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Cactus Plains from Deep in the Global Hollywood Matrix … SEPTEMBER 23 2015

26 Jan







Purpose and need: To provide information to the uninformed majority; if they so please to enrich their knowledge base of Intelligence.

Affected Environment: Custer County, Montana, 59301-3800 square miles of Rangeland Ecosystems

Management Action: The Ignorant Stupid Cover-up of the Chemtrails from Hell (1996-2016) by the Government of Custer County specifically the County Commissioners and the Media involved in covering up the issue.

There is a Nazi Criminal Conspiracy that has usurped the USA … world government …


CHEMTRAILS; the Secret War;  Engineering Climate to Control Populations; THE DESERTIFICATION OF CUSTER COUNTY 59301 … the COST of IGNORING CHEMTRAIL IMPACTS:

dnrc treason

Cactus Plains shining the light on environmental IMPACTS and providing you with information.  In the fall of 1996, I started telling people the weather was controlled and they were spraying man made diseases. I was 100% sure. After being ignored by public officials for three years, I could not believe people couldn’t believe what was hidden right in front of their faces.  I began to look into other conspiracies and found they too were being covered up all across the USA.  Why???

So Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence Report was conceived and 24 reports were sent toMontana Governor Mark Racicot. This is issue or report #66.

I continue to write because the ECOSYSTEMS are poisoned. Most all native species are poisoned. You are poisoned.

By poisoned, I mean everything is infected by a man-made synthetic/artificial fungal bacillus that secretes phosphodiesterase (snake/spider venom). Got it!?!

Everyone is BRAINWASHED, take it from there, if this is too much to swallow … take it in small bites …

Mostly everything was a lie!!! …

The Nazi (United Nations Agenda 21) Conspiracy controls the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and the Department of Fish Wildlife Parks. They are the ecological conduit connected to UN AGENDA 21 which has poisoned through chemtrail germs the rangeland ecosystems of southeast Montana.

Jeff Hagner is a communist who has headed both of these Nazi control agencies. He was personally informed (1999) by Sagebrush Bloom that the chemtrails were poisoning the ecosystems and that the weather was being controlled by patented weather modification technology.  He is a parasitic fraud and evil person who is the worst thing ever to happen to Montana wildlife.

*Lesions from chemtrail snow and rain is the Sage Hen killer … Jeff is a Communist Nazi wildlife fraud!

+Wildlife species have been poisoned for the last 20 years … chronic wasting diseases from CHEMTRAILS!



Wildlife management needs to return to the county of origin.  The state has failed because they rule for what appears to be a “CAPTIVE STATE OF MONTANA CORPORATION”!!! Owned by whom??? The Rothschild Family???? Who owns the State of MONTANA???

Who owns Custer County 59301???

Are Montana tax collections going to the Satanic Nazis poisoning the world??? YES!!!

Who wrote the Law giving the DNRC (2001) administration of the water of the atmosphere???

Ever since the passage of this weather control law, the atmospheric water that normally crosses the 4 southeast counties has been diverted by weather control technologies taking the potential rainfall to Northeastern Montana … stealing rain from southeast Montana and moving it north to the Missouri Breaks … Are they using Wildlife Funding to pay for rain in the Missouri Breaks???

Yes, I believe they are?????

This law is closely related to the MAN-MADE DROUGHT, that has caused the ranchers of southeast Moontana to have to buy hay and results in a loss of residual grass for winter grazing.







9/10/2015 chemtrail webs observed in the atmosphere … these are also bioweapons or nano-bots.

playing god

Issue 66 in the Golden Age September 2015

20 years of writing to nobody … everyone is in a coma state of mind … Royalty and the created Hollywood Actors continue to mesmerize global humanity …  on a scale of 1-100 the degree of mind control is 100% in eastern Moontana 59301.

Artificial intelligence came here to invade our physical reality … take over your body ??? … to experience physical reality??? …  To make one do things that are not of their own choosing? …

Earth is very special!!! … You are very special!!! … But you don’t know it??? Huh? … You are probably to some degree connected to God Mind? Yet on a daily basis you dump toxic garbage into your temple … because they “POISONED YOU” is no reason to not awaken!!!

You suffer for a “LACK of KNOWLEDGE” … what more can I say, Cactus Plains (the insane brain poking out of the gumbo).

Why was Cactus “booted off” milescity.com/munist website???

The ed-u-cation system created “poop brains”, it is now time for the poop brains to “arise together” from the depths of gumbo darkness and break on through to see the specks of light recharging the poisoned life force … gathering light creating infinite consciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: this maybe applicable as germs have a positive charge … some have a negative charged biofilm (brucella and derivatives, I believe?)

*** Grounding from morgellons or lyme nano particles;  particles are nothing  normal, we are producing a + charge nano-engineered … more intense than realized, going on for 40 years or more … you are charged up … ground with copper mesh/ aluminum sit with feet on  … put feet on and sit down … 5-15 minutes … allows to discharge … go barefoot – the earth has a negative charge

Brought to you by the North American Union, signed by Poppy Bush 2005; funded by the New World  Corporate Bankers … America for Sale! (There is an executive order signed by Poppy to sell all of America’s assets, I lost the number.)

Most interesting on YouTube: dallasgoldbug … wow!!!

* Montana Senator John Tester sure looks a lot like “Meatloaf”????? He acts like an actor; not a Montanan!  Megan Kelly FOX news sure looks a lot like O J Simpson’s murdered wife??? … huh!!!

Dallasgoldbug, a YouTube producer, highly intelligent, and beyond belief, has the most interesting videos relating to us existing in an actor based reality … it fits with what I have said; we are living in a created moovee and are actors, knowingly or not … where do you think the King Cactus Plains came from???

Most significant information on the you tube: Harald Kautz Vella … chemtrail’s un-natural components …

Most intelligent on health issue: Tony Pastelleresco … biofilm … he is right on top of the chemtrail germs and symptoms. Very intelligent!

Tina Turner, the greatest rock performer ever … awesome energy … the GREATEST PERFORMER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allana Myles … superstar; however she didn’t sell her soul to the Hollywood Satanists … Not saying Tina did!  But information indicates most rock stars did??? (David Bowie brought her to the Light!!! She lives in Switzerland … Land of the Pharaohs@@@ Priests of Amon Ra … Land of Gods… Rulers of the Earth… Sisters of Isis … Masters of Black Magic!!!!!!!!!!!! Witches!!!

Are they the Fallen Angels???


Reasons to vote for Donald Trump?

1.  He has tipped over both the Republicans and the Demoncrats??? The fear of GOD in both parties … I love it!!!

2.  Intelligence verses stupid ignorant democrats and republicans

3.  The only reason to vote for Trump is to keep the other ones out of office … Hillary ‘Bush’ Clinton and the other NWO Bush!

  • Don’t be surprised if we don’t find out that they are brother and sister …
  • Perceived reality is based on actors … as in STAGED EVENTS … that’s reality!
  • Something tells me there will never be another president in the White House.
  • Something tells me we may not ever have another president of the United States
  • The North American Union is probably their plan with the combining of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.



Miles City Livestock Commission burns to the ground on June 13th.

Being one who watches the skies at all times, I saw the smoke immediately from maybe 3 miles away. The old livestock processing sales building had served the community well for the last 66 years, or more? It burned quickly and was a long structure of mostly heavy wood construction 300 ‘ plus or minus.

I’ve got to wonder if the fire was not started by ISIS … eye SIS … ISIS is Israel and the United States who are controlled by Israel who is controlled by the Rothchild’s Bank of London who is controlled by the Vatican … the occult home of Satan …

Could the fire have been started by satellite technology, like many of the forest fires? Yes, but most likely it was just an electrical fire? “Who cares,” we have a brand new sales barn … wow!!!

Government international corporations are the only spending force behind the world stock markets. They are doing all the spending while borrowing on the ASSETS of PEOPLE … that in fact is how they broke America …


The phrase below lends credence to the fact that there is a higher intelligence pulling the strings of the Vatican and the other World Rulers as the Nazi Synagogue of Satan.

“…for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against rulers of  the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

I believe that comes from the Bible. I have been saying for many years that we are living in a real life-like moovee. Staged events, Zionists making biblical prophecy come true, and all the media creating what they want you thinking, in order to implement some related control measure on humanity.  Total control of the minds of mankind; that is what is going on!!!

“Impossible, you say?”

If what I have been writing about is indeed true, as I maintain 90% cannot be proven to be false, then the control has to come from advanced intelligence of some form.

Some CON-trollers control everything going on this not-so natural Planet.

Much like maybe the “fallen angels” from an adjacent dimension????

Pharmaceutical drugs provide for archons by creating an acidic state in the body systems .. black goo in drugs that allow archons to latch on to our bodies … possession by demons? (Amoretto?) Broom Ryder … haw!!!


WEATHER MONITORING REPORT: Driest year ever!!! Dry Rot bacteria in the soil profile dries up soil moisture rapidly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILLS MICRO-ORGANISMS!!!

As usual, the only rain we are getting is rain that falls despite weather control. Most all storms are altered as they approach Custer County’s west border, I have been observing and reporting this since 2000. This alteration of the weather causes southeast Moontana to receive much, much less rainfall. I have observed over 36 potential rainfall events get sprayed with chemtrails and split in half to go north and south.

It appears that potential rain events are being diverted to the federal lands from the private lands of eastern Montana. Federal lands would be Custer National Forest and the Missouri Breaks.


TREASON … the fence between freedom and the media, fed by the local state and federal government’s Agenda 21

Roundup the “treason minded” … spray the treason spiders with pesticides: Larry (spider) anthrax, Carlos Santos, Amorette (Broom Ryder), David Schott Himself in the Foot!

