Wow! What a year! It started out with lots of snow made of Pseudomonas fluorescens, which I have coined as the little red devil in the rain. It was a record year for rainfall and landslides and probably biomass production.

Late summer was hot and dry and I came to the conclusion that the light rays we are receiving were of the infrared red spectrum or microwaves. The heat was penetrating and it appeared that the artificial sun was being used as a tool of evil. The combined heating of the plants to beyond their tolerance range stressed many plants to the point that their immune system failed and the bacillus infected and killed many plants … like never before!!!

The rangeland ecosystems bleached out as the bacteria from the rain suffocated the plants … horror on the rangelands … and I don’t know if anyone realizes the worse disaster ever to  the rangelands.  They have been spraying the roundup secreting bacillus on the plains for many years … only in recent years increment by increment the pesticide has got stronger and stronger.

As I have said before this stuff is pleomorphic and is the cause of most diseases and also severely changes the soil morphology.

The good news is that rain we got in October 1.3 inches brought the rangeland that looked near totally dead back to life.  It is that little bit of green that the cattle need to facilitate the use of the bleached out grasses.

Western wheatgrass our best single forage plant should never have bleached out as it often stays green all year round, that is why it is the best grass.

Like I said on milescity.com last year “the rangeland ecosystems look like they have been sprayed with roundup?  Do they not? This little red devil in the rain is killing everything young and old that has any cells that are weaked by stress or physical disturbance. Stay away from wet grass and keep you hands out of the dirt as there lurks man made diseases much like anthrax!

October 23 2012 Yesterday I noticed rod shaped rain drops on the windshield, so I held a slide out in the rain and then went to the microscope and walla there was bacteria. It split and formed two bacilli and then turned into a thread like worm or virus, the small rain drops evaporated very fast.  Dry rot bacteria with Bt by Mother Nature, true or false?

Ecological condition of the range is sick! Plants and animals are infected; deer look the worst I have ever seen by far, look at their hair coat to determine their health conditions.      

Good news is that it is greening up and some life is coming back into some of the bleached out (suffocated) plants like grease wood.

Hunting season should be closed but that will not happen, if you don’t need the meat use you camera and shoot only rats and predators. Don’t shoot the bobcats, they prey on the prairie rats.

The mule deer fawn crop were born very late and also a lot of the cattle had late calves. Has some thing to do with all the rain last year, and probably also the bacteria or whatever they put in the rain in 2011.

Soon I will put part of issue #58 about range science on this page.

It finally started to rain a little in October and I am thinking it may not stop for a long time, kind of like we will soon be in the Age of Aquarius. I believe the north pole has been moving since 1996 and may soon make a fairly big move, where we will be substancially further south or closer to the equater. We are about to cross the galactic equator, which has a high probablility of global movement, earthquakes and other geological disturbances. 













  1. Richard Bonine, Jr. September 2, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    No rain this summer. Not sure how it can be the “little red devil” in the rain. Care to explain?

  2. cactusplains September 6, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    No rain this summer because a) the government controls the weather b) Mother Nature is in a drought cycle c) dynodrought d) the ulti thermal is back 3000 8000 years ago e) God is Mad because mankind is disconnected from Mother Nature

    How can it be the little red devil in the rain? a) because a bacillus was the nucleus of the rain in 2011 b) because it is still there infecting everything c) because it is refractory to the immune system d) because it is pleomorphic e) because it was developed to rot live tissue?

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