put on the internet. They should be on the internet anyway so the public can participate. Hell I’ll just sell my ranch and monitor the DNRC to make a living. Bet the public will enjoy my honest knowledgeable commentary on the mismanagement of Moontana’s natural resources.

Can you have DNRC send me a map of where the GWEN sites are inMontana?

I would also like a report from DNRC in relation to what diseases, radioactive materials, etc these 135 have dumped over the last 6 years. If the little gods don’t know where to get the data I can tell them. It has been collected every year since 1976. I used to collect form one station.

I am going to be asking a lot of questions of DNRC in relation to the environment for my newsletter,


Cactus Plains

Ecosystem consultant


Miles CityMontana($50 for 12 issues of my news letter)

P.S. can I used our correspondence on the internet thanks

June 24, 2000

Dear Marc and Judy;

Marc doesn’t respond unless I also address my letters to you Judy. I am sorry to involve you. I can’t believe you don’t have any honest staff that can look into this mess DNRC has created.

Again the DNRC needs to inform the people of what they are allowing the air force to dump in the atmosphere aboveMontana. You know and I know it is weather control. Specifically they are suppressing the rainfall over easternMontana, how can you justify not responding, not doing something about it?

In the 70’s we average about 16”, since weather modification by the Russians and now our air force we are having droughts in areas and 3-19” downpours in small areas in the east. I know the insurance companies are involved as they can easily suppress hail as North Dakota does for Calgary and somebody does SW of Miles City where my ranch and the state’s no soil farm is. You people are our leaders and you do nothing.

I know I am stupid for trying to communicate with you people? Because none of you ever respond honestly and sincerely. I could tell you lots more you should know but you don’t’ care.

I think God and those on the other side do care, so let corruption carry on and ignore the poison in the sky. Cactus Plains is just crazy a wacko that don’t know shit. Right I said it for you. THE COUNTRY I LOVE HAS BEEN TAKE OVER BY DECEIT, LIES, AND CORRUPTION AT ALL LEVELS. THIS CASE IS BUT JUST ONE OF MANY ….PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. Dumb Americans… Taxes, international bankers…NWO…freedom gone.


Cactus Plains

Ecosystem consultant [ ]

Box 795Miles CityMontana

12/10/2010 7:20 AM Revisited

Points of Interest {numbering below changed when I pasted this information}

  1. I was right on about the oil field under easternMontana, however the oil formation I was talking about is under the Bakken.
  1.  Weather control [desertification] over southeastMontanahas been going on big time since 1978 and no one has said a word. Except Sagebrush!!!
  1. What we have here inMilesCityis a local government that has covered up the fact that the United Nations, NATO, and the CIA are involved in POISONING EVERYTHING LIVING!!!, which adds up to the local government is sickening and killing everyone in the county!!!
  1.  Of most significance is that I told the ranchers to collect the rain water. At the time I was sure they were spraying diseases because of EHD and the Bubonic Plaque all of a sudden appearing in the whitetails and Prairie rats.  I informed the BLM wildlife jokers and the FWP biologist fakes in about 1990 that this was not normal and thought it to be of suspicious origin. WELL IT TURNS OUT THAT WEAPONIZED BACILLUS IS AND HAS BEEN IN THE RAIN AND SNOW.  YES THE WINTER THAT STARTED NOVEMBER 19 WITH AN ACUMMULATION 12’ OF Pseudomonas snow is man-made.  Winter for you by world leaders; creators of wickedness and poison. EHD is a descriptive medical terminology for ‘ANTHRAX’!!! (EHD epizootic hemorrhagic disease)
  1. Brainwashed … yes everyone has been brainwashed beyond belief, to such a degree that you have never been conscious in your entire life.
  1. Poisoned … yes everyone has been poisoned with prokaryotes (dry rot) that secrete disabilitating enzymes that are rooted from rotting disease.
  1. Marc Racicot said he knew nothing about the weather being controlled when in fact weather water modification act was passed in 2001.  He was totally controlled by the CIA as was Judy Martz.  They both went to work for CIA corporations.
  1. The MOONTANA State Government has been allowing U N tanker jets to sprayMontana with aerosol anthrax like bio-weapons that are in the rain and snow. This is probably a product made by Dyn-O-Gel.

 Cactus Plains, “it’s all science fiction/friction”!!! fear not … stay happy

Search; Cactus Plains: Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystems for more information.


The Joe Whalen Conspiracy; below I did a little search in my 1st book on Joe Whalen, I think the story may be interesting?

Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Analyzer Newsletter:

Issue 20 September 17, 2002 [Revisited 04012011]


Since the start, the Nazi Star newspaper isn’t interested in the cause of the drought; so I figure they are controlled by the CIA? I haven’t said that yet hoping after 3 years they would wake up???? Damn I’m a dummie!!! I walked in to the new book store and out of the blue asked the guy if he worked for the CIA? He said “not yet” What made me say that? I hadn’t even thought about saying such. But I was curious about how you could make enough bucks for rent selling books in this DUMBED down town. I wrote of this in the last issue. They guy didn’t want to sell my newsletter and he hadn’t the slightest clue of what it contained. He indicated if I sent it somewhere then maybe he could sell it. I think he gave me some address. I wasn’t about to send my newsletter to some government funded organization so they could give me a bunch of Nazism. I already know the CIA gets a copy of everything I pick out on the keyboard. I don’t have a chance in hell against their technology, maybe they are learning that they too, have been fooled and will be sacrificed as soon as they are no longer needed.

I go in the star store today and get some copies of issue 18; give the manager a free copy as I usually do and tell him to tell John he doesn’t get one. The guy running the star store has some smarts. John is a star reporter that I think took the last copy I gave him to the BLM manager. Was he trying to get my Mary in trouble, because she puts up with a lunatic??? Everything in these newsletters comes from Sagebrush, Cactus, and Enki, Mary does not agree, NOR DOES SHE READ THESE.

Anyway I smell the CIA, I figure John will hear that he doesn’t get a newsletter and if the other guy is CIA; they would have talked previously about me and selling my newsletter at the book store. So I wonder if John Star will go over to the bookstore to see if I left another newsletter. At about 5:30 I happen to be driving by the star and the bookstore, I look in the bookstore as I drive by. Waltzing pissants, if John Halburton, Nazi Star news reporter, isn’t standing in the doorway talking to the CIA bookstore guy. [Joe Whalen who becomes MilesCity’s Mayor, without a driver’s license nor a birth certificate?]  This really doesn’t prove anything. The masons were the lower rung of the Nazi illuminati. Most all the masons probably and likely really didn’t have a clue as to who and what their ultimate goal was????? The New World Order. We’ve all been working for the Nazis since 1913. We are the Nazis, it’s what you do with your life from now on that really counts????????

It doesn’t seem to me that these guys are very patriotic. WHY IS NO ONE INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH???????? 

After the war it was said some of the Nazi moved to hideaways in South America and Antarctic. It seems probably that the grand master plan included the Nazis control of the world’s top scientist here. They were probably tricked into escaping to these underground cities to get away from the evil and corrupt Wall Street bankers. Only later to discover that they were managed and controlled by the same Wall Street/ international bankers. Remember with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913; these evil blood suckers had the entire taxation of America to develop whatever they wanted; The hidden Nazi cities, the top scientist, the money to fund the take over of the world. THE SCIENCE AND THE MONEY TO FUND CONTROLLING THE WEATHER AND THE POPULATION OF PLANET EARTH; THE ABILITY TO MANIPULATE THE WORLD POPULATION AS A RANCHER DOES WITH CATTLE OR A SHEEPMAN



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