Carlos Santos seems like a clone … maybe ole Schott Himself in the Foot???

The most likely reason the Custer County Commissioners have covered up the fact of weather control is that they are paid off to keep silent by the Nazi Communists! Don’t believe that? Huh!

How about the $780,000 dollars the County is getting as PILT payment in lieu of taxes?  How about the insurance companies paying for hail suppression for the last 20 years? It is all recorded in Helena???????

Custer County Court House is royally screwing the resident CITIZENS in order to service the Captive State and Banker owned United States Corporation?


Consciousness Dawning After News:

*We are living in a real-life-like movie. Everyone is an actor, most don’t know it, but many do.  This reality is and has been created to deceive you and change your DNA.

*Basically everyone has been infected with weaponized and patented mycoplasma from the chemtrail spraying of the last 20 years.  This is a bio-weapon killer for Americans developed by ANTI-AMERICANS.

Covering up the obvious chemtrails is ANTI-AMERICAN!!! Broom Ryder … David Schott”Himself in the Foot”, and Larry Anthrax web spider: enemies of glorious Hard Grass Plains of eastern Moontana.


What was discovered in the rain from bases at Woodbourgh???- Harald Kautz Vella, see video on youtube:

SELF ASSEMBLING NANOBOTS ??????????????????????????????? EXACTLY!!!

Piezo electrical crystal nanoparticles… a dried raindrop … valid for scalar applications … absorbs UV light … affects cell division … same thing that caused mad cow disease … lack of copper … mercury strips nervous system … makes for access to the human nervous system … aerosol plasma.

Morgellons indicates a plan behind it … non-vaccinated cows did not get it … airborne … you can see them fly by on some nights with black light … Europe 100% infected.

Hollow fibers sprayed … nano particles are accumulating in the soil to cut us off from the earth …

Chemtrails were a way to get NANOTECH into your body.

Chemtrails were a way to create droughts.

Chemtrails were a way to poison the RAIN!

CHEMTRAILS were a way to  stimulate  WALLSTREET!

CHEMTRAILS were a way to disperse man made diseases!

CHEMTRAILS were a way were a way to create jobs for the UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21!

All news channels are to report “staged events”, which are used to distract from the diseases they are seeding the water of the atmosphere with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 years of SPRAYING CHEMTRAIL GERMS (1996-2015)

Neurodegenerative pathogens like brucella and bacillus … fungal bacteria … which acts like a seed to get into a injured cell and change the DNA to secrete mycoplasma biofilm and powerful enzymes like phosphodiesterase and keratinase!!!!





I think it is likely the biggest STAGED EVENT ever is about to happen! Shumann’s resonance is like the vibrating frequency of the Earth … something like 7.8 MHz … with CERN they think they can drive that ELF up to 12-17 MHz … “WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?????????” … CHANGE?????????

Many times I have said that Zionists have been creating Biblical Prophecy … which suggest we are living in a movie like reality … most all news events are STAGED EVENTS to shape the thoughts and minds of the common people … CERN Switzerland is a set up stage for insanity of inter-dimensional frequencies???

With things looking like Donald Trump will be the next president … I don’t think the Vatican wants that … but I do think they want Barack Obama to be the last president of the USA CORP … this will lead to the North American Union and full implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 … this has been long in the planning … Martial Law and Trump will no longer be a thorn in the Vatican’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Miltarization on the ground in every state is massive beyond belief … look at Miles City’s new jail $7 million, new national guard 17 million, unmarked military dump trucks, excavators, and caravans up and down the interstate … what the hell for … Martial Law and a Civil War??? or maybe a false flag event to further the spending required to keep Wall Street above water … is a Wall Street tsunami also part of the plan ??? They have lots of options … if one don’t work maybe another will …  $ Satan SS!!

We are living in a real-life-like moovee, it is all staged events … what is on the TV as news is staged events … as are the complete bunch of media bullshit!!! All about mind control and then they tell you what they are going to do about it … just for you … and bite! … hook, line, and sinker!!!!




The most highly desirable natural wildlife species in eastern Moontana are the berry trees: plums, chokecherry, buffalo berry, currants (ribes), wildrose and others.

Thousands of tons of wild berries were produced annually in Custer County prior to spraying the water of the atmosphere!!! Pheasants were juicy and fruity tasting … best food in the county … now they taste like Russia Olive … yuk!

All that delicious, native wildlife food has been sold out to Satan by an ignorant and corrupted system of loco government. Local governments and MEDIA serve themselves by screwing the resident CITIZENS to facilitate the captive state and federal governments.

CHEMTRAILS: many years of no berries … decline in wildlife … many years of poisoned soils … dying, starving plants and associated species … loss of soil nitrate … the bacterium turns plant-available soil nitrate to unavailable atmospheric nitrogen … desertification of Custer County.

The “CAPTIVE” Departments of Fish Wildlife and Parks and the Natural Resources are a complete fraud and CONSPIRACY against the unknowing sportsmen!!!!!!!!!!!

The only wildlife management going on of any substance are the coyote killers!!! Every coyote, wolf killed saves many deer. Thank you … Cactus Plains

Deer management by the FWP is about money capture by the foreign owned State!!!

Allowing deer hunting during the “rut” season of the bucks is totally ignorant, degrading, and very unintelligent wildlife managament.  The does are so gentled down that the bucks are susceptible to be shot from the county roads.

A sportsman shooting a buck in the ‘rut’ … that takes a real sportsman … like ewe Jeffery Communist?

One government section along the county road can serve as a killing point for all the bucks in the area. Most deer shot on government lands are shot from the road. If the does hang out along the road, all the bucks eventually get shot.

Then they closed the season for does (bucks only) and now all the bucks have been killed?

Chemtrail mites kill the Sagehens and then they blame the cause on mining and grazing?

Jeff you are a “wildlife fraud and conspiracy” of GERMAN SS Satanic Evil!!!!!!!!!

“Most all wildlife are suffering or dying daily because your ignorance and cowardly being!”


Flat earth theory, actor based reality, hollow earth theory, black goo, and artificial intelligence have emerged in a very profound way: more proof you have been lied to and merely exist as a slave to a much more advance intelligence.  Star Wars technology mostly from Nikola Tesla have interconnect advanced knowledge to create a totally new reality.

There is a lot of talk and evidence that all the so-called world leaders are possessed by the nephilim or some type of artificial incarnate?

There are information sources suggesting chemtrails end in 2015??? The ecosystems are nearly dead … see the following photos and you will know that I know what is happening in the ecosystem and why I say the DFWP and DNRC are playing the roles of the “enemy of the ecosystems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Chemtrail Impact #1 in 2014: cowpie’s completely stopped recycling in the soil profile?

Why has the nutrient recycling basically completely stopped??????????

a) End of the world staged event?  b) 100’s of years of over grazing?  c) State of Moontana sprayed

eastern Mt with Roundup and Chronic Wasting Disease  d) Chemtrail components killed most all the micro-organisms

kj cowpieye







“It is an established fact that the United States federal Government has been dissolved by the emergency Banking act of March 9, 1933 48 Stat. 1 Public Law 89 719 declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent!!!”

See Dallasgoldbug on you tube about the “Roosevelts”?????????????

Very, very interesting!!!

Chemtrails are the issue the loco newspaper and loco county court house, will not address. Here is some information relating to the little, red devil that has been in the rain for 20 or more years.  It is a bacillus listed in the government list of chemtrail components:

(Bacillus licheniformis- used to turn chicken feathers into keratinase??? Which they use as a livestock protein supplement.) Hmmm! Scientifically, pre-skin cancer is called Actinomyces israelii (lesion) and it expresses it’s presence as keratosis … Hmmm?

See my report, “Betrayal” for a list of the official chemtrail components.

Terms from a Government (UN) Chemtrail Document:

Replicating nano fibers: CHEMTRAILS are the UNITED NATIONS POISONING AMERICA and AMERICANS (funded by Federal Reserve Bank)

Military Technology

Responds to Microwaves

Gwen Satellites


Causes Diseases


Control Behavior

This bioweapon is a man made weapon that uses biological applications to infect and poisons ecosystem species. Yeah! It has been in your hair and mouth for many years.

Smart dust is the same thing; but there are more super computers controlling billions of dust sized particle nano processors.  This information comes from government and the nano part I don’t think is correct as you can easily see this stuff with 60x magnification. It is everywhere on everything.

Satellites for disease activation … STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!! (the Killing Fields: America Coast to Coast)

Great youtube: chemtrails exploded!!! (watch, it maybe the best ever???)

Zombies sleep no more! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Arise from the Muck! Gods Greatest People … the Americans!!!!!!!! The Americans … God’s Chosen Few!!! … when they become one … the GOD MIND!!!

Cactus Plains … lots more coming as the rotation speeds up? Did I say the earth is not spinning as they say nor is the Sun we see 93 million miles away. Have a good day and play away as you are an actor in a make believe WORLD!!! Prove me wrong because you cannot!!! Haaaaaw!!!

12192015:    Killer on the loose … Local resident Ed Martin murdered, beaten, and robbed!

Limited information on milescity.com … corrupted or incompetent and another cover-up in COVER UP COUNTY 59301 … surfing the Ether Net, I get the feeling the State of Montana has something to do with this total boondoggle … more proof (???) the government system does not work for the CITIZENS … Did the State interfer because they have been deeply involved with the mentality of a mush-brain druggy?  Does not it look like he should have been behind bars? …

A blue jay just came by for dog food … “Kaw! Kaw!” he said, this guy was likely functioning for Nazi Star (project paperclip) … that bird is a little windy … but we live in a moovee … and that is a FACT!!!

Could this have been another staged event???  The school shootings of media fame were staged events. The killers were on legal drugs as in prescribed!!! Was Scum Price on pharmaceutics??? I bet he was … what you think, Big Cow BO9?

My thoughts are that if the State had not interfered, the Sheriffs crew would have captured this programed murdering, piece-of-demonic shit immediately after the incident.

He went on to kill a lady in Missoula and stabbed another. Captured in Missoula.

Of interest is the fact that he did not need a gun … ??? Mind control??? Legal drugs? Meth?

He was on probation and should have been in JAIL??? What Happened???


Cactus Plains: Star Wars on the Hard Grass Plains-Chemtrail GERMS!

2 Aug

Cow Talk with Cactus Plains; where Environmental Deception hits the Fan!!!

keyboard cowards


Cliven Bundy Stands Tall for Americans; slammed by Milescity.com/poop brains/worthless eaters … CIA UN ASS SETS support Cattle Killers/ armed GOV thieves/ UN Agenda 21 Corruption/ANTHRAX POISONING OF THE ECOSYSTEM





In 1934 OWNERSHIP of the United States of America was transferred to NEW OWNERSHIP. The 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act was amended to make the people the “enemy of the United States “!

DESERT TORTOISE DUNG … from Environmental Whackos!!! (Poop brains)!!!

“Unconstitutional” Land Management Laws Calving: Cliven Bundy’s Cows speaking through Cactus Plains:

The GOLDEN DAWN with notorious guest CACTUS PLAINS … on the Nevada Desert 600,000 acres waste land 900 sacred cows (600,000 acres divided by 900 animal units = 666.66666 acres per cow) that is 1 square mile of land to feed a cow for a year … what? 666 … government means mind control + 666 = $SATAN … another staged event (Cactus)


Was the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 a Conspiracy Act like the Federal Reserve Act??? … maybe created to facilitate a conspiracy planned by the Zionist Bankers behind the British Crown? The same conspiracy that created the all capital letters, “CITIZEN”! Means you are an owned Ass Set!



After 1934 everything done was unconstitutional and therefore null and void?

How much simpler does it need be explained so it sinks into the sheepy brain? (The date in the above photo, 1959 I’m not sure about?)

These people that scream; “He did not pay his grazing fee so he deserves what he is getting”; you are a mentally lacking bunch of suffocating satanic scum on a dying pond! … You are something the ecosystems need to rid their glorious shine of? Off into the darkness with you scumbags of nothingness! You serve “no use” in the all knowing intelligent design God Mind!!! “The worthless eaters?” We got a lot of them over on milescity.com/imbeciles … traitors of the land!


The GOVERNMENT thieves paid the contract thieves $600000 thousand to gather, shoot, and pen about 360 cows and then had to turn them loose because they had nowhere to go with the stolen cattle. They shot cattle from helicopters and buried cattle in trenches. PURE EVIL!!!

Cows are the best ecosystem enhancement tools in the West!!!  Sagebrush Bloom

Eat your heart out you egg sucking dogs! No one can prove the Cactus Plains wrong!!!

Let’s see i.e. visualize = 900 hundred cows fertilizing the rangeland ecosystem for a year. The sacred cow returns everything she eats and drinks to the natural ecosystem, which when analyzed as a fertilizer is an enhancement factor beyond any commercial fertilize. Compared to ammonia nitrate fertilizer there is no comparison, ammonia nitrate fertilizer kills most if not all of the micro-organism where as cow fertilizer enhances the soil condition for the enhancement of the natural micro-organisms. (165 plus biological species)!

Ammonia nitrate is a by-product of the OIL INDUSTRY. Chemtrail bacteria turn natural plant available soil nitrate to non useable nitrogen … it is this phenomena that makes ammonia nitrate fertilization productive … problem reaction solution … sterile soil, you need to fertilize/soil wore out bs, add petroleum product … fund NWO!!!

Cow piss is far superior as a liquid fertilizer … it is highly medicinal as a matter of FACT!!!

Rumor has it drinking 1 pint of cow pee pee every morning will mitigate the adverse psychotic side effects of using anti-depressant legal drugs … lol! The Cactus on the Sunny side!

The SACRED COWS are going to fertilize the poor soils, so they can exponentially become more and more fertile, as in over the years the soil development and soil productivity will increase as the soil develops from an entisol to semi-arid soil type providing for greater bio-diversity.

As the soils get better and better the bio-diversity will increase and have a positive total impact on the ecosystems.

Here is why I call her the SACRED COW; she will disperse upon the soils about 24 lbs of organic fertilizer and let’s say 180 lbs of liquid urine daily. That is 204 lbs of fertilizer, vitamins, enzymes and minerals to the soil development. Pretty … substantial, huh??? LOL

They don’t teach that do they?

What would it cost ewe to buy a 50lb bag of the above enhanced cow fertilize. I’ll guess a 50 lb bag of manure would cost $4-$6 bucks?

So one SACRED COW is converting forage that if not grazed would just oxidized or be chemically burnt and gassed into the atmosphere to pollute similar to methane, aka global war warming.

So grazing is the use of something that would otherwise be wasted!!! In fact we now realize that grazing is very beneficial to the ecosystems.

One cow beneficial value index for enhanced ecosystems is say $4+ per day value times 30 days equals $120 per month or $120 aum index factor; aum is animal unit per month value to the land provided by one cow for 1 month.

Previously I estimated that on poor land the government should be paying the livestock owner about $25 dollars per animal unit month, in Bundy case it would have been 900c x 12 months equals 10800 aums times $25 equals $270000 a year. That is my reasonable value that I thought the government should be paying the livestock owner; the real value for the nutrient enhancement provided by the cow would be $120 per month x 10800 aums or $1296000 per year that the government owes Cliven Bundy per year. Send them a bill Cliven, that’s what they did to you, but now we know the real story behind the GRAZING FEE. It is an American rip off that funds the WORLD BANK EVIL!!!

That given the government cannot afford to own land! Not to mention that the chemtrails are killing the wildlife, sealing the soils, and making the vegetation highly flammable beyond believe! And not a word has been said by the phony government scientists!

I know this sounds very extreme, but so be it. The proof exists that GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE IN THE LAND MANAGEMENT BUSINESS. Coincidently the government played a major role in the development and livelihood of the Cactus Plains and I am very grateful. Unfortunately government management is not about the needs of natural resources or opportunities of the American people, but is in fact about helping the ruling Jesuits/Zionists destroy life and the natural ecosystems that make the earth the most beautiful place maybe in the universe … genocide!




You need not worship $Satan to change your DNA to corrupted DNA … which comes about by functioning to facilitate $Satan’s Agenda … United Nations Agenda 21 … right in your face!!!

I told readers long ago that they were planning on instigating a CIVIL WAR!

The Federal Land grazing fee is mostly a fraud created by corruption of land Law by those that created the Federal Reserve Banking system.

Through the Federal Reserve Regional Banks, they have controlled the government of the United States. Everything you look into leads back to major corruption at the highest levels. This corruption comes from the Bank of London/Vatican City and represents the fact that America is still an ass set/colony of the British Crown/Vatican. Red Coats?

Through the use of money they bought their way right down the line and into the county court house of every county across the land. With this power they made you a Corporate CITIZEN under which you are owned. They made every county a corporation which they control and every CITIZEN an owned slave.

You got money, a ranch or business, well they own you, you just don’t know; because they created and own your mind? How about the Death Tax?

All the sleeping landowners of Custer County who are not fighting the ‘Sage Hen Conspiracy’ will be subject to the same government abuse that Cliven Bundy has been standing tall against. The desert tortoise conspiracy, the spotted owl conspiracy and now we have the ‘Sage Hen Conspiracy’; all are rooted from the federal wildlife federation and similar cabals of international and domestic terrorists!

128203 executive order> Poppy bush> privatized the United States corporation and privatized everything for sale. China buying America … how do you like it out west?

They the government are selling all the public lands to countries like China … they have poisoned the land and all the animals … they have been killing the Americans since the so called end of world war 11. Vaccines and chemtrails are both of man-made diseases???????

But world war 11 never ended, the Nazis captured Germany (Red Beckman), they moved into America, South America and the Antarctic?, and are now the Fourth Reich controlling every country in the world with the Government of your Loco Court house?

As a result of writing the laws for the State Governments of every state they have their ducks in a row and are now implementing the final battle for the complete annihilation of any freedoms or rights the Americans thought they had? They have poisoned you and everyone else, yes and even themselves as they know not what all they are doing? They are clever imbeciles?

When I hear the media and government Jackasses saying Clive did not pay his grazing fees; so he deserves to have his life taken away from him and his family. I know this is coming from little minds that are lacking in intelligence knowledge and consciousness!

Clive knows this government grazing fee was a “created corruption” of government to benefit the World Bankers who think they own Amerika???

Has Nevada Senator Harry Reed made a deal with China and some oil and gas companies??? Fracking is ecologically PURE EVIL! Does he own land nearby? Are you supporting this Satanic Scum? 93 acres with what appears to be a corrupted title??? Do not think for a minute that Clark County government is not corrupt. Where were the commissioners when the feds put 53 other ranches out of business? Commissioners like Custer County’s work/function for the state and federal government and neglect/betray/conspire against the interests of the common tax payer.

In 1983 I had a fair amount of training in government land laws and grazing rights. I am writing this from memory and someone should research and check out if I am remembering correctly?

The General Land Office 1812 was the predecessor to the BLM. Included all aspects of control, administration, recording, and transfer of public lands by grants, sale, or by other means …

Western State lands were opened up to homesteading in order to populate the western states. Section 6 and 36 were allocated to the State to provide funding for what became a communist dumb you down school system. That is what we have today … the schools are a system to keep certain information away from the CITIZENS. Mountainous timbered lands were allocated to the Forest Service who mismanaged them for the 60 years. It was planned to facilitated fires ignited in the West by the Government in the end of the ages! Yes! Stars Wars technology starts fires and creates droughts?

The remaining lands were considered wastelands that were not homesteaded and became the non-allocated land that is now mismanaged by the government land agencies. They were barren and of very low fertility.

This is where the corruption comes into play … it is my belief that the intent of the laws were for those lands to go to ownership by the Counties …

The United States government has been covertly in the business of shutting down family farming and ranching. Clive Bundy is the last of 52 family ranches that the federal and loco governments have put out of business in Clark County. County Commissioners serve SATAN’s UN Agenda 21 … this is the disconnect … they service Government Agencies to facilitate Wall Street (corporations) and screw the people out of the Tax collection money!

USDA‘s annual budget is greater than the combined total of agricultural products produced by the so called United States?

The same thing has happen in the counties of Montana. The county governments prey off of the people as per design by the other side. Putting all those ranching and farming families out of business generated a lot of business for the uptown/downtown corrupted city scumbags.

After 14 years of following the deeds of the Commissioner form of local GOVERNMENT; they are nothing short of government prostitutes for the STATE and FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS … WHO ARE CAPTIVE TO THE WORLD BANKSTERS …………. They treat the common people like shit! Government kills those that oppose inside government corruption!

Now the Grazing Fee Conspiracy;

The place to begin looking would be the “Taylor Grazing Act of 1934”.

1934 was the year the United States was fraudulently put into bankruptcy by those who created World War 1 and 11. The Judicial Branch of Government and all the assets of the United States were taken in receivership by the World Bank. The US Treasury was usurped by the World Bank and the constitution nullified and replaced with British Admiralty Law as far as the World Bankers were concern.

Now should we not consider the fact that the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 was not a conspiracy and corruption to make sure the public lands were held for the best interest of World Bankers???????????

Bundy’s ranch was established in I believe 1877 and his family probably realized that the Taylor grazing and other laws were created to keep public lands from becoming county land resources. Remember these public lands were harsh land that nobody wanted because they were of low productivity and would not sustain a family. They brought hardy cattle in and developed water holes and low and behold the fertility of the soils began to improve in fertility, bio-diversity and forage production!!! Wow!!!

Essentially these lands would have become county assets, had it not been for the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934.

It is for those reasons that I admire Cliven Bundy for standing up for his God given rights. Is it not a parallel to the David and Goliath story in the bible story?

All across the country we have an anti-American government attacking the people of the once United States of America. They are buying fully automatic AR’s and hollow point bullets (illegal in warfare?).

When the Montana National Guard first moved backhoes into the compound several years ago I knew the underlying purpose had to do with digging trenches to dump poisoned cattle into.

Take a look at the dump trucks, backhoes and other heavy equipment now and the new GOVERNMENT MILITARY FACILITY that is costing 17.5 million? Take a good look … could they not be preparing to dig trenches and bury a lot of cattle; which they are planning on killing with some so called “mad cow” disease???

Wake the flock up!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw Bundys stopping a so called government caravan of armed personnel with a dump truck and backhoe, I knew what they had been up to, burying cattle they had killed.

Yes they were returning from digging a trench 18’w x 10’ deep and 50 feet long in which they had buried cattle they shot and killed in the round up! They were shooting them from a helicopter!!!

Cactus Plains reporting ‘live’ from the Nevada Desert Tortoise standoff. They have the no-fly zone closed so no one can report the land disturbances and cattle they have killed!

4/17/2014 7:13 AM Okay Cactus and Sagebrush zoomed off yesterday for a flyby of the Nevada Turtle War Zone. They just crashed back through the ceiling and here is the report:

This land is terrible poor land and appears to have been poisoned with chemicals for many years. And of course we had to duck UN tankers and CIA-Evergreen International tankers coming and going all across the skies between Miles City and Bunkerville.

We saw the same bleached out and poisoned plants in Nevada as we have all across the land. The more aridic lands show the poisoning more than the more fertile or organic soils. Hell I’d guess there is more vegetative production on the dark side of the moon than there is on this barren desolate waste land!

The 600000 thousand acres is in poor condition caused by fall out and chemtrails seeding the rain with dry rot bacillus/mycoplasma.

The soils are basically sterile and of very low productivity and mostly bare ground.

Actually the government should be paying the Bundy’s about $25-$120 dollars per month per cow for enhancing the soil fertility and boosting the forage production.

How do you like that Jack! Are you putting Americans at War with each other? Divide and conquer, you are such a clever devil … Harry Reid you got the little red devil in you too. Fracking is ecological evil by the clever devil!

Grazing, pissing, and cow pies builds soil fertility, provides for soil micro-organism and increases soil productivity; thus enhancing the total ecosystems. Cows are very accommodating to bio diversity enhancement.

It is chemtrail GERMS that are ripping the life force out of the total ecosystems. Where in HELL? … are the government land management agencies when the land is being poisoned by United Nations Agenda 21?

Sitting on their asses reading the environmental wacko mail, I know!


Harry recent hurt himself while exercising, broke some bones in his face and some ribs … if you believe that???



Earl’s Institute Depository for the Deposition of Poop Brains is full … it cannot get any stupider as the depository is running over and you are sitting shitting in it.

Pay his grazing fee? None of us know the situation adequately to comment. No Amoretto, you do not have any ownership in so called public lands … you are a pathetic traitor!!! Ha! But In your mind you own some of the gold in Fort Knox … too bad Rothschild took it for war debt since the World Bank owns your Amerika!

How about the government land agencies start paying the ranchers for their cows fertilizing naturally the rangeland ecosystems? I think about $25 per animal month may be a little low?

What do you think BO9, Amoretto Broom Ryder, Brown Recluse Anthrax webmaster, Bridgier, Gunnar, Kelly? As a generalized statement “I would tell you cheerleading for Government is purely SATANIC, unconstitutional, and even much worse, you are siding with the few that are poisoning the total ecosystems … with a snake venom secreting bacillus.

Are you the kind of American that could be a sniper for the government of the US and shoot another American? If you are then I would say you are mentally ill and have Chemtrail parasites eating away in your brain … lessen you have left it at the bottom of Earl’s Outhouse?

Are you brainless idiots fronting for the makers of Cancer? … A man made disease among others … that probably killed someone/s close to you?

DENIAL corrupts your DNA … are you sure that is where you want to go? …

Being for Big Government toting AUTOMATIC WEAPON SHOOTING SOMEONES CATTLE, with SNIPERS ON THE RIDGE guarding the crime scene is Cowardly in depth?

Do you think your comments on Cliven Bundy pissed the Cactus Plains off? He knows you are totally brainwashed Zombies of planned programming by the Synagogue of Satan!

Oh I forgot milescity.com/brown recluse is for ‘stinkers only’; ‘No thinkers Allowed”. Stinkers … you remember settle on the bottom … Earl’s Institute Depository for Shite for Brains.

Cactus Plains … those of intelligence, knowledge and consciousness agree with Cactus Pains!!!!!!!!!

Sacred Cows

The government has been in the business of putting ranchers out of business since at least 1976? True or False?

The County Commissioners function for the World Bank, not the taxpayers? True or False? Fix it!

Hey Brown Recluse aka Larry Anthrax I sent you $40 1/15/2013 and an email saying if you did not like what I said to take it off and you evilly booted the Cactus and Cheryl off about 2 month after (03/21/13) … you need to return the $40 or;

“Let us back on your stinking, (stench of rot), boring, uninformative website???? I think you are a fraud, at any rate it would benefit your site to let us back in the chatter …

It’s all a moovee you dumbass! If you don’t know that the Rothchilds’ are the bankers behind the bankers; that is the proof you are truly a dumbass … (Huey McFarland)

I will debate all 6 of you dumbasses on the grazing issues, chemtrails, bacillus, you name it and you can all poke the hell out of the Cactus … does not that sound like fun!!! … You can even recruit Dr Micho Kaku?

Eat your heart out you dumb asses!!! I thought three of you were about over the fence … guess Cactus has been kicked off for too long. Half way over the fence don’t hack it? Or does it? Or did it? LOL!

In actuality the web spider coward is functioning for those murdering the sheepy people of Miles City with weapons of mass destruction known as chemtrails and vaccines?

Here is the bs quote from the milescity.com web master, where he boots Cheryl and Cactus off a supposed community web site for the people of the miles city community? This is a blatant personal attack by the Webspider, he would be a fraud maybe a demon, convenient for the Coward not to live in Miles City???

I’m sorry, but enough with the delusional paranoid conspiracy theory bullcrap. I don’t wish to be subjected to the rantings of lunatics on a regular basis, and I’m sure others here don’t either.”

In actuality he is the one breaking the rules as I see it? I’ve been warning people of south east Montana that chemtrails are behind all the sick people and have poisoned the ecosystems.

This son of Jackass has shite for brains if he thinks the anthrax diffused chemtrails of the last 20 years has not poisoned the people and ecosystems. He is so “brainwashed stupid” that he cannot debate any of the outrageous conspiracies that I have informed/warned the readers of miles city.com of!!!

Purpose and Need: of milescity.com is to keep the TRUTH from connecting to the mentality of Southeast Montana!!!

Purpose and Need: of the United Nations and the CIA/evergreen international spraying eastern Montana with pesticides/herbicides/desertification salts are depopulation and making people sick to fund Wall Street … owned by Criminals that created the Federal Reserve System which was a Conspiracy to set up United Nations Agenda 21.

Show cause/indication/proof that I am wrong about anything!!! Larry Anthrax can’t do it … neither can Dave ‘shot’ Himself, Big Cow Bo9, Broom Ryder, Fence Ryder Gunnar, Dumbo Kelly, Gumbo Bridger,

How do you know that the disingenuous, deceptive, corrupted and frauds like Larry Anthrax, Dave Shot Himself, Amoretto and the like are not the “worthless eaters”????????????????


I think the other side is watching and knows all?

See; Evidence of BLM’s Deadly Abuse of Animals taken from Bundy Ranch! (On internet)


F**king cowards were shooting his cattle for the Federal Reserve funded Government of the Captive USA.

This is another “staged” event! Except they were outlawed from taking them into Utah to a livestock sales yard and no other sales yard would take the stolen cattle. They were stolen cattle so they had to let them loose. LOL They had to turn the cows loose because they had no place to sell them???

I heard on a radio show lately that when the Bundy’s decided to march on the GOV cattle holding facility to release their cattle … a stand-off between the GOV and the Bundys occurred where the Bundy’s said they were going to cross the line in the sand; and that the GOV told them they would all be killed!!!

The Bundys and patriot Americans said they believed God was with them and they crossed the line with several women on the front line. BLM could not believe what they saw, the patriots risked their lives and marched forward facing 200 armed government warriors, and they were chatting BLM go home or something of the like. Most likely this was not local BLM, but some type of hired GOV/CORP military thugs???

The BLM packed up and left!

United States of America … a Corporation registered In Delaware?

Bureau of Land Mismanagement … a Corporation registered in Puerto Rico?

Custer County Corporation 59301 … a Corporation of Fraud, Deception, Conspiracy, Murder and Thief!

Amoretto ‘Broom’ Ryder … (Broom relates to a historian that sweeps the ‘truth’ under the rug! … Methodically programmed medications … lacking in intelligence, no knowledge, and unconscious having no thinking ability! … A pseudo Corporation of the CIA? Do anti-depressant drugs cause psychotic behavior that leads to psychosis?

All of the above FOR SALE:

Hillary Clinton and Micelle ‘Mike’ Obomba for president 2016 (masters of deception).

For readers that don’t know what I am referring to when I mention milescity.communist; this is a site that has booted Cactus off for suggesting ha! That weather control and disease spraying has been going on in the “Big Skies” since at least 1979 and I think since 1954. Cactus is not allowed on a site named after his home town … Miles City, because they (site is networked with other cover-up ass sets like the local pseudo-media, court house, etc) don’t want the common CITIZENS to know about weather control, VACCINES, population control, mind control, man-made diseases and the total poisoning of the ecosystem!!! Not to mention TREASON!

It is just total “EVIL” that Larry Anthrax (sp) can get away with controlling this site so the CITIZENS cannot be exposed to the ‘TRUTH’ …   Bottom line in my opinion … TREASON!!!

This site is aiding and abiding those who created cancer and the chemtrail germs … which are in fact … BIO-WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The Fourth Reich?

The tribe of Judah killing the Christians??????

The Vatican funded Muslims killing the American Christians?????????????

CHINA buying America????????????????? China the Jesuit Ass Set????

What do you think NOW about the NWO?

Democrats and Republicans, the division that is taking American Freedom Down, absolutely the same as Nazis and Communist, because it is SATAN’s DIVIDE and CONQUER!!!

Mankind will never advance mentally until they become ONE with MOTHER NATURE …………..




12/27/2014 9:09 AM   the federal lands should be turned over to the counties not the State!

Well I have been holding off putting this report on the internet, knowing more is coming:

I have said that the America we have known has been a “staged event” with the country being dissolved back in 1934. Yes, with the enemy within, they did it and I now as before believe we are in the end phase of WW 111 which started after world war 11, I have guessed it began in 1954 with the spraying of America with maybe a brucella bio-weapon and followed up with the polio ‘shot’ that put cancer admittedly in 98 million Americans.

So here is where we are today; “Utah demands Feds surrender lands by December 31st.”

“Transfer of public lands act”; signed by the Governor of Utah.

This is the North American Union at play! As the regions that will make up the North American Union are developed the federal lands within them will have to go to the States. The Bundy War was a staged event by the feds to facilitate this turning over of the federal lands the State Corporations.

Remember we have learned that the STATES, COUNTIES, CITIES, and CITIZENS are all a bunch of anti-American corporations.

No United States; as the states are broken up into regions.

It is not the people of Utah that are behind this movement, it is the NWO bankers and who ever now owns the different regions states counties and cities.

Was the creation of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 a pre-planned conspiracy by those that criminally created the Federal Reserve Banking system that feeds the New World Order that has been poisoning the world for the last 19 years and more???? … yes!!!

8/2/2015 … I have held on to this for some time … I am about to release it to the world … Yikes a blackish spider just crawled out for under my laptop … wow … I squished it … was it larry out of the physical body??? … spying on the Cactus … I got sage hens that like spiders!!! Is that why they poisoned the sage hens of the great hard grass plains.

They have big surprises scheduled for September 1915 thru October 1916???

I have lots of surprises and cohesive information coming and yes specks of light have been breaking through since 12/21/2012.

We have all been fooled for a life time and lots of good people face a reckoning as to what side they are on?

Good or Evil??? Evil has been the controlling factor for 13000 years and now we are in the beginning phase of 13000 years of enlightenment???

The complete money system is $Satanic and there is probably a huge wreck in the near future.

“Time for Government Corruption to End … Completely!!!! Permanently!!!

The New World Order … No Corruption … the GOD MIND!!!

Perceived Reality … Global or Flat Earth Corruption … God of War and Red Hot Deserts

I have a truck load of information coming that ties this all together …  we have to become one by getting together with the most accurate information.

If you don’t want to get to a rest home or worse … get your head out of the gumbo and merge with all knowing intelligence design … see CindyKay on rise together her you tube … wow!!! what a brave American!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyond Belief … Cindy Kay … Good God Bless You … and now may the 100th monkey syndrome begin all across this beautiful land  … may the Cabal fall and goodness arise all across this once beautiful land!!!

Cactus Plains

Cow Talk 2015

18 Apr


The PLANET is DYING … EASTERN MOONTANA IS DYING …  MANKIND is doing NOTHING … drunk on deception, legal drugs, fluoride compounds, and Nazi Brainwashing???


Much of what I know is not available to the common minds of Americans because of local corruption in the  County Court Houses, newspapers, and medical facilities. This is the 15th year of saying “you better look into things and ‘wake up’ before it is too late! Diseases Galore??? People don’t know … that is why you are reading this … if I don’t put the info out about the poisoned ecosystems it is not coming …

It appears that Custer County Corporation or the captive STATE has been selling the water of the atmosphere for profit leaving EASTERN MOONTANA … HIGH AND DRY!!! Can anyone prove me wrong???

Broom Ryder wants to know “why would they do that?” … $$$money … they steal the water of the atmosphere from the ecosystems and take it back east to create destructive storms … while at the same time they continue to diminish agricultural profitability in Custer County … putting the mid sized and smaller farmers and ranchers out of business as they have been doing for the past 50 years more or less!!!

BO9 says dah!!! then how do you explain the high rainfall of 2011, 2013, and 2014? hmmm? … They have for the last 20 years been able to move the water of the atmosphere of smaller and medium weather fronts over eastern moontana leaving us high and dry … it is the very large weather fronts that they cannot completely control that give us our rain on the plains …

Since the seventies the amount of atmospheric water crossing eastern mooontana has increased … substancially … as has weather control technology … Cactus from the sunny side of the Galactic Plane (equator) … da da … that’s where we are going … unless it is all a fake???




Akhenaton does not appear to have been human? hmmm? Obama does not act like he is human?

Akhenaton destroyed Egypt and Obama is destroying America? Coneheads???

Obama does have his strings pulled by the Satanic Power behind the Vatican? (Some intelligence indicates he is an agent of the Saudi King) his presence as president of the united states corporation indicates all government agencies and the military are CAPTIVE????????

The Vatican controls China, Russia, the United States Corp, the British Crown and all the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people control nothing including their own minds! The people control nothing including their own minds!! The people control nothing including their own minds!!!



Many good people have been killed because they were informing the common people of the truths that have been covered up! Bad people cover-up the TRUTH! Good people exposed the TRUTH! One is Satanic, one is in Harmony with Mother Nature.

Look into the murder of Brietbart … Hastings … and Tom Clancy??? Were they murdered in relation to a book Tom Clancy was in the process of writing getting … information from Briebart???

The Fraud in it All!!!


BETRAYED!!! from within???

Over the years as I have tipped over the garbage cans of wildlife/religious/education/media bull shit, I have learned that everything is mostly lies and that Americans have been used as slaves to fund Wall Street and the Stars Wars we are not told about! This is Stars Wars … we are living in it … not knowing … have been unconscious all our lives … believing all those lies????????

It all started (1999) when I found out Marc Racicot the Montana governor could do nothing about the drought inducing weather control and diseases that are being sprayed right in front of everyone’s face!!! and down their throats … they are prokaryotes? We have been in a war against Amerika since the polio shot, the communist educations system, the criminal American Medical Association and the Federal Reserve System; all attacking and Poisoning Americans for 100 years?

That is done and America of before is not needed today … it is over … the people are deeply deceived and asleep …  unconscious of mind control, weather control and disease control to fund Wall Street …

I’ve been so close to giving up … and then something irritates my frequency zone and pulls me down … and says “never say die”, well interestingly along comes Albert Webre and the ‘positive time line’ since 2012, and then there is Karen Hudes and all the gold waiting for humanity, Edgar Cayce’s (David Wilcock)reincarnate and the coming arrest of the Global Elite, factions of the CIA and Military breaking loose from Corrupt controllers … there is more hope than I thought their might be, be it awful late!!! … and low in numbers …

There is also more and more information about different alien species coming to help … I think we have been getting some help since 2012 but we don’t know … only know we do need help as the odds have been deep against real freedom for mankind …

It is up to the local government to undo all past corruption … and a civil war looms, a global war looms but has been going on since 1913, a staged event.




A hidden civilization controlling the  planet earth; 6 billion brainwashed, the land poisoned, what happened to ancient Egypt is happening to America and America is controlling the world resources for the Vatican???

and the Vatican controls China and Russia in case they need a WAR against America?

Are we really living in a movie-like production created by higher intelligence, unknowingly????

Be sure and read the 1st article on my website about Black Mold. Read them all … nobody has the intelligence to prove/indicate that Cactus has been wrong about anything significant?????????? read SEIR page?

From an ecological perspective it appears that most diseases are rooted from Black Mold?

TKO on the key boards coming soon:


Cactus Plains vs Broom Ryder Corp … What is the cause of most mental illness? a) pathogens b) antidepressants c) dust mites d) all knowing intelligent design brain cells gone loco … Cactus tacks Broom Ryder under the carpet with truth … horrible torture ( bacillus dust with mites??? hmmm? pleomorphic)

Cactus Plains vs Anthrax webmaster … Who are spraying the big skies with mycoplasma fermentans incognitus??? a) the United Nations b)  Evergreen International (CIA) c) NATO (Jesuits) … d) Broom Ryder …  Cactus raps the Brown Recluse spider with fungal bacillus webs seen by  many falling from the big skies

Cactus vs the JJC & CJ Sampsel (Docs) … Cactus breaks the dark glass, shines the light on bacillus: inverted bacillus producing viruses right in front of their eyes … blabber blasted! bamboozold! hog tied and dried??? … mummies or dummies???

and the winner is cancer by fungal bacillus

Cactus Plains; “World Champion in 3 seconds” TKO … TKO … TKO” … LOL!!!!

Battle at the keyboard bought to you by; Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence Report.

Dave Schott ‘Himself in the Foot’ again … this time with the ‘flu shot’. Boom by brucella productions!!!

Cactus Plains vs Dave ‘Schott Himself’ in the Foot’ … I dubbed this American imposture “Dave Schott himself in the foot” because he lied about my friend Eustace Mullins over on Mileshitty.communist when smarting off about a comment I left … he acts like he works for microstupid or is it tender … this dude does not have the intelligence to comment about anything I write … he discredited what I was saying in agreement with larry anthrax.  Eustase Mullins wrote a book about Vaccines; “MURDER BY INJECTION”  … that is where ‘Dave Schott himself in the foot.’

He admits he got the flu shot and then got a free ride to the hospital where his bill for the 4 day vaccination/vacation cost $65,000. There is a speck of light in his profile as he admitted to getting the flu shot and put it on milesshitty.communist … wake up Dave … I bet Chuck knows better? might lose that one?

According to the internet, Bill Gate’s father was a mover and shaker in the Nazi  SS Party. Bill Gates says he wants to injected everyone with diseases, oh, I mean vaccines or is it chemtrails. I have to believe Bill Gates is probably a robot or totally mind controlled by the Jesuits in the Vatican.

The flu is a faction of the brucella bacteria and is a wall street sweetie … man made?

So when you get a flu shot you get a dose of a man made dormant coccus, probably the slime form??? …

One of the best threads on milescity.com is “Flu Epidemic”, well worth the read. Read how they attack the Cactus Plains about what he said about the flu!!! It is a great read … see what Dave Shot Himself in the foot said in print.  BO9 knew better and did not comment? … Gunnar sees some light.

Cheryl … when the medical cartel does not know what causes cancer how can you trust anything medical? … I think you are wrong as it starts in the stomach and when the poison secreted gets absorbed in the blood you get sick, much like tetnus blood poisoning also caused by bacillus (rust).  If you feel the upset stomach you can do something like oregano oil which will neutralize the poison and kill the bacteria before too much poison is absorbed into the blood stream. If gets established in the lung cavity it should be called pneumonia, if it gets in the lung tissue it would be like tuberculosis??? Vomit is your body telling you to get that poison out … acid reflux is similar and is caused by bacillus cereum … It really looks like most diseases are made from Black Mold!

Bacteria can be engineered to feed on iron, it is called rust. Bacteria can be genetically engineered to eat chicken feathers creating a protein called keratinase? When they spray it in the chemtrail concoction it is called bacillus licheniformis which feeds on keratin thus in everyone’s hair feeding on, yes, your hair! Then they sell it as livestock protein? And of course they put it’s close cousin Bacillus thuringenis in GMO foods, but who cares??? Solar keratosis is a hoax … the cause of skin cancer is Nazi made bacillus

CJ Sammy Walking Eagle & JJC … bacillus produces the viruses … virus means poison … virus is a strand of dna which is genetically coded to secrete poisonous enzymes … phosphodiesterase … I DOCUMENTED IT FIRST … but you don’t have the facilities to figure out the Cactus is right on about viruses.  Fungal bacteria much like brucella and bacillus have been genetically engineered to feed Wall Street Parasites? (‘Sunset’ is another great informative read on milescity.com)

Issue 60 is waiting maybe for the Bundy Ranch War one year anniversary???

Why is man made Bt in the corn kernels all across the land’

Psuedomonas fluorescens is man made bacillus with expotential Bt in it’s formula.  It is not a natural bacteria, but a very intelligent bacillus … Prince Phillip??? … a fungal bacteria from a thought in his mind?

Why would they seed the clouds with Psuedomonas???

Was the protein of original corn replaced with the protein ‘phosphodiesterase’???

Are we talking about Nazi SS intelligence that has fucked the eyes out of natural SCIENCE???


David Icke says it is all an illusion? Staged Events with all mind control … Nazi technology from “project paperclip” … what does “project paperclip” have to do with it all???


March 15 to April 13 … Patented weather control technology has been used to stop rainfall events at least 9 times in the last 15 days … eastern moontana should have gotten at least 1 inch or more … this facilitates the storms in the eastern states … in other words when Custer County sells the water of the atmosphere they become involved with Nazi weather warfare, causing tornado and wind storms to destroy property in the east!!!

We came into the greening up phase with about 2 foot of soil moisture … the country was completely chemical burnt by the bioweapons … fungal  bacteria has infected everything … this Nazi crap dehydrates the plants and soils, turns the soil nitrate to nitrogen, sterilizes the soil, kills the seedlings, rots the berry tree flowers, and the micro organisms!!! More dead trees and brush than ever … some slow green up showing … no plum flowers … 3 of my 4 apple trees appear DEAD!

Predicted big rain …  stopped out right!!! …  on the west Custer County boundary 04152015

intelligence beyond belief … jump buck n kick!!!

Cactus Plains … representing the pain on the plains?

plums flowering 04152014

COWARDS from behind it all, rule because they made ewe a fool!  SCHOOL? Dumb you down School so they can RULE???

Prove the Cactus wrong, ha! ewe can not! ha!

1221 2012  Beginning of the Positive time line???????????????



30 Jan









Consciousness Dawning After News with Cactus Plains and Sagebrush Bloom

issue 62 2014 Gathering Dust!!! Dust = bacillus??? Chemtrails are Poisoned Trails!!!

The illustration above is from a book I wrote in about 2002″ Chemtrails from Hell”. (read the paragraph at the bottom very carefully as it explains the infections we are all dealing with)

In 2000 there was only one document about controlling the weather, I knew from personal observance that the weather was totally controlled since 1977.  Cactus Plains is crazy fun, in 1996 I started telling people I knew that the weather was indeed controlled, I got some way out there looks. Didn’t bother me because I knew I WAS RIGHT ON!!

That one document was ” owning the weather by 2025! Horse shite! … They were controlling the weather since 1977!

Some time later I found the list of chemtrail ingredients on the internet and I included them in the above illustration in about 2001.

Only recently it came out on the internet that the list was released in about 2001 by the DOD or DARPA, or a similar agency. I never knew where I got that list until recently. I knew something in the rain was making plants and animals sick. I bought a good microscope in about 2000 and just as I expected there were spores, bacteria, and other unidentifiable foreign particles.

More evidence that the government agencies were created to be the domestic police of the people!

Yes they tell you everything they are going to do, it is all planned and staged.

Would some one please inform George ‘snorie’ Noory that it is the United Nations and CIA who are the driving force behind the CHEM TRAIL skies. I can not believe how mentally lacking Art Bell’s replacement presents himself to be every night, year after year when these Jackasses are killing the planet we live on????? I think you are CIA George?

It is more than likely that diseases are man-made bioweapons to grow the stock markets all around the world?  Is it sinking into the intelligence file or dropping in Earl’s outhouse for deposition of poop-brains?

It appears that almost all the government agencies are really about “covering up the truth” from the common people! British Admiralty Law?

When the loco uptown downtown imbeciles are controlled by the state and federal governments and the court houses are totally corrupted, the people of the USA are unknowingly being poisoned by the incarnates that rule the world!!! Welcome to the country that lost the judiciary branch of government to a bankruptcy court that was criminally conceived by the creation of debt rooted from world wars 1 and 11!

British Admiralty Law … the yellow fringe … these cowards are the Nazi SS … they own the government agencies of the United States and as it appears they are going to try to start a Civil War in America …

The plan appears to be that the Vatican/British Crown/ are using the government agencies to facilitate a CIVIL WAR against the people of the United States … the governments of eastern Moontana against the residents of Eastern Moontana.

Example would be the USDA not telling the residents that ingredients in the CHEMTRAILs are sealing up the soils, depleting the soil nutrients, and killing most of the native plants and animals!!!!!!!!!!!


Khazarian MC Star cover-ups; (ticket to Hell!) (by pure evil)

How about the agenda 21 conspiracy …

Vaccines … murder of the masses by the cowardly Asses!

Weather warfare … poisoned Bt rain … satellite weather modification system!!!

Biological warfare … Chem trails … intracellular pleomorphic recombinant anthrax

Microwave warfare … frequency induce disease activation … new mind control microwave towers recently installed around Miles City … one blew up!

Educational and religious Brainwashing!!! … Mind control by the Synagogue of Satan

Media Treason! … 100 plus years


title 85 chapter 3






the LITTLE RED DEVIL in the RAIN??? WHAT DID THE PRINCE PHILLIP SAY HE WOULD LIKE TO REINCARNATE INTO??? (of course he did not say that because he knew they were going to spray the masses with chemtrails of bacillus from hell)


toxin bt

All government agencies are involved the total poisoning of America’s ecosystems!!!  A domestic military??? Skin cancer is rooted from an aerosol bio weapon effecting most everyone know it or not!

WHY??? (to keep us ignorant?) (Chemtrails are facilitating Wall Street in a $$$BIG way).

WHY? … Have all the Wildlife and Nature Resource Agencies, Departments, Groups and Associations ignored the totally obvious CHEMTRAILS that are killing all the Native Plants and Animals?  Bird counts have been going straight down for what 19 years and they have not said a peep??? … for the same reason Cactus Plains was booted off milescity.communist/nazis??

The rangeland ecosystems of eastern Moontana are totally chemically burnt, not unlike if they had been sprayed with the Monsanto herbicide “ROUNDUP”. The greasewood plants at Fort ‘mad cow’ Keogh are the obvious proof!!!!!!!!!!

Why can not eastern Montanans wake up??? The Synagogue of Satan say they are going to kill 90% of the population? true or false? (wasting disease infection-concocted from Black mold)

Starve the people and then the ROUNDUP BEGINS???

Why has the loco government aided the state and federal governments in diminishing agricultural production in Miles City and Custer county over last 30 years?

Why do we have a conflict of interest in the Custer County Commissioners??? Planned and staged???

Government sponsored “UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21” for ewe taxpayers and owned assets!!!

directed laser

“burn” should be “burning” in the above photo.

All wars are bankers wars!!! (the Vatican Jesuits control China and USA), that is why all the cheap China crap, etc). Americans buy cheap china crap and China (Vatican buys gold)!

It is all totally corrupt … republican and democrats were a total failure!!! Divide and Conquer!

The Vatican through the British Crown (Nazi SS) rule the world through mental sickness/wickedness!!!

Income taxes go to the Vatican 60% and the British Crown 40%, the Rothschild Bank of London are the Bankers for all World and smaller Wars.

They own and trade all Americans on the stock market????? Do they fund government by borrowing on the assets of the American CITIZENS?

Local Corruption started in the Court House and will have to end there … no alternatives are available.



Management by the British Crown!  Are they destroying the rangelands???  … Absolutely!

Why don’t they feed on the hayfields? Ammonia-nitrate fertilizer kills most of the microbes in the soil!!! Natural fertilizer versus oil by-product ammonia nitrate … imbecile agriculture. British Petroleum is King?

Greasy Wood Flats; ancient calving grounds – vegetation should be green and about 4 feet tall!!!



The USA has been quick claimed over to the United Nations???


all seeiing

Joe Cocker, a legend on stage passed on at 70 years, what an awesome performer!

Why don’t they, Medical groups know what causes cancer? Could it be because they created the Wall Street Star? (fungal bacteria)

Carcinogens irritate cells but are not the CANCER STAR!

It has cone to light that almost all disease are man-made to sicken the masses and fund the Nazi Jackasses!!!

There has to be a higher intelligence controlling the Vatican and British Crown … Cactus Plains

up front … lifting the reins of enlightenment!!!

Jim Traficant a true American Hero! God Bless

Joan Rivers murdered for exposing Mike Obama???

Consciousness Dawning after News;

What George Noory, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and the rest of the Alternative News don’t tell the public?

1. Most diseases are man made bioweapons created to fund Wall Street and the New World Order. The ECOSYSTEMS of the United States have been totally poisoned with genetically engineered anthrax!

2. That the weather has been controlled and used to facilitate Wall Street and the New World Order of “DESTROYING THE UNITED STATES”.

3. That the United States went into Bankruptcy and was dissolved in 1934. BRITISH ADMIRALTY LAW!

4. That it is the United Nations and Evergreen International who are spraying the skies with chemtrails.

5. Bt (anthrax genetics) is in the rain, corn, cotton, vaccines, and air you have been breathing for the last 19 years, at least. Everyone has been poisoned as this bacillus is highly poisonous. Phosphordiesterase!

6. That the people of the United States are the enemy of the New World Order that controls all the US government agencies.

7. That diseases can be activated from satellites with various frequency beams.

8. That the power companies have been using Tesla technology to power the world. Free energy from the atmosphere and the power lines are for billing purposes??? How about that!

9. Viruses are DNA ejected from intracellular fungal bacillus … virus means poison … phosphordiesterase … source Sagebrush’s Ecosystem Intelligence. (note the word ‘die’ in the chemical name for snake venom) (this created reality is much more than you can imagine?)

Higher Intelligence from the Moon mountains

Cancer is their trade mark … the mark of the beast!!!   (you read it first here)

Coming soon to Miles Citys Moontana theater???  “North American Union replaces the once United States of America.” brought to you by the uptown downtown CITIZENS.

I have for a long time noticed a connection between Poppy Bush and the Republicans with the Vatican Muslims. Check out the symbology connecting the Vatican to the Muslims, Masons and Mormons???

One has to wonder if they have not set up a war between the MOO slims and Christians.

Couple this up with a CIVIL WAR that seems also to be in the planning and is now in the beginning phase.

If we just keep looking down and see not the head in the hole for the dirt/dust then we know not and live unconsciously in brainwashed world???

WAKE UP!!! shinning the LIGHT on the Cactus Plains … lifting the cover of dust (black mold productions) and exposing the light of consciousness …

1/9/2015 (19) 12 inches Bt snow and nobody knows … Fort ‘mad cow’ Keogh … prion snow but nobody knows, and so it goes,  the wind blows and fake snow goes … poison webs coat the lands, the sage hens don’t know and death follows, and so it goes and no one knows,

Actually about half the 12″ inches of fake snow in the Moon mountain s blew away!!! heavy/dry rot/rod shaped flakes ???

Vote “no” to pipelines and fracking … both are the products of deception!!!

The oil spill in the Yellowstone stinks not of oil, but of a rotten corruption by the duality of the game players. I think this was a staged event! Who benefits?

truth … the people know NOT! … Lied to!

The danger in vaccines is the disease pathogen which circumvents the immune system via the vaccine shot!!! It is a shot;  …  not unlike a gun shot! (lead vs. bacillus)  Back in the fifty’s the polio shot put cancer (mark of the beast in everyone). source Maurice Hilleman.

I am beginning to wonder if Cancer is not the mark of the Beast. Cancer is rooted with a lesion. A lesion is a fungal bacillus according to Cactus Plains. The fallen angel BAEL is Enlil or Satan … now look at the germ called bacillus … a rod-shaped bacteria … if you analyze bacillus … you get BA kill US … the ecosystems are severely infected by at least 20 years of spraying the US ecosystems.

Cactus Plains … Best dig your head out of the gumbo … once the grass starts to grow you’ll then be sodded in!!!

The little red devil (bacillus) is thickest in the gumbo soils as expressed by root rot that kills the alfalfa!

Sorry BO9 but you have been sodded in for a long time!

If fluoride worked … dentist would be out of work??? … think about it??? from a caller on the Power Hour … excellent use of words!

the Chemtrails led to the Murder of Mother Nature’s Ecosystems!

27 Apr

Consciousness Dawning After News … in memory of the late Greasy Woods, (rest in peace) Ft Mad Cow Keogh 59301 … issue 58 Ecosystems dying … Environmentalist whackos thriving … End Times Dawning  … Golden Age Spawning 04/7/2014 (9)


So who funds this $atanic Evil?  a) the sheepy amerikans, b) Rothschild Bankers  c) the Vatican d) the Jesuits e) $Satan) $Bill Gates and $Ted ‘the terrible’ Turner

Cactus Plains made it all up, wrote a book, mailed to Governor Racicot, printed 100 copies, sold 63 copies to Intelligence agents, 1 to loco lawyer, gave away 36 copies, that was in the early 2000’s, actually 16 years of trying to get the gullible to wake up to weather control and man-made disease spraying in the big skies, beginning in 1992, nobody believed me then later some discover the truth, so I wrote 50 some ecosystem intelligence newsletters about the black plague in the chemtrails from hell, I made it all up because I was mad at the government of imbeciles. Cactus knew it was not true but also knew that no one was intelligent enough to “show’ evidence that Cactus was wrong. Cactus had fun messing with the little minds on milescity.communists. Sorry that I lied to all you up town outstanding CITIZENS???

Cactus Plains … surviving in the biblical end of the ages?       little thinkey leaves a big stinkey … illumination=oxidation of luciferin by luciferease – luminescent bacteria … disease illness = oxidation of phosphate by phosphordiesterase = snake venom secreting Psuedomonas fluorescens … the snake bite virus some times called prions by the creators of mad cow.

April Fools … now today the internet is flooded with all those lies that started with making a little fun in the arena on the other side of corruption, deception, fraud and other loco bull shit fed to the sheepy?

Minds planted in the gumbo by the derelict education system of deception forced on the native kids by the Captive Government ruling the unknowing minds of the masses of dumb asses!!!






From the “Irish Origins of Civilization”, by Michael Tsarion;

“The cross and crown are also employed by the American Scottish-Rite Freemasons, who work in secret to undermine the sovereignty of American on behalf of their Atonist chiefs in London and Rome.” (the Zionist are behind the United Nations/CIA chemtrails … fact!)

“The HOLY CROWN is of Akhenaton and his descendants in the Cult of Aton”, page 453.

Strange the similarities between Akhenaton (Pharaoh destroyed Egypt) and Obomba??? (UN aerosol bombs)???
There is or will be a strong DNA connection between Akhenaton and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Since we live in a created realm; I am not saying this DNA connection is real or just script from the created myth we seem to be living in or experiencing? Cactus

It is said that masons built America to be the greatest nation in the world and that they would also be the ones that take down the United States?

[Out like a lion? 3/31/2014 Wet cold calf killer storm by ‘Ted the terrible’ and his billion dollar United Nations Fourth Reich.]

Freemasonry roots from Osiris who is Lucifer and Osiris is the God in the old masonic books. Lucifer is the God they use however they don’t believe in God.

Many consider Lucifer and Satan to be the same one, however mythology teaches that Set killed Osiris and chopped him up. This is all metaphor most likely but is the script at any rate.

We have discovered that Satan is the God of Planet hEarth; also the God behind all the religions. So what I am trying to get at is that Satan has been creating reality that we now find ourselves in. Osiris would be the returning God or a parallel to the return of Jesus. The american paper bills prove that $Satan is the ruling god… see some of Jonathan Gray-you tubes on folding the bills?

What we have is a bloodline of Satan ruling and destroying the planet; and with all the governments of the world under this control, we have the sinking Titanic {planet earth}. Some say ancient reptilians are in human form and represent or are contained in the bodies of the world leaders and other royalty and dignatories??? All the Satanic cults and killings of millions lends credence to ancient  aliens creating and controlling all as if a universal moovee production for the multi-universe???

So at the top, higher degrees than the common mason knows exists are the Eagles (Bahman Nassiri). They are the Eagles sometimes called the Illuminati, but are probably those that created and control the them.

So common masons think they are doing good and are however fronting for those at the top who are pure evil. Good American people have been and still are totally fooled. Denial is just a wreck on your humanity. The sheepy are programmed!

If this could be realized by the good freemasons they could take “evil” America down and restore the America we thought we lived in by exterminating all corruption in all government and corporations. The number one goal would be the extinction of corrupted DNA. God Mind ecological mentality could accomplish the cleansing of corrupted DNA?

We were given and fought for a beautiful United States of America and through corruption and mental corrosion what we now have is Satanic Control and Destruction of the Ecosystems of the planet!!!!!!!!!

so if you have read my other work we know that religion and education were designed to control the mind by keeping information of great significance from the common people. This is the key, they did not want you to know, what the druids, witches, Gnostics and others knew which was something like this “God is the all-knowing intelligent design that connects all mankind, plants, animals and the earth systems together, a creation that maybe comes from the center of the Galaxy or Universe, maybe Saturn and Moon? Mother Nature, the Sun and who ever put the moon there, all roots from this all-knowing power we are connected to when we become conscious, as in escaping from perceived reality which is a Satanic creation destroying the life force of the planet … man-made bacillus.

Intelligence put the moon where it is 4.5 billion years ago, if that is true, then intelligence is older than 4.5 billion years … Cactus

“{Rabies spraying over Texas … rabies turns people to ghouls … Zombie plan … caller on the power hour???}”

Satanic phenomena controlling education and religion has disconnected the ‘God Mind’ and programmed the mind of mankind to be the brainwashed fools we have today controlling the local governments of every city and county around the world. You know … who cares if every vaccine has the cancer virus/fungus/bacillus/black mold secretly hidden to provide medical suffering and expense for future funding of Wall Street.




Now check this out … it comes from the late great Bill Coopers work … Bill was becoming too powerful because of knowledge … so the government killed him and recruited “Alex the “X”. Behold a Pale Horse.

the Luciferian Philosophy:

[“Here is their metaphor, for the end of innocence; ‘Adam and Eve were held prisoner in the garden of Eden by an unjust, cruel and vindictive God; Lucifer thru his agent Satan set man free in the garden by giving the gift of intellect

thru the use of intellect man will conquer the earth, will conquer Nature and will himself become god’!!!!!!!!!

It is taught in every masonic temple, secret society, and every secret brotherhood all around the world.

they do not believe in Lucifer they do not believe in any entity named devil, they do not believe in god; it is a mistake to believe they do, they are humanist and that is their religion.” (Cooper)]

who brought man the gift of fire … Lucifer son of the morning (Cooper)
who is physically and chemically burning the ecosystem of the earth today??? … SATAN

taught in the mystery schools … william cooper (you tube the luciferian philosophy revealed)

Religion and education are hiding the true ‘God Mind’ from the Masses … Cactus Plains

Zionist Nazis have conquer the earth, have conquer Mother Nature and have declared themselves GOD!!!
and that is a FACT got it Jack! Cactus Plains

SATAN’s World Administration (governments) plays God and poisons the Ecosystems of the World, while mankind’s intelligence is planted in the silty clay soils of the spoils of the shite for brains implementing Satan’s Poison Magic upon the land.

Mankind has been fooled by SATAN the antichrist and self-proclaimed god?

Religion, media, and education were used from the beginning to keep mankind from knowing the God Mind which we are all part of but mostly disconnected from. SATAN can not control mankind that is connected to the all-knowing intelligent design God Mind that is the intelligence behind Mother Nature.

Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys develop autism symptoms after obtaining doses of popular vaccines? Well surprise me all to hell!!! It is time for the Court House to wake the flock up? Murdering the kids to satisfy the demands of Captive State and Federal governments!! (government means to control the minds) … pure satanic evil! shots from hell!

Cactus thorns now have a biofilm of poison … Chemtrails ???? I don’t think that can be proved to be wrong???


What is the significance of the bacterial slime coating the vegetation? It is protein? Fort Mad Cow Keogh does not have a clue in all of hell!!!

Man made global warming and chemtrails have destroyed the soils and micro-organisms and greasewood and they are helping the CIA/UN/NWO turn the hard grasses plains into DEAD!

The government land agencies have proven they can not competently manage land … the chemtrails and everything else they do is the proof!!!!!!

The government agencies have been very cohesive in working together to destroy the farms and ranches in every county across the land. Why?

Did WW II really end in 1945??? … or is it now in the final stage with America poisoned and dying of a bacillus … called by Cactus Plains; IRPA strain 666 the little red devil in the rain and snow known to man-made bacillus Pharma-manufacturers as Psuedomonas fluorescens and mycoplasma fermentans incognitus?????????????   intracellular recombinant pleomorphic anthrax …

God is the God Mind? The God Mind is a natural maybe magic-like mentality that is mostly surpressed by deception. The Druids and maybe witches, I think knew how to tap into this magic, maybe like the magic that could occur in a holographic reality … which you live in … ???

Red Beckman on the power hour 4/9/2014 … IRS freedom of index documents refer to him as being 6’4″, red headed and intimidating … book Black Robed Cover-up … 16th amendment … truth speaker across Montana … 1980 16th amendment was never properly ratified … proof that the government knew that the 16th was never properly ratified … book “the law that never was” … government can not tell the truth about anything … good thing Obama has made a lot of people angry and they are becoming aware … 16th excuse to create a domestic enemy right inside the country (IRS) … jury power … congress bought and paid for in the early 1900’s … scam fraud to amend constitution 1913 16th amendment power to tax income … article 1 section 9 … becoming common knowledge that the 16th was a fraud … the U S Treasury has not exist since 1921 (Bill smart caller)

Black Mold is cancer? genetically modified black mold … it is that simple … it is also a highly intelligent snake-like virus … which emerges from a bacillus … whiches emerges from a donut shaped spore … which has been seeded into the American Skies since I’m thinking 1954???  Sagebrush

Science is Nazi … the 3th Reich … never surrender!!!

Spore>hoh + carbon dioxide>bacillus (egg?) slime (enzyme secretions)>virus>fungus>death>spore> the intelligent Cactus on the Great Plains???

Ted the Terrible, Chairman of the United Nations Foundation gave them 1 billion dollars, in I think 1988? It is the United Nations spraying the chemtrails and controlling the governments of the State of MOONtana. Get rid of the cattleman and bring on the Buffalos!!!

In watching an interview of Ted at Stanford University I found it interesting that both he and Cactus Plains believe we need to get off of Coal and Petroleum and use Natural gas and geothermal energy. Both are almost free for the taking.

How about that … coal oil and nuclear energy are not neccessary … but they provide the global funding of Satan’s Empire of Evil!


All Hell is breaking Loose  … when you stand the staged government roundup events ($3 million gathering contracts?) in Nevada on is Head, out falls from behind the BLM the United Nazis implementing the United Nations Agenda 21 take over of the Cowboy way of life. I have said they are planing on starting another Civil War?

This could be the planned event to kick off a civil war and I think it is.  Soon to follow British Crown funded Wildlife groups will tell the State of Moontana that the Sage Hen is now an official threatened and endangered Species.

Got sagebrush habitat and they will be controlling your land and putting you out of business like they have done to the majority of ranches and farm people. Last man standing after the federal bull shit laws put the previous 53 ranches out of business … Cliven Bundy

Chemtrails kill wildlife species??? Wake up!!!!!!!!      More on the Nazi management of the desert turtle and the sage hen … next issue … it will be a rip snorter …

jump buck n kick!!!

Cactus Plains